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    I'll be working on updating this and making a boss guide probably for each game, just because I'm bored and it will give people a reference point for something to try out.


    HP 240
    Exp 18
    Tips: The Darkside is the first boss you fight, and he's not very difficult to beat. Just do lock on and target its hands and when he slams a fist into the arena ground, go beat the tar out of it with combos. Stay at the sides of the monster to avoid taking damage when the Darkness pool forms and just hop up and bash. Shadows will show up and attack Sora now and then from the Darkness pool that the Darkside made so move off when you realize you are low on HP and bash them around for some green health orbs. Darkside occasionally, when it is kind of crouching with both hands down on the ground, will send out Darkness that tries to move where you are. Avoid these by moving around and avoid being stuck in an area. If you lose this fight, the game will continue.

    Darkside II
    HP 300
    Exp 60
    Tips: Use the same strategy listed above. There will be an orb of gravity that sends out spheres at you but you can avoid these by moving out of the way. There are less Shadows that show up in this battle so if you need a potion, use it. Hopefully you took potions from Riku in the fights. xD If you lose this fight, you will have to do it over again so make sure you saved before going to the fight!


    Guard Armor
    HP 700
    Exp 110
    Tips: The guard armor has 5 parts to fight: The torso, two arms and two legs. Make sure you have potions for Donald and Goofy. The strategy best used is to try to leap around a lot and go to attack the Torso some. Other body parts seem to get in the way and this is just fine. You must destroy these other body parts anyway before the torso will 'die'. However, hopping around and going after that often, helps. Green health orbs drop as you defeat each piece of the guard armor so you can replenish some lost HP. Keep in mind that you should watch Donald and Goofy so that neither runs out of HP, but if you keep yourself healthy, they can use their potions on themselves too.
    Drop Item: Brave Warrior


    Cards, Crank Tower
    Heart Card - HP 60, Exp 0, Spade Card - HP 45, Exp 0.
    Crank Tower - HP unknown, Exp 100
    Tips: The cards are quite susceptible to Fire so if they become a nuisance, use that on them. You cannot defeat the cards utterly, but they can be knocked down. Donald and Goofy will attempt to keep them busy so put your focus mainly on the crank tower. Now and then, Donald and Goofy will get captured and put in a cage, so just go over and bust them out, knock the cards around some and then go back to the crank tower. Bash the tower when you aren't needing to help your friends and you'll win this easily enough. Remember to lock on to the tower so you destroy the gears and aren't just bashing at some pointless part of it. After destroying the gears, lock onto the top of the tower and bash that and a bunch of Munny should fall out.
    Drop Item: Some Munny.

    HP 600, Exp 150
    Tips: Sora and his pals have to be in mini size to fight this opponent. Try using physical attacks on this being and avoid using Fire magic on Trickmaster, as this lights the candles he wields on fire and it uses this against you to deal out more damage. Just lock onto Trickmaster and go for combos, moving out of the way when need be. Occasionally, after taking a whooping, it will bend over and this is the ideal time to just be relentless in your attacks, until it recuperates. After it recovers from this, the Trickmaster likes to be annoying and hop up on the table and attacks from midair, so you must go after it by getting on the table. Use the chair and then hop up to the table. Otherwise it can't be reached. If the table and chair disappear, try climbing up the bookshelf in the corner. The table will reappear sooner or later. The Trickmaster will occasionally go over to the oven and light its candles on fire, so when it does, use Blizzard magic to put the candles out or else it does a tremendous amount of damage to you (nearly double what it does in normal hits). If the table is not there and you have to use the bookshelf, climb up there and do the Blizzard spell so it reaches the Trickmaster. Throughout the fight, when it takes enough damage, it drops HP balls so get those and also make sure to leave some for Donald and Goofy. A good indication to see how much longer you have to go in the fight is to count how many 'heads' it has on top of one another. At the start of the fight, it has 5. When each head is destroyed, HP balls drop, so keep count that way.
    Dropped Item: Ifrit's Horn


    The Preliminary Tournament - Best thing to do here is to make sure that you take out the magic casting Blue Rhapsodies and Red Nocturnes, as they enjoy floating around the outer areas of the arena, while Donald and Goofy take care of the Soldiers and Shadows. Avoid the Large Bodies if you can or take them out as necessary, attacking from behind. Cloud is your final opponent. It is not necessary to win this battle, but defeating Cloud and winning the tournament does give out a nice chunk of Exp.

    HP 300, Exp 80
    Tips: Cloud always cries out before his attacks. His attacks are tough and he moves around a lot, but you can always tell he's going to by that resounding cry. You want to avoid his attacks at all costs. Either leap out of the way or dodge roll and attempt to counterattack him. When he leaps up in the air for a deathblow sort of attack, definitely dodge roll or leap out of the way. You can use Fire magic to inflict some damage to him, but if he falls back, he's going to attack after, so be prepared to move. When you find yourself low on HP, make sure to run around and get away, using the edges of the arena and then use a potion. In simple, the strategy is to let him attack, move, and attack him from behind, get away, rinse and repeat.

    HP 600
    Exp 200
    Tips: After fighting Cloud, Cerberus shows up. Make sure before you enter this fight that you have restocked your characters' item slots with the necessary potions and ethers. I always go strong on potions since I don't tend to use magic much. Save your game and then go back into the coliseum. Make sure when engaging Cerberus, that you lock onto one of the outside heads and try to attack always from the side of the monster. This will help you to avoid being bitten, etc. When Cerberus crouches, leaning low, he spews out Darkness pools. These move and track Sora, trying to get under him so when you see him doing this attack, move away to avoid the pools of Darkness. The other attack to watch out for is hen he stands on his hind legs. He's going to slam his front paws to the ground and cause a tremor. When you see this, wait and time it, leaping just before his paws hit the ground so you can avoid taking serious damage. When he's stomping around with his heads held high, you can't really attack him physically so just keep a lock on to the outer head and move away. You can use Thunder magic on him or just wait it out. Any other spells you try are likely to miss him. Cerberus will then lower his heads once again and you can resume attacking. The best combos to do on him are when leaping up to get the head. Keep in mind, you want to still attack from the side of him. This fight can take a while so relax with it.
    Dropped Item: Inferno Band
    Side Item: Phil awards the party with a Hero License.
    Side Item: Cloud gives Sora the Sonic Blade ability whether you defeated him or not.


    Sabor I
    HP 90
    Exp 15
    Tips: Make sure to equip Dodge Roll before this fight. This isn't a particularly difficult fight but Sabor is fast. Lock onto Sabor, since the foe moves with great swiftness and can be lost otherwise at times. Sabor crouches in a pouncing position before going for an attack run, so you have to use Dodge Roll at the right time to avoid it. After avoiding, simply get up, keeping lock on and go ahead and unleash a combo or two at Sabor. Then retreat and do the same thing again. Have good enough distance between the two of you so that you can execute the Dodge Roll efficiently. This battle does not have to be won, but it's nice to get the Exp.

    Sabor II
    HP 90, Exp 15
    Tips: This is pretty much the exact same fight as before, though Sabor is a bit more aggressive. Tarzan is a good help in this fight so you may want to switch team members to use him. Again, time the crouching Sabor and Dodge Roll. Then attack the leopard from behind and move off. You need to defeat Sabor this time.

    Sabor III
    HP 90
    Exp 15
    Tips: Yet again, Sabor shows up each time you drop from the Tree House to the Cliff area. You may, if you want to spend time on it, keep going to the Tree House and dropping down to the Cliff area to fight Sabor repeatedly for more Exp. Do the same things as said above in Sabor I and II fights. Sabor again flees, and you only have to fight him once more after this.

    Sabor Final
    HP 180
    Exp 150
    Tips: Finally! You can now defeat Sabor and get the full Exp award too. However, Sabor also has double the HP. Stay locked on so you can keep an eye on where Sabor ends up and also move around. Keep doing the good ol strategy of Dodge Roll when you see him crouching. Also try to coordinate with your team somewhat, as if you guys get him surrounded and they attack from one side and you attack from another, you get a few extra hits in.
    Item Dropped: White Fang

    The White Mushroom
    Tips: Since this is the first time these show up, I'll go ahead and write a bit on them. Do not attack the White Mushrooms, wherever you see them in the game. Instead, they are going to play a game of charades with you. They do an act and Sora will need to cast the appropriate spell on the White Mushroom. To be accurate, make sure you lock onto the correct Mushroom for the spell.
    - When the White Mushroom is shivering: Cast Fire on it so it warms up.
    - When the White Mushroom is fanning itself: Cast Blizzard to cool it off.
    - When the White Mushroom appears to be nodding off, bowing its head: Cast Thunder to rejuvenate it.
    If you did the spell right, the White Mushroom will clap and hop around cutely. You will be awarded MP balls and some other items for doing 3 correct spells to the charades game. There are a couple other White Mushrooms also in this world, so if you mess up, don't worry about it. If you failed to do the right spell, the White Mushroom will shake its fist at you and stammer and then disappear in a huff.

    Clayon, Powerwilds
    HP 250
    Exp 240
    PowerWilds each have 30 HP, 4 Exp.
    Tips: If you want the battle to go for a while, go ahead and take on some Powerwilds at the same time as messing around with Clayton. If you want the battle over with quickly, lock onto Clayton, move around and get up behind him with Dodge Roll or leaping there. Attack him with combos and move when needed. He's fairly easy here and the fight ends relatively quick.

    To be continued..
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    Nice! Finally, something helpful that has to do with KH. Good work.
    If you need any help, just whistle tell me.
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    Also me, as well. I discovered a strategy for the first Ursula boss battle i'd like to share. But i haven't finished KH1 yet though.

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    czar casm
    for darkside 2 you should add that if you climb up his arm and attack his head you get more EXP