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    Summary: After years of intense training under Ozpin, Jaune Arc is finally capable of showing his worth to become one of the best hunters ever in the history of Remnant. There is just one small problem... Jaune has gynophobia! How will it affect Jaune in the near future? Possible Jaune/Ren bromance, eventual Ren/Nora, possible Ozpin/Glynda.

    So yeah, my first fanfic... Not sure how it might turn out, but I will still continue this regardless. I accept criticism as long as it is not flames. Had this idea when I was reading some fanfics where Jaune has a different personality (OOC). Please tell me what you guys think of this

    RWBY is owned by Rooster Teeth and Monty Oum (R.I.P)


    Now that my friends is a blond haired man vomiting out his breakfast. Why, you ask? It's because ever since he was a kid, he always gets nauseous whenever he would ride on airships. The man has deep blue eyes, messy blonde hair, and a toned muscular body hidden underneath his black hoodie that has reddish-orange colored sleeves. He also wears a white chest plate and shoulder armor over his hoodie, brown gloves, blue pants and black shoes.

    His name is Jaune Arc. The boy who was adopted by Ozpin, the headmaster of the prestigious Beacon Academy, at the age of 10 whom he, with the help of the other professors at Beacon, trained Jaune to become the man he is today. From a weak boy to a very strong man, he is praised by most of the professors, past and present, for being a fast learner, an excellent tactician, and for being able to adapt to different situations really quick.

    'Why did Ozpin even force me to get in the airship with the rest of the students anyways?' Jaune complained in his mind as he tries his best to not throw up around the ship…again… It was not until a cute squeal and a shout of "YANG!" that caught his attention. He looked to his right and saw a peculiar sight that made his heart fall a bit.

    A very young silver eyed girl, whose shoulder-length hair is black with a red tint into it, is being hugged by an older girl who has back-length blonde hair and purple eyes. The younger girl is wearing what appears to be a black blouse, a red cloak over her blouse and a skirt with red trimmings. 'She looks so innocent and young…What is she doing here in an academy for hunters?' Jaune asked himself as he moves on to the other woman.

    If Jaune thought that the silver-eyed girl looks innocent, the blonde-haired woman on the other hand looks very, very sexy. The blonde-haired girl is wearing a tan vest over a yellow low-cut crop top, black fingerless gloves under her yellow gauntlets, black mini-shorts which looks a bit too short, a white back skirt, a belt with a pouch on her left (Probably ammo for her weapon), some kind of cloth that has a yellow symbol of what looks like a burning heart embedded in the center, orange socks with different lengths, a gray bandana wrapped around her left leg, and brown knee-high leather boots. Although he does not pay too much on what she is wearing, but her ample bosom.

    'Those melons are HUGE!' He thought to himself as he tries his best to look away. This proved to be futile however, as the blonde-haired woman stared at Jaune as she gave a wink and a sly grin as she continues hugging the red-haired girl tightly, who is obviously very uncomfortable with all of the hugs. 'Oh gods….What if she beats me to death?!' Panicking, he quickly turns his gaze away from the two girls and he moves far away from them.

    'If I am not vomiting almost every 15 minutes, or training hard…Staring at the sky and relaxing a bit feels….nice….' Jaune thought to himself as he reflects a bit during the time when he is still under extreme training. Since he can be a bit stubborn, especially when it is about something that he wants, he rarely gave himself time to relax, always pushing himself way over the limit. The only times that he is able to rest is when Glynda Goodwitch, a teacher, huntsmen and the sort-of secretary of Ozpin, gives him "lectures" on not pushing one's self too hard. He shivers as he remembers the horrors of what Miss Goodwitch can do to disobedient students.

    As he looks a bit closer on the horizon, he finally sees the facility which is Beacon Academy. 'Finally!' He excitedly said on his mind. 'I can finally prove myself to be the best hunter, the best slayer of Grimm, the best student…'

    '...The best protector of Remnant…'

    The sound of Jaune's stomach rumbling echoes throughout the airship as Jaune clutches his mouth and stomach with his left and right hand respectively.

    '…Maybe right after I throw up yesterday's dinner…'

    And that is the end of the prologue! Please cut me some slack on the criticism..

    ...Pwetty please?

    :3[DOUBLEPOST=1429665243][/DOUBLEPOST]Chapter 1


    After Jaune tried his best not to puke again for who knows how many times inside the airship, he hastily made his way to the exit just to spill what is left of his yesterday's dinner on a nearby trashcan. After thanking whatever godly presence that is watching over Remnant and its people; and ignoring the weird looks that he is given by the students passing by Jaune, he decided to take a bit of a stroll around the campus.

    "Man, this place has not changed a bit…" Jaune muttered to himself as he looks around his surroundings which reminded him of nostalgic memories. Jaune then pulls out his scroll and headphones, plugs the headphones in his scroll, and he starts to play some music.

    Now playing… Showbiz by Muse…

    Jaune sighs as he continues to walk around the campus without a care in the world.

    "Controlling my feelings for too long, controlling my feelings for too long…""

    "… Enforcing our darkest souls to unfold, enforcing our darkest souls to unfold…"

    "… And pushing us into self-destruction, pushing us into self-destruction…"

    While Jaune is trying to enjoy his music, he did not notice a figure with white hair scolding another figure with red-black hair while waving a vial of dust in front of her face.

    "This is Dust – mined and purified from the Schnee quarry!"

    Wearing a light blue bolero jacket; a similarly-colored thigh-length dress that is worn under the jacket; white knee-length hair pulled back in a ponytail on the right side of her head; and a pair of white wedge-heeled boots, the girl with the icy-blue eyes looks completely furious to the girl in red who is the same girl that Jaune saw on the airship. Said girl looks at the white-haired girl confusedly.

    "Uuhhhh…" Before she could make a proper sentence, the white-haired girl interrupts her while waving the vial again.

    "What are you, brain dead?! Dust! Fire, water, lightning, energy!" the white-haired girl said to her.

    "I-I know…" The girl in red muttered out weakly before she starts to cough as the white-haired girl moved the vial of dust closer to her face.

    "Are you even listening to me? Is any of this sinking in? What have you got to say for yourself?!" The white-haired girl, tired for not getting a proper answer, furiously waved the vial of dust at the girl in red.

    "A…Achoo!" The girl in red sneezed out as the vial of dust made her sneeze. The sneeze resulted in an explosion thanks to the dust which engulf both girls. Unfortunately for Jaune, he too was caught in the explosion as he was pushed to the ground.

    "Ughhhh… What happened?" Jaune weakly muttered out as he clutches his head in pain, not noticing a foreign weight pressing against his chest.

    "Are… Are you okay mister?" A voice of a girl called out to him. The second he heard the voice, he hastily tries to move the girl away from him without hurting her. As soon as he got up, Jaune tried to keep his distance away from the girl. He then realized that it is the same girl in red that he saw earlier in the airship.

    "Yeah… I'm alright." Jaune replied to the girl, as his body got tensed up in case she tries to move closer. Before the red-haired girl could reply to him, the white-haired girl screamed out furiously at her.

    "Unbelievable! This is exactly the kind of thing I was talking about!" Her clothing is covered in soot, and there is a small amount of dirt on her face. "You even brought an innocent bystander into this mess!"

    "I…I'm really, really sorry!" The girl in red apologized to her, completely embarrassed.

    'Man she is just acting like a complete *****…' Jaune said to himself in his head. '… I think she is just mad because her outfit is completely dirty…'

    "You are such a complete dolt! What are you even doing here! Aren't you a little young to be attending a prestigious academy like Beacon?" The white-haired girl gave the girl in red a look that would have killed her on the spot.

    'Why yes. Yes she is too young to be attending a prestigious academy like Beacon…' Jaune jokingly said in his head.

    "Well… I…"

    "This isn't an ordinary combat school you know! We are here to fight Grimm! Monsters! So you really need to be careful around here!"

    'Wow… Good thing I did not step in ...I do NOT want to be on the receiving end of that! She's even scarier than Goodwitch …' Jaune thought for a moment before he shuddered. 'Scratch that… No one is scarier than Goodwitch when she is completely pissed off at somebody, but she is pretty close!'

    The girl in red, completely fed up from the shouting that she is receiving, shouted back at her. "Hey, I said I was sorry, princess!"

    "It's heiress, actually"

    All three of them looked at the source of the voice, which is coming from a girl dressed mostly in black.

    'Like seriously, what's with everyone wearing mostly the same color around their bodies?!' Jaune thought to himself as he stares at the girl in black so that he can look at every detail on her.

    Wearing a black buttoned vest with coattails; a white sleeveless undershirt; a pair of white shorts that have a zipper on front of each let; a black scarf-like collar; a pair of black low-heeled boots; black stockings that fade into purple as they near her shoes; black ribbons on both of her arms; a black detached sleeve; and a silver band on her left arm, she looks bored enough to interrupt the white-haired girl from scolding the girl in red any further.

    'Weird… She reminds me of a cat for some reason…' Jaune thought as he looks at the black-haired girl's slightly tilted amber eyes and a black bow at the top of her head.

    The girl then pulls out the same vial that the white-haired girl used to wave it in front of the the girl in red's face. She then introduced Jaune and the girl in red to the white-haired girl, "Weiss Schnee, heiress to the Schnee Dust Company. One of the largest producers of energy propellant in the world."

    'Oh, I've heard of her. Never seen her in person though.' Jaune thought as he stares at Weiss with a bit of respect.

    "Finally! Some recognition!" Weiss gave off a smug look to the three of them.

    "The same company infamous for its controversial labor forces and questionable business partners." The black-haired girl said with a small mischievous glint in her eyes. After hearing that statement, Weiss turned furious again, the girl in red gave off a slight chuckle, and Jaune looks at Weiss with disappointment.

    'Aaannnnndddd…. There goes my respect for the company…' Jaune thought in his head.

    "Wha- How dare you- The nerve of... Ugh!" Being completely tired with the conversation, Weiss took the vial from the black-haired girl and she stomped off with her helpers gathering her luggage that is scattered all over the ground and the helpers follow her.

    "I promise I'll make things up to you!" The girl in red cried out to Weiss. She sighs as she muttered out to herself, "I guess I'm not the only one having a rough first day... So what's-" She turns to the black-haired girl but she is nowhere to be found. "…. with…. you… Where did she go?" She asked herself trying to look around her surroundings just to find the black-haired girl.

    'Where did she go?' Jaune asked the same thing to himself. 'And how did she able to disappear from sight without me noticing?'

    Hiding in the shadows, the black-haired girl observes the two people looking for her in a safe distance. Specifically at one person

    'So this is the Jaune Arc…' She told herself in her head. The black-haired girl had heard a lot of great things about him. From the fact that Professor Ozpin, the headmaster of Beacon himself, adopted him as his son; Ozpin and the other professors trained him to be stronger; heavily involved in some incidents where the Grimm attack some small towns; to the fact that he strongly opposes the abuse against the Faunus.

    'If the facts are true… I have a feeling that we will see each other real soon…' the black-haired girl thought to herself with a small smile on her face before she heads to the main hall of Beacon.

    The girl in red sighs sadly as she plops to the ground back-first. "… Welcome to Beacon…" She muttered out with a cute pout on her face.

    After staring at her for a few seconds, Jaune hesitantly holds out his hand for her. "… You going to be okay?" Jaune asked the girl in red, who took his hand so that she can stand up easier.

    "Yeah…. I'll be fine." She said before she gave Jaune a smile "Sorry about earlier." She apologized to Jaune with an apologetic face.

    "Nah, it's alright." Jaune said to her as he hastily let go of her hand. "No one was seriously injured anyways."

    "Yeah… Wait a minute… Aren't you the one who threw up in the airship?" The girl in red asked Jaune, who suddenly laid down on the ground in the fetal position and a rain cloud hovered above his head.

    "… Please don't remind me of my motion sickness… It's embarrassing…" Jaune said with an embarrassed tone. The girl in red sweat dropped at the sight as she tries to comfort him.

    "Please stop…I promise not to mention it to everyone! Please?" The girl in red gave Jaune a cute pout that would make anyone falter in the cuteness. Jaune then composed himself after he is snapped out of his trance thanks to the girl in red. He stands up and asked her "What's your name?"

    The girl in red gave him a smile. "I'm Ruby! Ruby Rose!" Ruby said to Jaune as he smiles back at her. "I'm Jaune. Jaune Arc." As soon as he said his name, Ruby drops her mouth in shock and stays like that for a few seconds. Jaune, clearly creeped out on the way Ruby is looking at him, waves his hand in front of her face. "… Hello?" He said as Ruby continues to stare at him with her mouth open. After a few more seconds, Ruby got out from her shock and she suddenly tackles him to the ground, hugging him tightly.

    "You're THE Jaune Arc?! NO WAY! I've always wanted to meet you since I heard about you kicking Grimm butt along with the other professors of Beacon multiple times!" Ruby, in full fangirl mode, hugs Jaune tighter. In full panic mode with his body tensing up, Jaune gently tries to push her away without hurting her.

    "P-Please stop hugging me! M-Move away!" Jaune weakly said before he felt Ruby pulling away from the hug. Ruby then awkwardly fiddles with her fingers as she gives off an embarrassed look.

    "S-Sorry! I can get a bit excited when it comes to weapons and my heroes! Wouldn't it be cool if we work together to fight the Grimm like, Pow! Wham! Hi-ya! Blam!" She said while hitting the air with karate moves.

    Jaune sweat drops a bit at the sight. 'She looks and acts so innocent… Is she really another prodigy like me? What was Ozpin thinking?!'

    "Uhhh… Sure, I guess…" He scratched the back of his head as Ruby suddenly moved right in front of him in a flash, catching him off guard. "W-Whoa!" 'She's really fast! Is that her Semblance?'

    "Soooo…. I got this thing!" Ruby then pulls out a huge red scythe and stabs it on the ground. The size of the scythe surprised Jaune, because he knows for a fact that most weapons that are bigger than the user are quite difficult to use due to the weight.

    'Is it made out of special metal or is she just used to carry heavy weapons?' "Now that… That is a huge scythe right there. Did you create it yourself?" Jaune asked Ruby, now curious about her weapon.

    "Yup! I made her myself back when I was in Signal!" She suddenly grabs the scythe and hugs it like a huge teddy bear. "This little beaut is Crescent Rose! Not only is she a scythe, but she is also a high-caliber sniper rifle!" Ruby squealed out as hearts appear as her eyes.

    'Okay, Ruby's eyes suddenly turns into hearts… Is that even possible?!' Jaune thought to himself, completely immersed in the fact that Ruby's eyes can change shape. So immersed that he did not notice Ruby asking Jaune a question until she waves her hands in front of his face. "S-Sorry… I was thinking about something. Now what was your question again?"

    Ruby replied to him, "I was just asking if I can see your weapon? Please?" Ruby asked to Jaune, hoping that he can show her the weapons that he uses. Jaune then suddenly feels uncomfortable as he hesitantly grabs his weapon.

    "Uhhhh… Sure…" Jaune pulls out a sword and its sheath. The sword is very simple in its design with a blue handle and a golden cross-guard, while the sheath is colored white with two curved orange stripes in the middle and an orange trim. "My weapon might not be as high tech as most people, but it gets the job done I guess…" Jaune told Ruby as he holds it right in front of her. "This is Crocea Mors. My… My dad gave it to me when I was 10. He told me that my great-great-grandfather used this weapon in the War. The sheath can also function as a shield." As Jaune said the last sentence, he transforms the sheath into a shield. The shield is a heater shield with a gold trim and the symbol of two curved stripes appear with a gold color. "The sword and shield is surprisingly still sharp and durable, considering the fact that the War occurred approximately 80 years ago."

    Ruby then ogles at Crocea Mors. "I can respect you using the classics. They still look awesome and perform well, even in today's standards!" She said while giving off a giggle as she gently touched Crocea Mors like it's an ancient treasure.

    'Man, she really is a weapons nerd…' He thought to himself as he turns the shield back into a sheath and he puts away Crocea Mors. "Shouldn't we be at the main hall by now?"

    "Oh you're right!" Ruby said in surprise before giving a small grin. "Do you even know where to go, Vomit Boy?" Jaune just frowns at her while his left eye starts twitching.

    "Of course I do! At least I do not cause explosions everywhere I go, Crater-Face!" Jaune said in a very annoyed tone as Ruby gave a huff of annoyance.

    "Hey, that was just an accident and you know it!" Jaune ignored her as he heads to the main hall. "H-Hey! Wait for me!" Exclaimed Ruby as she follows Jaune.
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    Hey guys, Ulqui here!

    I am definitely surprised that my story is getting attention. For real, you guys have no idea on how happy it makes me that my story is well liked for most people. Thank you guys.

    I have to get a few things out of the way first before the chapter starts:

    There will be no pairings for now except Ren/Nora and Ozpin/Glynda. Seriously, it puzzles me why people keep on asking me to pair Jaune with Pyrrah or Ruby very early in this story. Jaune has a fear of women in this story, so it would take a long while until Jaune will get over his fear, and then I will decide on who should I pair Jaune with.

    Jaune and Ren are not gay in this story. Not that there is anything wrong with that, since I can write another story with yaoi pairings. But that is for another time.

    Jaune usually goes into panic mode when girls touch him or when they are very near him.

    I based Jaune and his gynophobia from the "Tales of the Abyss" character, Guy Cecil. For those who are familiar with the story and Guy's background, you could probably expect Jaune having a similar cause to his Gynophobia.

    I once again thank Sashiro for being the beta of this story, as well as giving me some ideas for it.

    Now here is the chapter.

    Chapter 2

    "… Huh… I'm surprised that the main hall is very close from where we met…" Ruby muttered to herself as she and Jaune enter the main hall, packed with lots of first-year students.

    Walking to the hall didn't take Jaune and Ruby very long. Ruby is very grateful that Jaune knows where to go, for she would surely be lost if she tries to find the way all by herself. Jaune just gave her a slightly amused look at Ruby, who keeps on looking around as if she is looking for something… Or someone in this case…

    "You would be surprised how easy it is to navigate around Beacon once you know the whole layout of the campus. Trust me." Jaune said to Ruby before he thought to himself, 'Living in Beacon for around 7 years clearly helps.' He then ask a question to Ruby. "Who are you looking for?"

    "… My sister, Yang. She's the one who keeps on hugging me in the airship." Ruby said to Jaune as she continues to search for Yang through the crowd. Jaune then digs around his brain, trying to remember the sight. As soon as he recalled the fact that she caught him staring at her… Ample bosom… He immediately paled as his body starts to tremble slightly. 'By the gods… I completely forgot about her!' As Jaune begins to make his escape plan, a voice calls out to Ruby.

    "Hey, Ruby! Over here! I saved you a spot!" Ruby and Jaune turned to the source of the voice to find the blonde girl, who is waving her arm over her head so that Ruby could find her. Ruby turns to Jaune.

    "Well… There she is I guess… Hey, want to come with me to my sister?" Ruby said to Jaune as he starts to sweat bullets.

    '… Welp, I'm dead… I am so dead once her sister recognizes me! She's going to beat me up until I turn into a squashed tomato!' Jaune exclaimed in his head before he said to Ruby, "Ummm… I think you should go to your sister alone Ruby… I do not want to embarrass you in front of your sister…" Jaune then slowly tries to walk away from Ruby as he said, "I gotta go now, Bye!" Before he could even haul ass, Ruby grabbed his hood, stopping him from escaping.

    "Now don't say that Jaune! I don't mind!" Ruby gave a small pout at Jaune. "A friend of mine is a friend of Yang's! Now come on! She's waiting for me!" With surprising strength, she drags Jaune towards Yang by the hood. Jaune gave off a small whimper as he stops resisting Ruby's grip on him.

    'I hope Ozpin will arrange my funeral once Ruby's sister is done with me…' Jaune said to himself as he prepares for his impending doom. So focused that he did not notice a female figure with red hair watching him from a distance. Once Ruby gets close to Yang, Jaune fixes his clothing once Ruby lets go of his hood. Yang crosses her arms as she gave a smile at Ruby, not noticing Jaune.

    "Hey my little sister. How's your first day going?" Yang asked Ruby as she smiled back at her.

    "Oh, not that bad…" Ruby said before she points accusingly at Yang and starts glaring at her. "Except the part when I actually exploded in front of someone's face!" Yang gave her a disbelieving look on her face. Jaune, who is staring at the two sisters, sweatdropped as he witnessed Ruby's "Death Glare"

    'Man… No one is going to take her seriously if she keeps on doing that… She just looks so cute and innocent looking…' Jaune thought to himself before he shakes his head. 'Now where did that come from?'

    "Yikes. Meltdown already?" Yang asked Ruby, misinterpreting Ruby's statement. Ruby just continues glaring at Yang.

    "No, I literally exploded a hole in front of the school! And there was some fire, and I think some ice...?" She said to Yang as she continues to smile at Ruby.

    "Are you… Being sarcastic?" Yang hesitantly asked Ruby before she starts ranting.

    "I wish! I tripped over some crabby girl's luggage, and then she yelled at me, and then I sneezed, and then I exploded, and then she yelled at me again, and I felt really, really bad, and I just wanted her to stop yelling at me!" She said to Yang, hoping that she could help her with her problem. Unfortunately for her, Weiss is standing right behind her, who has heard every single word.

    "You!" Weiss screamed in anger at Ruby, who jumps into Yang as she holds Ruby in her arms.

    "Oh god, it's happening again!" Ruby screamed out in fright as she clings onto Yang.

    '… Crap, I knew I felt a familiar presence right next to us…' Thought Jaune as he tries his best to try not to gain their attention.

    "Oh, my god, you really exploded!" Exclaimed Yang as she got out of her shock first.

    "It was an accident!" Ruby defended herself as she got down from Yang and she looks at Weiss. "Really! It is!" Weiss suddenly pulls out a book and she holds it in front of Ruby's face. "Umm… What's this?" Ruby asked Weiss as she read the title of the book.

    DUST for Dummies and other Inadequate Individuals.

    Jaune stared at the book cover before he shakes his head in displeasure. 'Seriously? Now that is kinda insulting…' Jaune thought to himself as Weiss starts listing policies regard Dust and the Schnee Dust Company.

    "The Schnee Dust Company is not responsible…" Ruby stopped listening as she stares at Weiss with a very confused and horrified look. Jaune was staring at Weiss with a bewildered look, but for a completely different reason…

    '… Is it just me, or is Weiss' voice getting higher in pitch and faster in speed with every word?' Jaune thought to himself as he continued to stare at Weiss until she finished speaking.

    "Uhhhh…" Ruby replied to Weiss. Jaune just sighed as he simply facepalmed at Ruby's reply. Before Ruby form a proper sentence, Weiss, like the ***** she was, rudely interrupted her.

    "… Do you really want to start making things up to me?" Weiss asked Ruby as she nodded.

    "Uhh… Absolutely?" Ruby replied before Weiss gave her the handout.

    "Here. Read this, and don't ever speak to me again." Weiss ordered Ruby as she looks away from her, arms crossed. Yang decided that she will try to help Weiss and Ruby make up.

    "Look, uh, it sounds like you two just got off on the wrong foot. Why don't you start over and try to be friends, okay?" Yang said to Weiss, hoping that her idea will work. Ruby puts away the pamphlet that she was given by Weiss and she nods at Yang.

    "Great idea sis!" Ruby then turns to Weiss with a smile, clears her throat, and she reaches her hand out to Weiss. "Hello, Weiss! I'm Ruby! Wanna hang out? We can go shopping for school supplies!" Surprisingly for her and Yang, Weiss suddenly becomes enthusiastic as she gives off a huge smile.

    'So fake…' Jaune thought in his head. 'There is no way that the Snow ***** would suddenly warm up like that, it's so obvious.' Unfortunately, Ruby and Yang felt for the trap and they smiled back at Weiss with gleaming eyes.

    "Yeah! And we can paint our nails and try on clothes and talk about cute boys, like tall, blond, and scraggly over there!" Weiss said to them as she points at Jaune, who starts to sweat bullets again since Ruby, Weiss and Yang are now staring at him.

    '… Oh no, now I'M the center of their attention for sure!' Jaune tried his best to look normal by rubbing the back of his head while he laughs nervously.

    "Really?!" Ruby excitingly said, thinking that Weiss is finally warming up to her!

    But her excitement faded away just as fast as it appeared as Weiss simply gave her a glare and simply said, "… No." She then stares at Jaune, who stares right back at her. With two different blue pairs of eyes carefully examining each other, they both have the same thought running through their minds…

    '… He/She looks very… Familiar for some reason…' Ruby then turns to Yang, who has a certain glint in her eyes ever since she stares at Jaune.

    "Ruby… Isn't that Vomit Boy?" She asked Ruby, who shushes her when she said Jaune's nickname.

    "Yeah… But don't say that nickname! He'll start brooding again!" Ruby whispered to her before Yang slowly walks to Jaune, making him feel uneasy as he takes a step back. She raises her hand as a signal for a handshake as she gives Jaune a teasing grin.

    "Well, hello handsome~! Name's Yang." Jaune, who does not want to be rude, hesitantly grabs her hand.

    "T-The name's J-Jaune Arc…" He stuttered out nervously as they shake their hands. Yang suddenly tightens her grip on his hand as she bends down so that he can see her cleavage.

    "I saw you staring at me in the airship… See something you like?" Jaune had a huge blush on his face as he steps back away from her in shock after he got out of her grip, a huge blush forming on his face. Before Yang could continue teasing him any further, the whole room went silent as two figures appear on the stage, one male and one female. The male, who is holding a cane in one hand and a mug full of coffee in the other, heads into the microphone with the woman right behind him.

    The male, has brown eyes and tussled gray hair, a dark-green scarf, spectacles, a black suit over a black vest, dark-green pants and black shoes. This is Professor Ozpin, the current Headmaster of Beacon Academy. The woman has light-blonde hair tied in a bun, green eyes and a pair of thin ovular glasses. She wears a white long-sleeved suit with puffy sleeves, a black business skirt, black boots, and a brown cape. This is Professor Glynda Goodwitch, a teacher in combat class and sort-of secretary of Ozpin.

    "I'll… keep this brief. You have traveled here today in search of knowledge, to hone your craft and acquire new skills, and when you have finished, you plan to dedicate your life to the protection of the people. But I look amongst you, and all I see is wasted energy, in need of purpose, direction." The students start to whisper amongst themselves as he said that last sentence. "Some might use this knowledge to protect the people, others just want to seek their fame, and the rarest purpose of them all? Vengeance." As soon as Jaune heard the word vengeance, he grinds his teeth and he clenches his fists as his body tenses up. Ozpin stares at Jaune with a bit of concern in his eyes as he continues his speech. "But no matter what is the real purpose why any one of you decided to become a huntsman, the knowledge to become one will be available to you. It is up to you to decide on what to do with this knowledge." Glynda steps into the microphone to give a short message to the students once Ozpin has finished his speech and walks away from the stage.

    "You will gather in the ballroom tonight; tomorrow, your initiation begins. Be ready. You are dismissed." She proceeds to leave the stage to catch up with Ozpin as they head back to his office. Jaune just stares at the stage with a hint of curiosity on his face, as Ozpin does not usually give speeches like this before.

    'He must be stressed out…' Jaune thought in his mind. What made Ozpin act like this?

    "…. He seems to be… odd…"

    "It's like he was not there at all."

    "I was expecting a long, inspirational speech… Not… this."

    Yang, Ruby, and Weiss said respectively as they just continue to stare at the stage before they noticed something…

    "… Where's Vomit-Boy?" Yang asked the two as they look around the room trying to find him.

    "He was just right next to me a while ago!" Ruby exclaimed as she quickly moves from one side of the room to another just to find Jaune. "I did not even sense him leaving at all!" It was then Weiss and Yang both realized that even they did not sense him leave the both of them thought of the same thing without them knowing.

    '…. You have definitely caught my interest, Jaune Arc…'

    Meanwhile at the Headmaster's office… (Wait, this isn't a comic book!)

    Ozpin is seated in front of his desk with a mug of coffee on his hand, reading the report that Glynda gave him a few days ago regarding the recent dust shop attacks, including one regarding one of his new students Ruby Rose, and the infamous criminal Roman Torchwick. "These attacks are becoming more frequent each month." He places the report and his mug on the desk as he stares at Glynda, who is idly standing on his left.

    "Indeed. The recent attack of the train carrying dust and mechanized weapons owned by the Schnee Dust Company left many employees dead in the hands of the White Fang." Glynda told Ozpin as he let his mind wonder about the attacks.

    The White Fang was originally a pro-Faunus rights group that sought equality between humans and the faunus through peaceful means. But then about a decade ago, a new leader rose among their ranks that turned the peaceful organization into a violent terrorist group. They attack innocent people hoping that the faunus would be feared by humans, but instead it resulted in humans mistreating the faunus even more. They are the ones who are responsible for most of the dust attacks.

    'I just cannot imagine the White Fang are the ones responsible. Someone must be controlling their actions behind the scenes.' Ozpin thought to himself before he turns to his right and said, "I know you're there Jaune. Show yourself." As soon as he finished his sentence, a loud noise starts playing as Jaune suddenly appears out of nowhere, leaning on the wall.

    "Sup, Ozzy?" Jaune asked Ozpin as he gave a casual salute before him. Ozpin simply smiled at Jaune.

    "A bit stressed thanks to the paperwork that I have, but I'll manage." Ozpin replied before he realized that Jaune is wearing a digital watch on his left arm, which has a gold-colored case and black straps. "I see that you're wearing the stealth watch that I gave you when you first came here 7 years ago."

    "Well, of course I am wearing it. It's your gift to me, and I have always cherished it all these years." The watch that they are referring to is the Cloak and Dagger V1 stealth watch, where it can suppress one's aura, makes the user invisible and it silences the user's footsteps. "So the White Fang are responsible for stealing the dust, huh?" Jaune suddenly said in a serious tone that made Ozpin's smile fade away. "Do you know what they are planning?"

    "I am honestly not sure what their motive is. You do not need to be concerned with such matters, Jaune." Ozpin told Jaune before he slams his hand to the desk.

    "I don't need to be concerned?! I have every right to be concerned after what they-!" He angrily said to Ozpin before he calms down a bit, "… after what they had done to my family…" Ozpin stands up as he walks right next to Jaune and he places his hands on Jaune's shoulders.

    "Listen… I know that you are mad with the White Fang as much as most humans do, but you cannot just barge right into their base and expect to slaughter them all like livestock. There are hundred, possibly thousands of them and one of you. Plus, they recently stole military-grade weapons and lots of dust. And what do you have? Crocea Mors? Don't be an idiot, Jaune." Ozpin told Jaune as he proceeds to head back to his desk to sit down. Glynda just stares at Jaune with a bit of a sad look on her face.

    "Listen to the Headmaster, Jaune." She simply said to Jaune.

    "I… I understand." Jaune said after a few moments of silence in the room. "I let myself controlled by my own emotions…" He then gave a weak smile at Ozpin and Glynda. "So… Bowling night this weekend?" Jaune asked to both Ozpin and Glynda as they stare at each other, giving each other messages through their eyes.

    "… When I finish my paperwork before the weekend, then sure." Ozpin said to him.

    "… Thanks. See you tomorrow I guess." He then exits the room through the window on Glynda's left. Ozpin stares at the window with a sly grin as Glynda just raised an eyebrow when she saw his expression.

    "… You're just going to leave the paperwork untouched, aren't you?" Glynda bluntly asked him as he gave off a small chuckle.

    "I have different plans for this weekend… Would you like to go to Café Vale with me this weekend?" Ozpin asked Glynda as she raises her eyes in surprise.

    "Are you… asking me out on a date?" Glynda asked him with a surprised tone. Ozpin just simply kept on smiling.

    "Why of course." After a moment, Glynda slowly gave of a smile as they stared at each other. It was not long until the moment has been ruined thanks to a certain blonde knight who suddenly appears hanging on the same window that he used to leave the room.

    "JUST SHUT UP AND KISS ALREADY!" Jaune shouted out to them before he is suddenly pushed back by an explosion making him fall from a few stories high to the ground thanks to Glynda who flung a fireball at him. Glynda stares at the now destroyed window with narrowed eyes while Ozpin is silently laughing behind Glynda, amused at Jaune's pain. Left on the ground occasionally twitching, he simply said:

    "…. Totally worth it…"

    After recovering from the fall thanks to Glynda's fireball, he realized that it is getting late and that he should head back to the ballroom before Glynda would attack him again. On the way to the ballroom, he quickly changes from his usual outfit into a white vest and a pair of gray pants in the boy's restroom. Once he arrives, he quickly places his bedroll to the nearest window. It was then that he noticed that there is another guy on the bedroll right next to his, reading a book titled "The Art of War"

    The guy has long black hair tied into a ponytail with a magenta streak on the left side of his hair and magenta-colored eyes. He is wearing a plain green t-shirt and a pair of light-blue pants. Jaune decided that he try to get to know the guy as he sits down near him.

    "Uhhh… Hey, the name's Jaune. Jaune Arc." He introduced himself to the black-haired guy, hoping that he would at least be nice.

    "… Lie Ren. Nice to meet you." Ren replied to Jaune as he places the book that he is reading away.

    "… So… What book were you reading a while ago?" Jaune asked Ren, honestly curious with the book.

    "It's the Art of War. The battle tactics stated here are pretty interesting. You should check it-"


    Jaune merely sighed as he recognizes the voice of Weiss Schnee screaming to the heavens. He turned to Ren and said, "I'll try to stop the commotion."

    Ren simply nodded and he said, "I'll be in your debt if I can sleep peacefully just this once." Jaune gave off a small smile as Ren tries to go to sleep. Jaune hurriedly heads to the source of the shout. Once he arrives, he finds Ruby, Weiss, the black-haired girl from earlier, and Yang all in the same area.

    "Hey, Miss Schnee? A lot of us can hear you from the other side of the ballroom, you know!" Jaune complained as Weiss' face starts to glow bright red from the embarrassment that she is feeling, with Ruby and Yang trying to hold their laughter and the black-haired girl hiding her smile with the book that she is reading. Weiss opened her mouth for a second then she suddenly closed it.

    Weiss simply sighed and she said, "…You're right. It is getting late, and we should be in healthy condition should all of us want to pass initiation." She then heads back to her bedroll after saying, "… My apologies." Jaune sighed in relief as he heads back to his bedroll, very tired as he falls asleep instantly once he lies down.

    'What a day...'

    So that's the end of the chapter for now! I once again apologize for not updating the story sooner like I promised. You guys have no idea how much projects that I was given. But do not expect me to update next week because it's my finals week, and I really need to focus on my studies. I hope you guys understand.

    So I am not sure if you guys would even think about this, but what about Jaune's Semblance? Because I am going to make Jaune very overprotective when it comes to friends and family (Think of Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach) and he wants to protect them as much as he can, it would be better if his semblance is a defensive one. I already have an idea on what his semblance could be but I want to see your suggestions. The only clue that I could give about my idea is that it appears in the FF series.

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