KH KH: Nobodies Become Somebodies

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    i adore this series!!! its wonderful! the characters are consistent with the games, its interesting, funny and dramatic with just the right touch of mystery. i cant wait for the next one, but dont rush. you dont have a lot of free time, i realise, but finish when you can. i love this!!!! keep going!!
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    I can't believe you like it that much! I'm so happy that you enjoy reading my story!!!!!!!!

    I rival another person? -faints- You think it's that good? lol thank you

    I have started the first part of the next chapter and will probably write more over the weekend...hmmm...depending on my work schedule the next few weeks I might have a shot of finishing soon ^.^ and i'm glad you like my balance of genres in the chapters.
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    Okaaaaaaaay...gonna be quick with the greeting. ENJOY THIS CHAPTER! Woot!


    Chapter Six: Cruel Fate

    The mystic lady and her servant shuffled along the crowds amidst a busy street. The fact that no one had noticed them was due to a spell she had cast on the townfolk.

    “Ugh! This place is discusting!” Evrer sneered, “The horrible scent of light is everywhere!” He glanced up at Jazel, “I hope you're satisfied with the mission so we can get out of here.”

    She replied with an evil grin, “I am quite pleased. Besides, the location of our next stop has been consumed by darkness for some time now.”

    Her small creature leaped up in delight, “Oh, goodie! I can hardly wait!”

    In minutes time, they reached the swirling portal which had brought them there, and they disappeared in a flash of light.


    Sora and the gang now returned to Disney Castle, the gummi ship landing near the royal gardens.

    “Now, Donald and Goofy, while the others and myself check up on things here, could you have Chip and Dale perform a maintenance check on the ship? We need to prepare for another departure as soon as possible.” Mickey told them.

    “Yes, Your Majesty!” the knight and magician stood tall and addressed him firmly, then left to carry out their orders.

    The four remaining continued to walk toward the castle entrance, always staying aware that the enemy could pop out at them at any given moment.

    “Welp, looks like the coast is clear,” Mickey stated when they came to the throne room, “It's just as I had predicted.”

    “Oh, I get it,” Sora understood, “Because recently, the heartless have randomly shown up and then vanished just as soon as they appear.”


    “So, didn't you tell us that we need to head towards the Cornerstone of Light?” Kairi questioned the mouse.

    “Yeah, but...what is it?” Riku wondered.

    The king had the three follow him while he explained, “It is our world's most precious treasure, and it's been around for some time. Sora here could tell you that from his own experience.”

    Sora laughed a little, thinking again of the past when he, Donald, and Goofy had traveled back in time.

    “Anyways,” Mickey continued, “The Cornerstone of Light has served as our castle's means of protection from danger.”

    He then proceeded to press a lever on his throne's seat, opening the ground and revealing a staircase. They all descended down into the room, and they were warmly greeted by Daisy and Queen Minnie.

    “Oh, it's ever so good to see you again, Sora,” Minnie smiled.

    “Yes, welcome back,” Daisy concurred, glancing over to the people standing next to him, “And you must be some of his friends.”

    “Yes, ma'am,” Kairi grinned, “My name is Kairi, and this is Riku.”

    Riku simply replied, “Nice to meet you.”

    “So, this is Riku,” Minnie talked to Mickey directly now, “I remember you telling me about him.”

    “Oh, so the king-” Riku started.

    “Yes,” the queen turned back to face him, “You sure seem like a very nice young man.”

    Riku had rarely been addressed in that fashion before an began to stutter a little, “Well, um...thank you.”

    Sora tried his best to hide a chuckle as his friend's expense, until Riku 'lightly' punched him in the side, quieting his noises instantly.

    “Sorrrry...” Sora grunted in a whisper.

    “Miss Kairi. Such a pleasure to meet you, too,” Minnie spoke to the girl.

    Kairi bowed towards the queen, “Oh, no, the pleasure is all mine.”

    “No need to be so formal, dear. Just call me Minnie.”

    Daisy trudged up to Sora, suddenly pointing a menacing finger at his face, “Now I hope Donald hasn't been rushing into danger again!”

    Sora drew back on instinct, “N-n-no! He's just fine, I promise! Goofy and him are here with us, too.”

    The duck crossed her arms, “Well, I would sure hope so.”

    “Y-yes! You have nothing to worry about.”

    “So, Mickey, how is everything looking out there?” Minnie asked, a little worried.

    Mickey smiled brightly at her in assurance, “Just fine. You should be safe here now and can head back upstairs.”

    And with that, they all began to turn around to go over to the stairs once more.

    That is...until...


    “H-hey! K-K-King Mickey!”

    The group looked behind them to see Merlin the wizard, colorful smoke dispersing around him from his magical arrival.

    Mickey ran over to the man, recognizing that something wasn't right, “What is it? What's going on?”

    Merlin ruffled his robe and stood straight up, clearing his throat, “I'm so sorry for bothering you, but we must hurry! You need to come along with me to Radiant Garden immediately!”

    “In that case,” Sora added with confidence, “We'll come along, too!”

    “Right!” Riku nodded in agreement.

    “But...there is a problem,” Merlin admitted, “I won't be able to send us back with my magic. I used up...most of it to fight that person off and to also get here, so...”

    “Wait, fight?” Kairi wondered, “There was a battle?”

    “Yes...we need to go!” Merlin urged them, “NOW!”

    Mickey walked over to Minnie and Daisy, “I'll have Goofy and Donald stay here with you until we return,” he now turned back to the others, “Hurry! To the gummi ship!”


    An emptiness.

    A space shrouded in the darkness.

    It is where one waits to emerge from their prison...

    In the depths of memory.

    And now a lady approaches this lonely master.

    “My lord. The deed is done,” she speaks.

    The invisible force whispers back in return, “Ah, very good. Soon the bonds of this world will break.”

    “And you will grace us with your presence once again,” the lady bows, “I will see to it.”

    “Then I will eagerly await your return...”

    A pair of beckoning eyes stare up at her.



    Even though the space between the worlds were available once again, the connections were growing weaker. The distance from one place to the next seemed much longer to our heroes.

    “Why is it taking so long! We'll never reach them in time!” Sora exclaimed angrily.

    “Sora, we can't help it,” Kairi placed a hand on his shoulder, “Merlin had to use up quite a bit of his power just to come and warn us.”

    “I know, but...” his hands bent into fists, “How can I be patient when I know our friends are in danger?”

    “Don't worry,” Riku assured, “We'll get there in time.”

    Sora grinned up at his friends, “Thanks. I just hope you're right.”

    Once they reached Radient Garden and were on the ground, Merlin pointed them in the right direction, “Hurry, this way!”

    All of them came to the wizard's house, and Sora noticed someone familiar lying on the ground by the doorway.

    “Cid!” The keyblade master immediately ran over to him, “Cid, what happened?”

    The man barely moved and looked at Sora with half-closed eyes, “I couldn't stop them. I couldn' anything. And now, Leon and the others are...”

    Without a moment to lose, the door was opened and everyone ran inside the building.

    Sora gasped at what he saw, “No...”

    Kairi's hands covered her mouth in horror.

    The entire area was trashed. The large computer that was once there now only remained as a pile of metal rubber, engulfed in flames.

    “Who could've done this?” Kairi wondered.

    “No time for that!” Riku ran towards the smokey area, “They must all still be in there!” he coughed slightly as he bent down to move away large pieces of wood and other debris.

    Sora, Kairi, Merlin, and Mickey all agreed and began to do the same. Sora immediately used a few blizzard spells with his keyblade to extinguish the fire set ablaze.

    “Hey! Over here!” Mickey called for some help.

    Sora obliged and went over to pick up some rocks on the ground. He spotted what the king had noticed.

    “Oh, no! Leon!” he picked up his pace and soon all of the rubble was off of his friend, “Leon, get up!”

    Mickey's head hung low, “Sora...I think...”

    “No! Wake up, Leon!” Sora shook him harder.

    “But, his heart...I can't feel his light anymore. It's gone.”

    Sora didn't even know he could get very emotional, but right then he felt moisture begin to fill up his eyes, “We were...we weren't fast enough.”

    “Um...Sora?” Kairi called from behind him.

    Sora regrettably turned around, only to become more disheartened. Yuffie and Aerith were in the same state as Leon, laying lifelessly on the stone ground.

    The brown-haired boy bent to his knees in defeat, “No...” a tear trickled down his cheek, “Everyone” Suddenly, he slammed a fist on the ground, “No! Who would be cruel enough to do something like this!”

    Sora's expression changed into one of frustration. He stood up and nonchalantly wiped his tears away, “They'll pay. They'll pay for what they've done,” he looked ahead in determination and went over to Cid again. He motioned for Riku and they both helped Cid to his feet.

    “Do you remember anything about the people who came here?” Sora questioned him, “How they looked? How they talked?”

    “Well, I...I did hear one of their voices,” Cid replied, “ was a woman.”

    “You mean a girl was the cause of this?” Riku wondered, Maybe...Maleficant... he pondered to himself.

    “Yes,” Cid continued, “But, she wasn't alone, and they were both cloaked in disguise so they didn't look familiar or anything.”

    “Do you think they'll keep doing this to...other people?” Kairi spoke worriedly.

    “If that's the case, we need to stop them at any cost,” Sora agreed.

    Merlin walked over to them, “Well, then, if you need to leave, Cid and I will do our best to keep an eye on Leon and the others. I can even place a magical barrier around the house once I get my strength back.”

    “He's right,” nodded Mickey, “There is still a chance to save them and retrieve their lost hearts, so we can't give up yet.”

    They all were ready to head out, but then Cid stopped them.

    “Wait a minute! Before you go...that lady, the one who came here, she said something that might be important to ya.”

    “Really? Go on,” Sora encouraged him to continue.

    “Right before I was attacked, she said that the likes of me couldn't stop her plan to bring...him back.”

    “Him?” Riku thought for a moment, “I wonder...who she was referring to.”

    Cid shook his head, “I dunno, but I wasn't about to take that rude remark lightly, so I stood my ground nonetheless. I just couldn't do it very long, I guess,” he rubbed the back of his head.

    “Don't feel that way,” Kairi assured, “You did your best, and we're all going to do the same.”

    “Okay, then we should rejoin Donald and Goofy first. We need all the help we can get,” Mickey brought up.

    “But, Your Majesty,” Riku addressed him, “Where do we even begin to look?”

    “Anywhere and everywhere. This power needs to be fought against before anything else happens.”


    Why...Why is this happening all of a sudden?

    Sora lay on a bed in one of the gummi ship's quarters.

    Our friends got hurt, and we couldn't save them. We've always been able to save everyone before...but now...

    He turned to his side and let out a large sigh of disappointment.

    Swoosh! The door to the room came open.

    “Hey, Sora,” Riku spoke when entering. He then took a chair and sat on it backwards, his chin resting upon the top of the chair, “So...about what...just happened...”

    “Why? Why is it different this time?”

    Riku was confused, “What are you talking about?”

    Sora sat up now, his legs dangling off the side of the mattress, “Whenever we've had to travel and save worlds or people, we've always been successful,” his head hung low, “Today was...was completely different.”

    “Hey, don't say that. There is still a way to save them, remember?” he spoke to console his friend, “We just need to find whoever was responsible and then retrieve the hearts back.”

    “Would it...really be that simple?” Sora questioned, a hint of doubt in his shaking voice.

    “Sora, I...” Riku gave in at that moment, too, “I guess I don't know...”

    A tiny sob could now be heard from Sora as a few tears ran down his cheeks, “I really thought...that we had already brought peace to everyone...We had finally freed the world's from darkness. Why? Why is it starting all over again!” he shouted.

    All Riku could do then was nod his head, close his eyes, and wonder the same thing, And, that dream I had...about Ansem...Was that really not a dream as well? Are my own personal nightmares still not over?

    “I'm sorry...” Sora apologized out of the blue, “I guess I did get a little carried away.”

    Riku looked back up at him, and then got out of his seat. He walked over to his best friend and patted his shoulder, “Hey, we all need to express our feelings somehow, am I right?” he laughed a little.

    Sora actually smiled now, nodding in agreement, “That's right.”

    “Hey, how about you go see Kairi for a little bit?”

    “Huh? Why Kairi?”

    Riku whacked Sora on the head, in a 'friendly' and not so hurtful manner, and exhaled deeply, “Are you serious? She's really worried about you. Ever since we left Radiant Garden she's been in another room all by herself, just like you have.”


    Riku grabbed Sora's hand and jerked him up to his feet, turning him around and pushing him towards the door, “Come on, you need to go talk to her.”

    Sora chuckled a little, “Okay, okay, I'm going!”

    “You better be,” Riku teased, “Now, hurry up, lover-boy.”


    “Oh, no reason...”

    Yup, I just had to add in a comforting and yet funny friendship moment with Sora and Riku for you guys. Thanks for reading again! More to come!
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    Once again 17 you have blown me away with the words that you speak. Seriously, this is one of the finest pieces of lit (even though it is a fanfic) I have seen in a while. I could really see this being turned into a game, perhaps you should try posting it on a few different game comp's and see what turns up ^_^
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    This is really really good. Keep up the amazing work. But not only that Good luck on anything and everything your doing times are hard, but you'll finish this. Since it's Dec. 21 Merry Early Christmas everyone!!!!!!
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    On the other side of the internet.
    Seriously... I have read many a fan fic in my time...
    but this is definitely one of the best I've read out of all of them. Ever.
    The characters are faithful to the originals and are written so well, the story fits in perfectly, the comedy, dark moments and romance all blend together in such a wonderful way.
    Don't worry about the time it takes Anime17, everyone is busy in their own way, we completely understand lol, we don't care how long it takes just a long as you continue to write this master piece as well as you have been.
    Trust me, I'm a uni student studying Creative Writing, and I think this is absolutely incredible.
    Keep up the good work! :D
    I also feel this image is relevent to your story :D :
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    Awwww you all are far too kind! I'm just happy you all enjoy my story and also understand that it's hard to update fast with how busy life is. <3 Thank you for all the support, and I can't wait until I'm able to get the next chapter up for all of you! =)
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    I live in a mustache, bro. Whut now?
    Om mega G! I love this story! You are such a good writer, I mean I agree 9kairi9hearts, you do rival Destiny's Force. I dont know which to rate my number one writer. You just got another subscriber.
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    I really liked it!
    your a great writer, and you should keep it up!:)
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    one moment. i must cry. *SSSSOOOOBBBB CRYCRYCRY snifflies sob* T.T LEON!!! T.T AERIS!!!T.T )': YUFIE!!!! :'( T.T :cryinganime: T.T T.T D': ok. im good. less sad. i know that Sora & co will save them, so its ok.

    that being said, this chapter was awesome. very well written. the KH cast just found themselves way out of their depth and i love it! builds character.
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    Chapter Seven: A Boy Awakens I?

    You need to wake up!

    Huh? Who's there?

    Hello? Can you hear me?

    Why are you talking to me?

    I know you don't remember me, but I remember you.

    So, does that mean you are a part of my lost memories?

    Yes, that is correct.

    Is there a reason I'm still here? I have a feeling I wasn't supposed to exist.

    Yes, that was the case until-

    So, you can help get my memories back, right?


    ...I'm sorry. I'm not sure I still have my former powers to...Well...let's just say even I don't have all the answers. I'm confused, too.

    ...You...You're like me?

    Yes. I am.

    Okay. At least you know who we are, and you can help me somehow. You did say that I need to wake up, so how do I do that?

    Even if you aren't awake yet, you are getting close.

    Wait! Y-Your it...

    Please remember. You have to remember on your own.

    Are you-

    All you need to do...

    Namine'? believe...

    That you are alive.




    I felt it come into my lungs.


    I sniffed the air. I felt a cold chill run through me. The space around me felt...


    Do I dare my eyes?

    I was scared. I was afraid of where I was.

    Yes, I'm afraid, but...

    I slowly took a deep breath.

    I want to be brave.

    I slowly opened my eyes and looked at my surroundings. My vision was a bit blurry, though.

    I sat up the best I could and waited silently.

    When my eyes could finally see clearly, I noticed that the room I sat in was not a room at all.

    It was an empty chasm.

    There were no walls, no ending...just platforms and stairs enveloped in darkness.

    What is this place?”

    I wondered if it was all a dream.

    And then-


    Huh?! Who's there?”

    I'll help you get out of here if you want.”


    Suddenly, a dark portal opened and a hand came out. I immediately drew back.

    Why should I trust you?”

    The person behind the portal laughed.

    Because we're best friends. That should be reason enough.” I...really know you?”

    C'mon, I know you're head's kinda loopy and all right now, but you need to get away from this place. We don't have much time! If you don't hurry, your body in this state won't last long.”

    I gulped. I didn't like the sound of that. However, he was a complete stranger.

    Don't you want to see Namine', too?”

    ...or was he?

    I willingly reached out my hand to him, yet my mind was still somewhat reluctant. He grabbed my arm and I entered into the portal.


    -Knock! Knock!-

    “Who is it?”

    “Hey, Kai, it's me,” Sora replied from the hallway.

    “Come in.”

    He opened the door and stepped inside. Kairi was sitting on the bed.

    “Mind if I join you?”

    “...Sure,” she murmured.

    Sora mentally kicked himself, Oh, man...She is worried about me, isn't she?

    He sat down next to her and reassured her, “I'm fine, you know. I know their hearts aren't lost forever.”

    Kairi looked up at him with sad eyes, “I'm sorry...” she took Sora's hand, “You're really good friends with them, aren't you? must be hard for you right now.”


    “I know that it may be painful, and I know I can't always understand how you are feeling, but please...” she gripped his hand even more firmly, “Let me help take that pain away. Okay?”

    Sora was touched by her gesture, “...Alright.”

    After a moment, she looked up at him, “You will find whoever did this, right?”

    He smiled, “Of course. We'll figure out what happened. I know we will.”

    “Don't forget,” Kairi chuckled a little, “I can fight, now, too.”

    Sora nodded, “That's right!”

    “I can protect those I care about,” she bent down her head and leaned against him, slightly embarrassed, “I can...protect you, Sora. It's the least I can do since you've protected me so many times.”

    He could do nothing but smile after that, “Thank you.” Sora's arm wrapped around her, “It means a lot to me.”

    “You're welcome,” Kairi replied, “Any time.”

    -Knock! Knock!-

    “Hey, Sora! Kairi!” Riku spoke from the other side of the door, “We're going to land soon.”

    “Land?” Sora was curious, “I wonder where we are.”

    Kairi grabbed his hand and encouraged him to stand up with her, “Let's go see!”


    Mickey opened the door for everyone, “Here we are. Let's get going,” he led the way as the rest followed him.

    “This is...” Sora looked at his surroundings after exiting the gummi ship.

    “It's Twilight Town!” Goofy and Donald were both glad to be in a familiar place.

    “Oh, yeah,” Kairi reminisced, “I was here once, too. It wasn't for very long, but I did meet some nice people. Let's see...what were their names again?”

    “Hayner! Pence! Olette!” Sora exclaimed.

    “Oh, yeah,” Kairi nodded, “Hey, why are you shouting, Sora?” she looked up only to realize that Sora, Donald, and Goofy weren't even in front of her anymore. She turned around to notice them by the entrance of the train station talking to some people.

    “I see they've noticed some familiar faces,” Riku commented.

    Kairi began walking over to join them, “I guess they have.”

    Pence waved as they came over, “Good to see you again, Kairi.”

    “It's been a while,” Olette chimed in, smiling gently.

    “Yes, it has,” Kairi motioned for Riku and Mickey, “We need to introduce some of our friends to you.”

    “Oh, yeah!” Sora agreed, “I almost forgot! This is Riku.”

    Hayner walked over to shake his hand, “I remember Sora mentioning you to us in the past. It's nice to see you in person.”

    “Likewise,” Riku greeted, “Sora's talked about you guys, too.”

    “And this is King Mickey,” Goofy stated.

    “It's a pleasure!” Mickey grinned as he spoke.

    “Oh!” Pence looked closely at him, “I remember you! However, back then you were wearing a black coat.”

    This made Mickey laugh a bit, “Welp, I had to be very secretive. It was all for a reason.”

    Everyone continued talking and catching up for a while, and then Donald quacked loudly.

    “HEY! Look!” He pointed to a store nearby, “It's that salty ice cream!”

    “What are you talking about?” Goofy questioned.

    “Riku gave us a box once,” Donald began to explain, “There was a picture in it, but also some ice cream. I was the one who ate it, remember?”

    “Yeah, I do!” answered Sora.

    “How about we treat you to some?” Olette suggested.

    “Really?” Kairi wondered, “Are you sure that's okay?”

    “Of course!” Hayner said, “It's been too long since we've seen all of you. Maybe this can be another memory for us.”

    “Sounds good to me!” Sora began to head in the direction of the store.

    Riku couldn't help but chuckle, “Let's hurry over there, too. We shouldn't get in the way of Sora and his stomach.”

    Kairi giggled loudly, “Yeah!”

    As Sora grew closer to the stand, he saw someone finishing their order.

    “Thanks!” they said to the clerk, now turning around.

    Sora's eyes had never been wider. He recognized them right away, “A-AXEL?!?”

    There was no mistaking it. The man had spiky red-orange hair and was still wearing his Organization XIII garb, coat and all. He was holding a popsicle in each hand.

    “Hey, Sora! Um...” Axel looked a bit taken back, only half-smiling, “What's goin' on?”

    As everyone else noticed as well, there were very similar reactions from some of them.

    “You!” Kairi stood aghast, “If you're here, then that means...” she placed her hand on her heart, Is...Namine' back as well? Is she not inside me anymore?

    “That's what I was thinking, too,” Sora pointed towards Axel, “Why are you holding two popsicles if you are the only one here?”

    “Well...that's a good question...” Axel's face was perplexed again. He wasn't sure how to answer.


    Roxas wandered around town, even though the man he had met told him to stay put. Apparently that man's name was 'Axel'. He even mentioned being a close friend to him at one point in his past.

    How can I not even remember my best friend?

    He didn't even know where to start as he meandered in all directions. He didn't even care about getting lost at that point.

    Why does everything here look familiar, and yet not familiar at the same time? Roxas pondered as he averted his eyes to every possible thing he saw.

    He recalled what Axel had told him earlier that same day:

    I have an idea of this place we can go to. You used to spend a lot of time there. Well, actually...I used to as well. Who knows? Maybe it can help bring your memories back. We might as well try, at least.”

    “Why did he say that?” Roxas thought out loud, “Sure, I can sense I've been here before, but it's not helping at all. Nothing's triggering any memories or anything.”

    He went up the hill of the street ahead of him, deciding to go another route.

    “Something's gotta be here that'll help. I know it.”

    His walking pace became slower very quickly as he starting doubting again.

    “Or maybe this is all hopeless,” he sighed.

    As he turned the corner, he saw Axel again, but this time there were many others near him.

    A certain boy talking to Axel caught Roxas' attention.

    “Who...Who is that?”

    He had spiky brown hair, a black-styled outfit, and his face...

    “He...He looks kind of...” Roxas drew nearer, but not so close that they'd see him, “ me.”

    All of a sudden, his head began to throb, and he screamed.

    “Wh-What's...happening?!” He clutched his head tightly in his hands, bending down to his knees.

    He heard the people over by Axel talking in worried tones.

    Who's that over there?”

    Are they okay?”

    Yeah, what's wrong?”

    We should go see if they're alright.”

    And the closer they came, the worse Roxas felt.

    Don't come over here! Please! He turned as not to face them.

    He was now reeling over in pain, seeing millions of images in his mind.

    What is this? What's going on with me!?

    His breathing was ragged, and he thought his body couldn't take anymore, until...

    ...everything stopped.

    The pain. The feeling of loss. The thought of being alone.

    Roxas felt...different now.

    Is this...what it means to feel joy? To feel happiness?

    Someone tapped him on the shoulder, intercepting his thought pattern. That single touch made him know exactly who it was.

    Slowly standing to his feet, he pivoted his feet to get a look at this person. They looked very shocked to see him.

    Roxas found himself smiling. He didn't even know why. All he did at that moment was speak one thing.