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    Nov 23, 2010
    Hello.I'm new in this community so I ask sorry in advance if this isn't the proper section for the thread.

    First about kingdom hearts 2:
    Is there any way to play the final mix ( HD version or the normal one English patched though :S ) in pscx2 (or an other emulator). Discussions about emulators are allowed ,right ?

    If so I would like to also ask if there is an emulator that plays Kingdom hearts dream drop distance.

    My last question.There is a lot of talking about mods in this forum for the game.Those mods are only applicable to emulators ,right ?if not , how exactly do you use them?
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    Yes, if you have an ISO (patched or otherwise), you should be able to play it in PSCX2.
    Emulator discussion is perfectly acceptable here so long as you're not linking to downloads of pirated content (i.e. ISOs/ROMs).
    The last time I checked, which was a long time ago, there was no way to emulate the 3DS. A quick Google shows that there's been progress on that front in the last few months, with an experimental 3DS emulator now available. Many games are unplayable in it, however (they crash after the title screen), and those that are are glitchy. I'd give it more time, but it's something to keep an eye on.
    You might want to check out this sticky in our Code section: