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  1. Hiro ✩ Guardian

    Dec 28, 2010
    A Fanclub for the best Doctor Who companion. As Misty said, you all have a crush on her. And as Deadpool said, failure to admit it will result in the Martha episodes. So do it.

    President: Ventus108
    •The leder of this Fanclub. He founded this club after deducting that Karen Gillan is best Doctor Who companion and quoting Misty's statement about how EVERYONE has a crush on Karen Gillan. Yes, EVERYONE. He is in charge of accepting new members and keeping this thread 120 % Karen Gillan friendly.

    Vice President: Llave de espada
    •Joined the Fanclub after he and the President shared Misty's quote and Ventus invited him. He is in charge of making and upholding the rules

    •Joined after Ventus invited him. He created the general rule: No not liking Amy Pond. I know it's hard to comprehend, but in his words: "Failure to do that will result in death via the Martha episodes." I'd listen to him, because he leads an order of assassins.

    Other Members:

    1. No disliking Karen Gillan. I mean it.
    2. No mention of Martha. EVER. Use her name and it will result in you being forced to watch her episodes till you die. (I know we use her in our threats, but this is ok.)
    3. If you want to, (despite this is a Karen Gillan Fanclub) you may discuss Rose, Donna, and Rory.
    3a.You have to like Amy and Rose (lol Amy Rose), And Rory by extension
    3b.You can like or dislike Donna
    3c.You have to hate Martha
  2. Razgriz Thirteen Traverse Town Homebody

    Apr 15, 2012
    KAREN GILLAN!!!!!!! So do I just sign up here or....? Is this still open or something coz June was quite a while back..