KH II - Sephiroth battle guide

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    I'd tell you but then youed never leave me alone
    The events may not occur in the order
    given precisely, but they are general enough to be useful.

    Sephiroth's first attack will be his Sin Angel (a dashing slash) to which
    you must press TRIANGLE to react to it. Your reaction command will guard all
    the attacks and allow you to attack Sephiroth.

    Your goal at this point is to defend against Sephiroth's attacks and
    counterattack when he leaves himself open. The best time to do this is just
    after he uses a Grounded Omnislash or Sin Angel.

    The other useful tactic to use is to allow Sephiroth to use his Teleport
    Launch to send Sora air-borne. Now, quickly launch a Reversal Strike (with
    Square) or recover and attack (press X to recover) as soon as you are in the
    air. Timed correctly, you will begin to assault Sephiroth in the air.

    Another useful but not necessary tactic is to equip Charge Berserk on
    Sora and use your MP entirely so that Sora is charging his MP. At this point,
    Sora's main attack will become "Berserk" which will string attacks together
    without finishers. This will allow you to chain several more rounds of
    attacks on Sephiroth at a time. However, he CAN break out of this after 6 or 7
    iterations, so be careful and don't be overzealous.

    Here is the general flow you can expect, the arrows indicate how you ought to
    react to the numbered situation:

    O=== Phase 1: The Wanderer ==============================================O

    01) Sephiroth uses Sin Angel.
    > Press Triangle to parry the attack.
    > Attack Sephiroth after the attack expires. Distance yourself from

    02) Sephiroth uses Grounded Omnislash.
    > Either Guard the attack or dodge it and retaliate.
    > Dodge and keep your distance.

    03) Sephiroth uses Teleport Launch.
    > Recover/Revenge Slash immediately and attack Sephiroth mid-air.
    > After landing, distance yourself from Sephiroth.

    04) Sephiroth launches Sora and uses Air Omnislash.
    > Try to recover and retaliate, otherwise just grin and bear it.

    O=== Phase 2: Feral Destroyer ===========================================O

    Phase 2: Reached after Sephiroth incurs 4.5 bars of damage.
    Sephiroth will mutter something and teleport away to summon Orbs of
    Destruction. This is the transition into Phase 2.

    The basic tactics you've used in the first Phase will still hold true in this
    phase. Keep in mind that Sephiroth is now faster and his Omnislash has much
    greater range. He will also teleport more frequently, thus it will be more
    difficult to attack him after defending against his blows.

    Anytime Sephiroth summons orbs in a circle around Sora, cast Reflect to ward
    them off.

    Sephiroth will now also use his infamous Heartless Angel and Pillars of Flame
    attacks in this and the next phase. Here is the general flow for the second
    Phase (include the attacks from Phase 1):

    05) Sephiroth summons the Orbs of Destruction.
    > Cast Reflect to dispel the orbs. If this does not work or is not possible
    then simply attack the orbs to dispel them.

    06) Sephiroth casts Pillars of Flame.
    > Fly away as quickly as possible. Sephiroth will only do this attack when
    near Sora.

    07) Sephiroth rises into the air in order to use Heartless Angel.
    > Jump up and strike Sephiroth as quickly as possible to interrupt the
    > If a halo appears above Sora, the attack will always hit him.
    > If he is too far, you can try to time a healing item or Curaga such that
    Sora will be healed JUST after the attack strikes him.

    08) Sephiroth strikes Sora with Heartless Angel.
    > Right after a successful Heartless Angel, Sephiroth will almost always use
    Sin Angel. Be prepared to "react" to it and attack Sephiroth right
    after the attack.
    > Heal with a Hi-Potion or Elixir (since your magic will most likely be
    depleted; if not then use a Curaga Spell.)
    > If you have a good arial dodge then you may also leap at him to nock him down befor completion of the move

    O=== Phase 3: Onslaught Incarnate =======================================O

    Phase 3: Reached after Sephiroth has roughly 5.5 bars of health remaining.
    Sephiroth will teleport to a fixed location and charge until his upper torso
    begins to emit a pink aura. This is the transition into Phase 3.

    All of the tactics you've applied in the previous forms still apply, however
    Sephiroth is much, much faster and more ferocious than he was previously. As
    such, you will need to react to his actions more quickly. He also has a new
    attack in his arsenal: Supernova (a rain of meteors.)

    Here is the final flow, include the attacks from Phases 1 and 2:

    09) Sephiroth rises into the air and uses Supernova.
    > Counter the meteor rain by flying around the edge of the arena.
    > Wait for him to descend from the attack and keep a distance from him.

    reply if extra help is requiredid be pleased to help
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    this helps alot so ill say it if he does the Heartless Angel and its about to take ur mp/hp ur cure right when it takes ur mp so u have full health and be on mp charge
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    I'd tell you but then youed never leave me alone
    actully thats somewhat something i did to chalenge myself sorry just use potions its easier
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    in her corner
    -_-' where do u find the time to typ all this!! but it is usfull...XD
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    I'd tell you but then youed never leave me alone
    bordom is a power ful thing
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    -_-' ya espically in school XDXD
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    I'd tell you but then youed never leave me alone
    thats when i realy shine
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    May 30, 2007
    or you know, you could stick with the traditional
    Trinity Limit
    and slaughter him in seconds.

    and "sin angel" is actually called Flash
    oh and "supernova" is called Dark Meteo
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    when he is using Heartless Angel you can use Trinity Limit to interrupt him.
  10. SpazticFantaztic >:3 Kingdom Keeper

    Where do I go to get to this battle?
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    haloow bastion the dark dephts go to the crystal fissure and go stiright ahead you will enter a area with easy heartless past that is sephiroth
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    lets just say that if your on lv.99 like me, and have all of them except fenrir, the battle will go faster. im playing a new game and trying to re-do all of that. make sure you use umtima for that fight it helped me
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    <<insert witty comment here>>
    well THA'TS good to know......NOT!!!!!! i don't want to beat him!!!!!!! i just want to beat the game!!!!!!!
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    Planet Earth
    this helped me beat the crap out of sephoroth!......thats all......
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    Theres also a guide on YOuTube for got who ma de it..
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    My Strategy on beating him is much easier and a lot more simple.

    In the beginning you know to dodge that attack. Once you did, attack him and use both finishers (if you have finisher plus equipped)

    Then he will teleport. As soon as he teleports, use guard (square) it will block hes air sweep. Mainly after that he will teleport far from you. Run up to him and right wen you see him about to swing at you guard and counterstrike. This immediately breaks his combo so you can attack him again. Once you get him down to at least 4 and a half bars he"ll say "Know your place." Once you hear this wait for him to summon the darkness orbs and use reflect. If hes close to you the aftermath of the reflect will hit him causing him to go in the air. Immediately jump and smack the hell out of him. Sooner or later he will teleport far from you and he will say "Sin....Heartless Angel." The trick to stopping this is by running up to him and hitting him right before he finished saying Angel. Basically repeat this procedure and you will get him down to his last bars. Until he goes Berserk. Just reflect and guard. When hes open hit him. Most of the time before he dies he will teleport off the battle field and you will hear him say "The time has come." And he will summon meteors. Just reflect and glide like hell! Once thats done attack him with a finisher and he should be toast. Oh and Trinity works well too. Well Hope I helped. ^_^
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    Pretty good guide.
    But yet he wont always go in the order that you said he would.
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    Hey thanks sooo much! I finally beatt him with this guide. At first I only could take 1 life bar out x.x

    When I looked a tthis guide I could do like 5 . And just using my brain I beat him!
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    in mercenaries get that
    for all the noobs out there that havent beatn him yet. im going to tell you the cheapest easiest way to beat him without looking badass. just give yourself alot of elixer and or ether and start spamming reflega or whatever you have. after the last magic point use trinity limity then use a elixer or ether. then repeat the process and you'll kill him in no time.
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    Wow, this is a really great guide!
    I have already beaten him, plenty of times, but great! Just Great.^^
    [im trying to figure out different ways to beat him, such as using a two-hit combo to beat him, which was easy]​