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    NOTE: NeoCloudstrife told me how to get the logo elements. He deserves credit too.
    I will post each step, and add screenies later.
    1. Download this file: http://rapidshare.com/files/166786541/KH_Logo_Elements.zip.html .
    2. Extract the elements to C:\Documents and Settings\(Your User Name on Your Computer)\My Documents\My Pictures\Logo Elements
    3. Next, open up GIMP.
    4. Open the folder "Logo Elements" from "My Pictures" in Windows Explorer.
    5. Drag the file "KH Heart" to the GIMP window.
    6. Use "Colorify" on that layer to make it the color that you want.
    7. Drag "KH Crown" into the window. This will add it as a new layer. See my sig to see where it goes.
    8. Do the same with "KH Logo". Right click the image, go to "Image" and click "Fit canvas to layers"
    9. "Colorify" "KH Logo to the same color as "KH Heart"
    10. This is a good time to save and merge all the layers. Save it as a *.png file.
    11. Add your text in about the same place I have it in my sig. "Colorify" that to the same color.
    12. This is where it gets sort of complicated. Not very though. Right click on the text layer and select "Alpha to Selection". This will select ONLY the text.
    13. Click on the foreground color and find your "Colorify" color.
    14. Click on the background color and select black.
    15. Select the Gradient tool and find "FG to BG (RGB)". Then click the little check box next to it.
    16. On the drop down menu labeled "Shape:", select "Shaped (Spherical)" Now apply the gradient to your text. If your text is not selected, the gradient will fill the whole text layer. You don't want that, so make sure it is still selected.
    17. Merge all the layers down and save.
    18. Upload and share your creation here!
    Hope you liked this tutorial and it comes in handy!
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    can u reupload tha file since tha file has expired...