KH: Under the Stars

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    Had a strange urge to write a fanfic again. :v

    This one is pretty cheesy, just to say.

    KH: Under the Stars

    It was yet another stunning day on Destiny Islands. It was the height of summer, and the midday sun blazed down on the hundreds of citizens outside enjoying the heat. Many teenagers were out, escaping their parents by spending the day on one of the many islets. Wakka and Tidus were two such people.

    “Wakka, stop throwing it so hard!†Tidus flinched as he deflected the blitzball once again. They were on the beach, and Wakka shook his head, drinking from his bottle of water. Anybody would think he should be calm; after all, they were off school and could relax all day- but no, Wakka supposedly had too much on his mind.

    “Sorry man. Been thinking about…that other stuff again.â€

    “Still worried about the Island Dance?†Tidus chuckled. He picked up his own drink and began to gulp. The Island Dance happened once every five years. It was a tradition that everyone followed; but if you didn’t have a date you couldn’t go. Luckily for Tidus, he was popular with the girls and had asked out his date pretty early. Riku was going with a girl called Shell. Even Sora had a date. Wakka, meanwhile, was struggling to even speak to girls.

    “You know, you could just ask Selphie. I heard she hasn’t got a date yet either.â€

    Wakka’s eyes widened. “N-No! Dude, she’s like the prettiest girl on the island!â€

    Tidus laughed again. Maybe he had hit a soft spot. “Aw, got a thing for her, have you?†He had suspected it for a while, and when his friend’s cheeks grew red, he decided this was truth.

    The blond haired boy looked out across to the other islets, shielding his eyes from the sun. In the distance, he could see a speed boat rocketing across the water, heading for a beach about half a mile away. The people on board suddenly turned around, and waved.

    He waved back half-heartedly, then with more effort when he saw the flash of red and yellow and realised who these girls were.

    “Wakka! Wave! It’s Kairi and Selphie!†Wakka snapped out of his trance and shot an arm into the air, almost jumping. Tidus was surprised he didn’t dislocate his shoulder with that much over enthusiasm.

    “What are they doing?â€

    Tidus poked out his tongue a little. “Sunbathing, you think?â€

    “Ohoho…†Wakka seemed to drool a little. Tidus punched his shoulder playfully. Wakka was confused when his friend reached into their bag and pulled out a pair of binoculars. He was even more confused when said friend let out an evil chuckle.

    “Tidus.. You can’t...spy on them!â€

    “I can’t?†Tidus grinned, pulling them up to his face. After a few minutes he gave a low whistle.

    Wakka dug his feet into the sand. “What is it?†He tried to block out what was running through his mind and concentrated on the calming sea instead.

    “They’re in bikinis… standing near the water…†Suddenly he took a sharp intake of breath.

    “What now!?†Wakka blushed a little.

    Tidus paused. “Kairi is…helping Selphie rub her sun cream in.â€

    “Dude! Give those binoculars to me now!â€


    “Give them…†Wakka gave up and dived on his friend; they started to wrestle in the sand. After a tussle Tidus realised Wakka’s foot was in his mouth and started to cough. He let go of the binoculars, and Wakka was standing up in an instant, staring through them.

    A small pause.

    “…..Holy Paopu, Tidus. We’re going over there right now.â€


    Ten minutes later, and the two boys were pulling into the small dock on the islet the girls were on. Tying their wooden boats to posts, they climbed up onto the beach, and started to walk.

    “Kairi! Selphie!†Tidus called out in the direction of the sea. Wakka’s mouth was dry and he suddenly found his tongue felt like it was swelling up. To make things worse, he tripped over a log right before the two of them reached the sunbathing girls. What the hell was wrong with his feet today?

    “Hey guys,†Kairi giggled; Wakka had always hated that irritating laugh, “come to join us?â€

    “Um..we, um..†he mumbled.

    Tidus interrupted. “Yeah!â€

    Selphie suddenly looked straight at Wakka, and the poor boy found himself slowly turning red. Her green eyes were behind shades; but usually they twinkled and Wakka’s heart was beginning to race. Everything about her sent him crazy- he wasn’t even sure what it was. Maybe it was that beautiful smile, that cute face. Maybe it was the way she winked at him across the square in town. Maybe it was the way she was walking towards him now across the sand….in a bikini.

    “We brought ice creams, you wanna share?†Selphie grinned, pulling off her shades. Wakka was sure his thundering heart could be heard over the roar of the sea and the screaming gulls in the distance. Once again, his mouth seemed dry. Great.

    “S-Sure…That’d be…urm… g-great, thanks.†Mentally he slapped himself for seeming like such a ******.

    The girls delved into their bags and brought out four ice creams; surprisingly not of the sea-salt variety which was so popular on the islands as of late. Wakka was glad- who the hell wanted salty ice cream, anyway?

    “Thankyou,†he said politely, accepting the icecream and noticing it was vanilla, “oh awesome, my favourite flavo-â€

    But he never got any further- suddenly he tripped forward over a piece of coral he had stepped onto and fell face first… Right on top of Selphie.

    Perhaps the worst part was that she now had two icecreams worth of vanilla all over her shirt. Wakka stared in shock down at Selphie, expecting a scream or a fit. A chocolate flake was stuck to his shirt and it fell down onto her, landing on her neck.

    “Selphie! I’m…oh God I’m so sorry!†He recovered fast, leaping to his feet and offering her a hand. He was still expecting her to erupt into a rage and her loud blush seemed to foretell this- and so he was surprised when she accepted his hand and started to giggle.

    “S-Selphie?†He stuttered. For the first time he noticed they were alone; it seemed Tidus and Kairi had slipped away without them. Wakka was a little annoyed at his friend but also secretly glad- maybe this could be an opportunity?

    Yeah right, if he could stop mumbling like an idiot.

    “Oh Wakka, its all over my shirt!†She laughed, clutching her hip. He couldn’t stop a smile, she was so beautiful when she was happy. He felt like a fool, standing there with icecream on his shirt and an embarrassed blush on his face- but he was a happy fool.

    “Here…let me help you.†He handed her a cloth from the bag and together they managed to clean themselves up a bit. Five minutes later and they were sitting side by side on the sand, gazing out to sea. It was late afternoon now and the sun was starting to disappear.

    “Hey Wakka, you think maybe you…†She had started to speak but then cut herself off, her voice quiet. Wakka’s heart thundered; he wasn’t used to this stuff, this was the stuff of his dreams.

    “What is it?†He watched her eyes survey the water. The evening sun was casting orange rays across the surface and these reflected in her pupils. The sea was sparkling.

    “You…You think maybe you and I could go to the Island Dance together?â€

    He was speechless.

    She had asked him?!

    “I…er…I… wow, Selphie…â€

    Suddenly she was on her feet, stammering. “Well, if you don’t want to… Doesn’t matter… I’ll… ask someone else…†And she started to move away across the sand. He panicked and shot up, racing after her, struggling to find his voice.

    “No! Selphie! Wait!†He called out, and when he reached her he spun her around by the shoulders. She looked hurt, and it killed him to see her like that. She was shaking slightly.

    “I want to go. With you.â€

    Her face shone. “You do?â€

    His grin felt like it would break his face. “Yeah.†He took her hand in his.

    “Then it’s a date.†She giggled; and Wakka finally felt it had all been worth it.


    Hours had passed since they had agreed to be partners. The two sat together; still on the sand, still smiling. The sun had set and the stars were out above, blazing through the darkness. The crescentwas huge- it looked like it was balancing on the tip of the ocean. Moonrise.

    It all seemed perfect, the night, his smile, the girl next to him. Nothing could go wrong.

    Then Wakka realised something.

    “Oh damn!†He said aloud.

    “What is it?â€

    “I, erm…â€


    “I pretty much suck at dancing.â€

    “Oh shutup, you!†She smiled, and she kissed him under the stars.

    Lol. Thats it.
  2. Chevalier Crystal Princess

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    Trapped on an Island
    Well, that was certainly sweet. I liked the style used, it's simple, but detailed, and it fits this greatly. It's not cheesy...I think it was nice, for what it was.

    There's really nothing to correct. In this situation it is perfect.
  3. Bond of Flame I'm an alien

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    Wow, good job :)
    But I noticed a little mistake!!

    Oh well, who am I to be harsh like that?
    I like it ;)
  4. Fayt-Harkwind Where yo curly mustache at?

    Mar 16, 2007
    I like it, it works and has no mistakes. By the way, don't worry cheesy sells.

    Thats not a mistake.
  5. Bond of Flame I'm an alien

    May 25, 2008
    Looking for my pants
    Um, isn't supposed to say 'when his friend', or am I completely wrong?
  6. Juicy Chaser

    May 29, 2008
    Thanks guys <3

    I didn't expect any replies so this is nice.

    You can say "when said friend" just like saying "when the aforementioned friend". It's quite common.
  7. Advent 【DRAGON BALLSY】

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    ... Wait wat?

    Anyway, what really stood out to me was the absolutely vibrant imagery. Much better than that of most fanfic writers, as I see in much or your work; the word choice was pretty much perfect. Overall, I liked the story. Short and sweet, plus Wakka actually getting some love in a fanfic is something I rarely see. Great job. :3
  8. Rissy Queen of the Clouds

    Jul 16, 2008
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    Aww, <3
    I loved it. Cheesy is soo cute now.
    You're writting fasinates me, and I hope to read more~