KH-Vids Podcast KH-Vids Podcast Summer Series 2 Episode #2: [M]ass Effect

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    Hello and welcome to the Mass Effect Summer Mini Series podcast.

    Before anything else, there are a number of MAJOR SPOILERS for all three entries in the series, so don’t listen if you plan on playing them. For those of you who either don’t care or have finished them, however, you’re in for a treat. Ars Nova (better known as Sforzato), Peace and War, libregkd, Misty and myself (Cat~) have come together to discuss a great trilogy of games.

    From paragon to renegade or male to female, we discuss our opinions on some of the most difficult decisions in gaming and have a couple of laughs along the way. Without further ado, click below to listen to us babble on about science fiction!



    For more about the KH-Vids Mini Series this year HERE

    Song Credits:
    Liara’s World ~ Mass Effect 1 OST
    Letherette ~ D&T
    Shepard’s Tango ~ Mass Effect 3 Citadel OST

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    Lovely darlings, lovely. Enjoying it thus far.