July's Pins are up!

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  1. Lauriam I hope I didn't keep you waiting...

    Jun 4, 2009
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    Hey everybody! The new Shop Pins are available for purchase, and I thought I'd just post a quick announcement about it, and advertise the new pins!

    As for the rotating pins, we've got some good ones in there this month! For Commons, we're introducing "Hard as Rock," a counterpart for last month's "Cold as Ice" pin. We also have "Shrooms," featuring arguably some of the series' cutest Heartless, and finally, rounding out the Commons, we have "Engineering Duo," showcasing our favorite behind-the-scenes Chipmunks, Chip and Dale! Our two Uncommons this month are "Techies," a counterpart to last month's "Tron" pin, and then "Timeless Connections," which actually has its own counterpart pin to be released later this year! And then rounding it all up is this month's Rare, a beautiful pin I just love, called "Dandelion Dreams." Snatch this one up if you can, I personally think it's gorgeous! <3

    And then for our themes, well, let's just say the TWEWY fans are taking over for the month, lol. XD The World Ends With You celebrates its eleventh Anniversary this month, and what better way to show our appreciation than making it the theme for July? For Commons, we have Shockwave, Cure Drink, and Pyrokenisis, all of them pins from the game. For Uncommons and the Rare, we've brought Righty Cat, Lefty Cat, and Brainy Cat out of retirement to be sold in the Shop for one month only! Snag 'em while you can, folks, these pins are pretty sweet!

    Also, credit to Cat~ for creating these TWEWY pins, left over from the days of yore when this long-awaited Pin Shop was only a dream on the horizon. I mean, I guess, credit to CAT too, lol, since these are based on actual pins from the game. Either way, a Cat is responsible, so yeah. XD

    July Sneak Peek.png

    All these pins are now available in the Pin Shop!
  2. Heart ❤ Enjoy every moment with all ya got

    Mar 2, 2009
    Maybe next time we have TWEWY pins they'll be character pins...

    C'mon! Who doesn't want best boyfriends Neku and Josh? Or the best sibling duo around, Beat and Rhyme! I know I do!