KH CoM: Heart of Fire(An AJ and Namine story) CHAPTER 2!!!!!

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    Well, here's Chapter 2!!!!!

    Chapter 2

    AJ's POV

    "Who are you!?" the blonde girl asked.

    "I should ask you the same thing...." I replied, almost calmly.

    I don't know how I was so calm in that cage. I mean there was spikes everywhere and a lie detector attached to my head. And yet I was calm.

    "Well, since I'm a gentleman, I'll answer first. My name's AJ, and I mean you no harm. I just wanted to make a dramatic entrance."

    I then pulled out my Game Boy micro and started playing Sonic Advance 3.


    Namine's POV

    The lie detector didn't activate. So, he must have been telling the truth. So, I finally slowly went up and unlocked the cage.

    How was he so calm? I wondered. Either way, I answered him. "My name is Namine." I said. I looked at my scetchbook and decided not to rip out the pictures. Maybe I cuold prank Marluxia or someone...

    I looked at AJ. "A dramatic entrance...?" I asked.

    I couldn't remember the feeling of dramatic. I didn't ask, for the fear of being laughed at. So, I kept my mouth shut.

    I sat in my chair and stayed there, looking at the ground. There was a knock at the door.

    "Shut up in there!" the rough voice of Vexen said.

    "Sorry." I mumured, and looked at the ground.


    AJ's POV

    "Shut up in there!"

    I heard that rough voice and shuddered. I almost crawled out of my skin-- literately!!!!!

    "Who the heck is that person???"

    I waited for the answer while looking around the room. I liked it here, because it makes me feel like I'm free as a bird. I wish I could say the same about Namine. She looked miserable. Terrible, even.

    "What's wrong?"


    Namine's POV

    "That was Vexen." I murmured. I sat in my seat, still staring at the ground, not bothering to look up at AJ.

    "What's wrong?" he asked.

    I looked up into his eyes. He was worried about me. Was Larxene wrong? I recited her words in my head: "Somebodies don't care for nobodies like us." I didn'y want anyone to come in and punish me if I told the truth though.

    "Nothing." I said, looking away from AJ's solemn eyes. "Don't worry about me."

    Suddenly, I sensed Axel and Larxene coming. I looked at AJ and got up, and began pushing ihm to the window. "You have to leave! Now! Please, AJ, hurry!" I said.

    I ran to my scetchings and ripped the pictures out and threw them out the window. "AJ, hurry!" I repeated.