I do wonder

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  1. AnniexoHoshi Here's Annie!

    Nov 2, 2006
    In a house duh
    Sometimes I do wonder
    What it'll be like
    If I wasn't here?
    Would theirs lifes be better
    Or worst without me?
    I try to be nice
    But past mistakes
    I have surely made.

    I just want to be important
    To at least one person.
    But what if I'm useless
    To the whole intire world?
    I do think I should
    Just disappear from this place
    But a stong light within
    Is keeping me here.

    I use to wish to be alone
    But now I hate that dream
    Enough to make me cry.
    Oh what a change of heart
    I seem to have had.
    I am now stronger
    Or weaker then before
    For this to have happened?

    I never use to trust before
    But now I can't help myself.
    Yet I fear it'll get me hurt
    More then ever in my past.
    Still I will take this risk
    And finally open up
    I just need more people to listen
    Since the one is not enough.

    So I will have to stick around
    If you like the fact or not.
    And if you dislike
    Be honsest and tell me why.
    For I know I've done wrong by people
    But I don't always know how.
    And I want to make it up to you
    All I need is a chance.

    I started writing this because I was feeling a little low, but as I was writing it, I started to feel better.

    The first two verse, I've been like that for years, thinking it would be better for everyone if there was no 'me', but not letting that feeling win no matter how bad it gets.

    Third speaks for itself, when I was younger I just wanted to be left alone, I even told my own mum that I wished to be alone, since that's when I was happiest, but now being alone with no one too turns me scares me so much, it does make me want to cry.

    Fourth is heavily linked to my past, since I had no friends and I was always making my mum mad, I had no choice but to lock my problems up (She knew some of them, but others I wanted to keep locked up) but now I'm slowly trusting people, right now I only trust one person, but I should trust more since I don't want to burden them all the time.

    And the firth, this is just saying that I am going to be around for ages, and if you don't like it, at least tell me why.
  2. Agent.T Destiny Islands Resident

    May 20, 2012
    That England thingy place I've always lived in
    Expressing yourself always makes you feel better :3 you can always rely on being creative to help ^_^
    It's sad to hear that you have such thoughts...If you ever need anything you can always just inbox me or start a thread in the help with life section! It's really no burden :3 I hope you feel better soon!

    The poem itself is beautiful <3 despite the depressed nature it's still beautiful...A masterpiece <3