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    Dec 30, 2012
    Here and There.
    Do you like ranting? I, obviously, love to rant. It's ok though, I made sure to keep this one clean.

    What is the deal with horror films. I can honestly just name a few that are completely stupid. I mean, no, not really stupid, but like, they were either too predictable, or the acting was just really bad... I mean, bad.

    For starters, not all horror films are bad, The Exorcist was a favorite for me. The movie was a taunting story - although it didn't wholly scare me. That is a decent horror film I would recommend to everyone and anyone. Friday the 13th... is not a "horror" movie I would recommend to anyone. Basically the only thing going on through the whole movie are kids under 18 drinking, doing drugs and having sex while a crazy killer is running around which happens to be one of the "friends" in the circle, or some other by stander. That is all it takes to make a horror movie. Sex, drugs and killings in the middle of the woods.

    Scream is a perfect example. A masked killer is running around town killing people. No one knows the hell it is, I mean, who would? Then there is this perfectly virgin girl whose boyfriend wants to have sex with her. And while all the killings go on, she somehow manages to have sex with him without a damn care in the world. I don't know about you, but if I knew there were some psychotic killer running around, the last thing I would be doing is having sex with my boyfriend. The movie over all was too predictable. I knew from the speciousness that Sidney's boyfriend was the killer, I mean he was just too damn sketchy. I know that is what they want you to think, or the one who is the least sketchy is the killer, but that movie is just... no. It is a good movie, per-say, I still watch it, but like, really?

    Friday the 13th, we are getting back to this but it won't be as long. Through the duration of the movie, there is a pattern. Sex. Drugs. Sex. Killings. Drugs. Sex. Killings. Killings. Nudity. Sex. Drugs. Killings. Pretty much that goes on through the whole movie. I am watching some chick getting her freak on with her best friends brother more than I am watching the "gore" of the killings. Border line rated X. If the film maker just took out all the killings you have a Porno mixed with drugs. Congratulations! You finally have something to jack off to, buy the movie, have a nice day.

    Halloween wasn't that bad, there still is some kind of sex that goes on in the movies, no matter what, there always is. I can't really say much about this movie, I mean, it was alright, but sometimes it just gets confusing as hell, so I don't waste my time.

    Nightmare on Elm Street... Decent. I actually enjoyed watching the movies. I love how they changed perspectives, instead of being all "Hey, welcome to the rel world, I am going to rip your guts out and brutally kill you and stuff" they simply changed the tables and made it into your dream. That was pretty neat.

    I don't know what gets me mad more, the fact that there is more sex than gore, or the fact that the - sometimes - blond big chested clumsy chic is even in the movie. Congrats, you got big breasts, now lets go flash everyone watching the movie. Crap, the killer found me, lets run away from him, but scream so he finds me. Or, or, lets do the most fake fall over air and continue to crawl on the floor as if both legs were broken, when clearly they aren't! Why do you even bother! Just stop, seriously.

    ... Not even Paranormal Activity was good. I watch that for straight up comedy. Nothing more. Good day and good bye.
  2. Hiro ✩ Guardian

    Dec 28, 2010
    Nightmare on Elm Street had a good concept, and I find it to be one of the better horror film series out there.
  3. 61 No. B

    Jul 23, 2011
    I just don't like them.

    I, on a fundamental level, just do not understand the feelings behind enjoying being frightened.

    My best friend is a huge fan of horror films, so naturally I've seen some, and they were are painful to get through.

    Not only do I not understand why you would put yourself in a position to be frightened, but since I'm a guy who cares so much about story, and since almost all of the horror films I've seen (more than you would think for a guy who hates them) have piss poor characters and story, I can't enjoy them on a story level either.

    From what I've seen they're all just like really bad action movies that sacrifice everything for a flashy action scene, except here they have scary scenes.

    And I don't mean to step on anyone's toes by saying that, to each his own and if you like them that's fine, but I just don't get it, and don't like it.
  4. Scarred Nobody Where is the justice?

    May 14, 2007
    While times have changed, I do think Psycho is as effective today as it was in 1960. When I first saw it, I guessed the twist early on (because I've seen many horror movies) but it was still a crazy ride for me. Norman Bates is such a fascinating character and is what every horror icon should try to be.

    The same with Silence of the Lambs. Even thinking about that movie gives me chills. Every time I watch it, there is something more to discover. Hanibal is just a very memorable character who strikes fear into you, but the scariest part about him actually is that you feel you can trust him.
  5. Patman Bof

    Oct 19, 2010
    You never anwered me but I think I know why you liked Funny Games now, the movie that spits on horror movies afficionados. Horror isn' t exactly the only genre that got ruined by the hollywood treatment you know ? I mean read some Asimov, then watch I Robot and cry.

    Although I did enjoy a few of those formulaic slashers when I was young now I mostly enjoy those that mock them (in a funny way, unlike Funny Games, like Scream or Cabin in the Woods). Still, it' s not like Grave Encounters or Final Destination are worse than X-Men 3 ... >_>

    Thankfully not all horror movies are that uninspired, like those Tummer mentioned for instance, although Hollywood keeps doing its best to exploit anything fresh that pops up ad nauseam. "Hey guys, Scream pretty much killed the hypocritic christian agenda formula, what now ? Oh wait, The Blair Witch Project turned out to be a huge cash-in ? Let' s make ten Paranormal Activity movies ! And throw in ten Saw and twenty remakes for good measure."
  6. KeybladeSpirit I'm a walking bruh moment.

    Aug 1, 2007
    I don't think that What? is scary at all.

    I agree. I don't scare very easily, so I get extremely uncomfortable when I am supposed to be scared. I hate that feeling more than what's actually supposed to be scary.
  7. Trigger hewwo uwu

    Oct 6, 2006
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    all these bitches hating on horror films when all they've watched is the mainstream shiz that hollywood pushes.

    invasion of the body snatchers
    in the mouth of madness
    the thing (THE ORIGINAL)
    a tale of two sisters
    jacob's ladder
    wolf creek
    rosemary's baby
    eden lake
    Inside (extremely graphic btw so watch with caution)
    the descent
    haute tension

    there watch some of those.

    edit: also, about Scream. i haven't watched it in a while, but i'm pretty sure no one took the whole masked murderer thing seriously but Sidney. everyone else just mocked and laughed at it. that's kinda why the whole party scenario happens.
  8. Krowley Super Moderator

    Jun 18, 2008
    The thing I enjoy about horror films are the lasting appeal it can cause. If I watch a horror film that didn't frighten me, it may not necessarily be a bad film, but has somewhat failed in it's genre. A truly memorable horror film, in my opinion, is one that re-installs fear and makes one think. I love films that work with a foreign concept and turn it into nightmare fuel.
    The teen slasher flicks might not be as scary are serious as some critics prefer, but it does reflect the lack of maturity some younger participants would have in eerie and/or life threatening situations.

    Fear, terror, shock, disgust, the very essence of horror that a film brings to the audience. That is my definition of a successful horror film. Not just a killer with a gimmick and some startling fake outs, but something far... far worse. If the antagonistic threat in the film is as scary and life threatening as the protagonist characters claim, I want them to make me believe it. Not loud, over the top screams. I want that look. The look that some one gives when they have seen the face of evil, and that deep down they know, that their lifeline has just become a dwindling statistic. Testing your perception on reality and bluffing the human senses.

    I love most horror films and consider myself a great fanatic in the genre. The genre itself has tested the limits to what can scare the viewer, but sometimes, something as innocent as an eerily inviting smile can be enough to create fear. Just stare at it long enough... Feel the smiling face stare back into your soul...
  9. 61 No. B

    Jul 23, 2011
    To be fair, I can't think of a single film worse than X-Men 3.

    I know next to nothing about the horror industry, so I don't really know what is considered mainstream or not, but unless I'm mistaken most of the ones I've seen are not what someone would mainstream, like The Children and Cabin Fever. I haven't seen any of the Paranormal Activities or Saws or anything like that.

    And that does seem like an accurate assessment of why I would like Funny Games, though I'm not even sure why I like it myself.
    Also, I don't remember what you asked or even seeing that you asked something, sorry.