"I'll Miss You Roxas" - Short KH2 fanfic

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    "Roxas! Wait!!" Roxas turned around to see a girl who somehow always seemed to remind him of both Axel and Zexion at the same time running towards him. She stopped running when she was standing next to him. "You dropped this." she explained, dropping a black and white checkered wristband into his open palm. She pulled up her cloaks hood over her short flaming red hair and disappeared into the night.
    Roxas had got as far as his favourite alleyway without anyone following him, or so he thought until he heard a voice behind him. "Your mind's made up?" Roxas turned, Axel was standing there, leaning against a wall right behind him.
    "You can't turn on the Organization! They'll destroy you!"
    "No one would miss me."
    "That's not true...I would."
    Roxas turned at Axel's words, Axel would miss him?
    "Well, that's nice to know." Roxas kept on walking.
    "It's not just me Roxas... Xela, she would too."
    "You know as well as I do Axel, we're just using Xela as an alternative to Xion." Roxas mumbled, carefully not looking at Axel's eyes.
    "I don't think so...not anymore. Roxas, Xela really likes you."
    "I know." Still, Roxas kept on walking away until he was free of The World That Never Was.


    "Dear Diary, it's been two days since Roxas left..." Xela closed the diary and rolled over onto her pillows. Where was Roxas? What was he doing? Her mind wandered back to when she'd first met Roxas and Axel. They had said something about Xion. Xela stared at her gray eyes in the mirror above her bed and went to find Axel.
    She found him fairly quickly, in Demyx's room having a quick game of Mario Party 4 on Demyx's nintendo gamecube. "Axel..."
    Axel turned and saw her in the doorway, "Yeah?"
    "Who was Xion?" Xela asked.
    "Xion? She was a friend of mine...and...his. She was also number 14 in the Organization, she ran away....too. In the end I cornered her in a place called Twilight Town, I bought her back here and...The Superior destroyed her." Axel muttered.
    "Oh. I was just thinking about....him."
    "I understand Xela" Axel got up and briefly wrapped her in a soft hug before opening the door, letting her out and closing it after her. Xela wasn't sure, but she thought she heard a sigh on the other side of that door. She thought back to what Axel had told her about Roxas leaving and all that he'd said "No one would miss me."
    "I'll miss you...Roxas."