KH: The Legend of the Rift Walker

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    This story somewhat relates to my character Etrius, from KH:SOS. I orginally wanted to create a character that keeps coming back through in different time frames, as a different person. However, this as dark a I can make Etrius. In this era of space and time, this version of Etrius, is completely broken. He functions on his own accord, and his Keyblade remains the same. Corruption has completely eaten away at his body and mind. His entire will is corrosive. He used to be able to control Pureblood Heartless, but now he controls a new kind of creature, born directly from corruption, and built completly of Etrius's own design.

    Chapter 1-Annoying, much?

    Athena Kaspirteez awoke, completely annoyed. It was one of those days where she didn't know what had annoyed her the most, the fact that she hadn't been procrastinating for the Mark of Mastery at Master Yen Sid's tower, or the fact that she hadn't had a taste of real action ever since she joined the Keyblade Guard, a section in Radiant Garden Security that protected the keyhole that protected the entire world. She hobbled off her bed and into the shower. She turned the knob, as she let the warm water flow on her skin. She held up one of her fingers, causing one of the water droplets to stop in midair. Aside of getting the power of Keyblade, she was a very gifted mage at the age of 10. Adding to that, she combined magic and brawn together, making her known by other people in the entire town. By age 13 she had been given the power of the Keyblade by Master Sora, and placed under the Keyblade Guard. And now, age 15 she was about to become a Keyblade Master. But was it all as cracked up to be? She had barely broken up any major quarrels, and she barely got any taste of battle action, mainly being told to watch the town. Athena let the water drop again and turned off the shower. She got out and wrapped herself in a towel. Anything, if anything, she hated being told down. She looked in her mirror and sighed, tossing a few of her short purple hairs backward. For her age, she looked like she was 18. Peach cheeks, full lips, pale green eyes, a cute button nose, well-rounded hips, and slender arms and waist and of medium hieght of "5'4". She had had a lot of suiters who tried but failed to meet her interest levels, the last suiter ended up getting his butt kicked by yours truly for trying to make out on the first date.

    All kidding aside, she was pretty lonely. She had a pretty hard heart, Athena. She was strategic, as her name suggests, and she was formidable, and gifted, but completely lonely. She shook her head and got dressed in her her dark grey uniform and Keyblade armor piece and walked out the door. Half the shift wasn't even up yet. She walked up, all the way to the lookout tower.
    "Morning Lieutenant Kaspirteez." said Darwin Gemag, saluting her normally. Cadets these days..
    "At ease." Athena said in a firm but quiet tone. She yawned and asked, "Any Heartless or Nobodies?"
    "None, according to Dillon." Darwin said casually, looking through a pair of binoculars, "But we're keeping a lookout, just in case we have to round up a few Shadows or Dusks."
    "Good, because the last time we attacked, you fumbled with the control lock of the prison and nearly let out a bunch of those things loose. Thanks to me, you weren't tried out for a Section 8." Athena said, her eyebrows narrowing.
    Darwin grinned sheepishly. "I was never really good at prison work." He said.
    Athena lowered her brow back again, replying, "Thats true. Whats the status on the Mark of Mastery?"
    "Very little information, I'm afraid. They say that all canidates must train throughly before preforming."
    Athena groaned at this. She was about to leave the tower when Darwin stated, "I also have an interesting bit of news, one small bit that's preparing the entire town for condition yellow.
    Yellow? As in "Moderate Threat"? She turned back to Darwin.
    "Listening now, are we?"
    "Just get on with it cadet!" Athena said impaitiently
    Darwin took a deep breath and said, "The worlds are under siege again."
    Athena couldn't believe her ears. "By whom? Heartless?" She asked.
    The cadet shook his head. "Reports have been floating around that someone is leading strange unknown entities through worlds and extinguishing them. Even worse, this individual is a Keyblade Wielder.
    Athena's jaw unhinged slighty. A Keyblade Wielder controlling masses of an evil being of unknown origin? Athena looked at Darwin closely just to make sure he wasn't playing a joke.
    Darwin went on, "People are calling this man 'The Time Operator', but I doubt that. No one here in Radiant Garden can ever control the power of Time spells, right?" Darwin's once cheerful grin slipped from his face, and replaced a worried one.
    Athena took a minute to weigh options. Darwin's observation on Time spells were correct, no Keyblade Wielder in Radiant Garden can preform a time spell, but if this man could, then for all Athena knew, he might come and attack Radiant Garden. She turned back to the cadet.
    "I want all eyes of my squadron peeled and ready for any oncoming results, got me?" She ordered.
    "Yes ma'am."
    Athena went downstairs for her daily briefing. If she was assigned to investigate on this little bit of news, which she will ask, she'll definitly take it.
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    Chapter 2-Return of Etrius

    In the Dark Realm, a wind blew in a small low whistle. The watery shores of the Dark Margin smelled of salt as the gentle sound of dark grey water lapped at the grey shore. A small moon shone bright on what looked to be a figure in a cloak used by the Ex-Organization members of Radiant Garden, but this cloak was completely shredded. It held blood stains, patching at different parts of the body, as if the user went through many fights just to spill crimson. He didn't really look like he was nicked, until one would look at his stomach, which was wrapped in a bloody shawl of linen. The figure snapped his fingers, and purple electricity sparked and crackled beside him. Pure negative energy. Enough to annihilate 10 angry men.

    The energy itself took form of three different creatures. One of them took form of an Antiform Heartless, but with red eyes and pitch black skin. It twitched, itching to kill.
    The second took form of a Dusk Nobody, having a purple zippered mouth and black skin as well. The old Parilaz symbol, the very symbol representing the lost family of the Dark Keyblade Wielders, appeared on the Dusk's head. It swayed from side to side, in a seductive movement.
    The final one was harder to describe. It wasn't a Heartless nor a Nobody, but looked bio-mechanical. It was shaped like a cube, having one eye of the Parilaz logo on the middle of each side. It stood on 6 small mechanical legs. The cube spun on its rotatory axis, making a reload noise. All 3 creatures were ready.

    The figure stood and looked at all 3 monsters, inspecting them. The moonlight shown on the figure's hood, revealing a cracked, white smiling mask covering his face. As if covering one's hood wasn't enough. The figure pointed back, towards the heart of the Dark Realm. The creatures understood, as the Dusk, Antiform and the Blok moved ahead of their superior. The figure watched, more creatures appeared. His army was more than ready to attack.