Crossover JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Dimensional Caravan

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    Alright important update.

    I know I should of done this sooner but I had hoped that the amount of time to get chapter 2 out wouldn't of taken this long.

    So first and foremost, no the story isn't dead. I am still working on it. But it is, however, on indefinite hiatus for reasons I will explain further in this post.

    Now for those wondering what is taking the second chapter so long to come out there is a bit of a story there. So back towards the end of summer last year my computer had started having problems which I procrastinated for a long time before getting it even checked out. Now in that time it steadily got worse and worse. Then in December the problem reached it's zenith and my computer started to die. All the important stuff on my computer was saved, like the story, but in January my computer well and truly died.

    So for a while I was borrowing my mother's laptop but I didn't want to work on my story in the time I had the laptop. Then I got a new computer and I worked on the second chapter. However sometime in March my proofreader Bites The Dust became busy with life related and I haven't been able to get into contact with me regarding the newest part I written up for the chapter.

    So here's the thing, I will keep writing the story but I lack someone to proofread what I've written. So until then the story is on hiatus until Bites The Dust comes back or I find some to take over the position until he returns.

    I know this is probably kind of annoying to those of you who enjoyed the story and I'm sorry. Hopefully the hiatus doesn't take too long and I can get the second chapter out some time in the near future.

    It should also be noted that I have pretty much the whole story planned out.

    Well, until then.