IGN Brasil Interview w/ Tetsuya Nomura

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  1. Meilin Lee RPG (Red Panda Girl)

    Nov 2, 2011

    Although it's been weeks since E3 ended, a new interview with director Tetsuya Nomura from the event was posted in IGN Brasil.

    When asked on who his favorite character is, Nomura says:
    On dark themes in 'Kingdom Hearts III', Nomura states:
    On world selection, Nomura says:
    Nomura also reveals a surprising fact regarding world selection, stating that 'Mary Poppins' was actually being considered as a potential world over the years, but he was never able to figure out how to include it in a KH game. Regarding this, Nomura says:
    And when asked about the popularity of 'Kingdom Hearts' in Brazil, Nomura replies:
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Discussion in 'Kingdom Hearts News & Updates' started by Meilin Lee, Jul 29, 2018.

    1. Krowley
      Mary poppins is a summon. Her ability is to clean up all them heartless.
    2. Ability King KK
      Ability King KK
      On the favorite character: I'm surprised he didn't say Riku, considering how over the course of the series Riku is shown so much favoritism over Sora. It's almost like what Kishimoto did with Sasuke over Naruto.

      On world selection: I'm looking forward to seeing what Nomura's favorite world will be and what kind of "original worlds" will be in KH3.

      On Mary Poppins: I'm curious as to how the hell a world based on Mary Poppins could even work, considering what the movie was about to begin with.
    3. Iskandar
      My only reaction on this is saying "thank you very much" for not having put in Mary Poppins into the series yet, and I hope they never manage to.
    4. . : tale_wind
      . : tale_wind

      I would kill to see Mary Poppins incorporated into the series somehow; that would be a delight!
    5. Iskandar
      We don't need to kill the series with live action characters. All we need is Jack Sparrow and we're good, and luckily we already have him again.
    6. Ability King KK
      Ability King KK
      There's a few live-action Disney movies that could work in KH. We've already had Tron and Tron Legacy and I very much think Hocus Pocus could work as well.