Japanese Xbox Site Launches KH3 Page

Discussion in 'Kingdom Hearts News & Updates' started by ~Master Xehanort~, Apr 24, 2014.

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    Just as the Xbox One got a confirmed release date for Japan (due to be released Sept. 4), the Japanese Xbox site also updated its website with pages for many upcoming Xbox One games. One of those games is of course "Kingdom Hearts III":

    Japanese Xbox KH3 Page

    The page currently only has the announcement trailer from E3 2013, along with three images from the trailer, and the following description:

    Credit to Zephyr from KHInsider for the translated description.
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Discussion in 'Kingdom Hearts News & Updates' started by ~Master Xehanort~, Apr 24, 2014.

    1. Twero
      Well, nothing we didn't know already.

      It seems that only in the E3 we'll finally have some big news. :/
    2. VentusGR
      What date is E3 this time ?
    3. libregkd
      June 10 -12. Though to be honest, I don't think we'll hear much about KH3 there this year.
    4. Plums
      Yeah, I doubt there'll be anything KH3 related other than a brief "PLEASEBEEXCITED," lol. Am hoping to hear about how 2.5 and FFXV are coming along though.
    5. ~Master Xehanort~
      ~Master Xehanort~
      You know, considering the lack of news for 2.5, I'm thinking 2.5 will be the main focus in E3 as far as KH-related stuff goes.
    6. libregkd
      Yeah. It will be. Most we'll get out of KH3 is maybe a sentence or 2 of new info if anything at all.
    7. Iskandar
      I'm mostly expecting news for FFXV. Since we got that trailer last time, I'm hoping we get more info out of it, especially since now I can buy it and play it when it does come out.
      But you know, if we could just get a new trailer for KH3 with a little more story in it, I'd be interested
    8. VentusGR
      Thnx . To be honest ,i don't expect much anyway since they really like to just hold everything to themselves . I still remember when they introduced versus 7 years ago and we still don't have the game :/ .
    9. Ɍeno
      Atleast xbox gamers will finally have a chance to play a main title Kingdom Hearts.
    10. Twero
      Well, not BIG NEWS! Just a pic or two.

      But you're all right: I really expect news from 2.5....SPECIALLY THE RELEASE DATE!
    11. ~Clave Ensis~
      ~Clave Ensis~
      even though I've seen these images a billion times, I still can't get over the quality of those graphics