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  1. nasirrich King's Apprentice

    Jun 7, 2008
    I'll end you on the spot so watch your six
    I've just had with people who aren't worthy telling me they'd like to battle with
    So very embarrassing to prove to you like its new that I'm talented
    Now you wanna keep me locked out because the of all the babbling
    Is it due to the fact you don't wanna sign into the hype and try to find some other comparisons?
    No its because what I say sets the bar so high its like building a roofs on palaces
    Pretty ill how I keep it fresh and open clogged wordplays like I'm a Claritin
    If I'm doing this for you why do you find me challenging?

    Can't answer the question its alright I'll keep you on board
    So if you want it I'll bring what you asked for
    Let this go on record to show I tear apart you cats which will increase anticipation so there's no more bore
    This is a thread to showcase skill yea we can be friendly just know I'll always be aiming for top score
    If I shout you out be proud because its like a chance knocking at your door

    I find it odd though when I battle individuals dread thee
    Wait I'm not hard you're a nightmare like that guy Freddie
    There's no chance in me winning I should've quit already
    Damn his words pop off like live shots coming like its a semi
    That's what you'll lame poets say when gotta spit against me
    Now we're in battle mood so your being consist of the lame poets Marushi

    We're gonna step this up very quick man
    Hope you're able to withstand
    The barrage of words that's a huge deterrent to the current ways of those in the high place damn
    I'll make you lose your top spot faster than sinking in quicksand
    Slit your wrist push you in a pool full of syphilis and throw you a life saver the size of a citronella wristband

    You having a duel with me might have boosted you up some, but still doesn't give you the right to challenge a pro, you And-1
    To talk about metaphors and punchlines when you have yet to show me some that shine out so do your best to find sum
    Add some cruel puns and punchlines that'll help make this battle that much more fine so the problem will finally be done

    In a class of lyrics man I sit all alone
    The darkness in my words got people wanting me to lower my tone
    I'm not even talking that loud bitch this is my zone
    Think I'm playing I'll kill you and pay for the funeral in its entirety with a card over the phone

    You clown don't even think you can mess with your boy
    I'm giving you poets work now tell me who's unemployed
    Can go off the top like I've been doing it for long like the girl Solty's boy Roy
    Never heard of that anime best believe you're gonna enjoy

    Marushi why is it that you're so fond of dueling me is something I'll never understand
    What you were taught hasn't prepared you for something like this, but I don't give a damn
    I keep holding back so the lames you think are good can be considered "The Man"
    Screw that they can go down with you as the reply back shows you're still in need of a plan
    Bring the best here I'll stick a stake in them so those bloodsuckers can only communicate with their hands

    Be clear when replying back because you are the one who wanted this
    If you think this makes you a super hero then what I said the last time might have cracked some sh**
    Yea you're a year older than me, but my old works are eons beyond what you could possibly put in this pit
    That's right now we're going on some raw rap so I'll make this beef with you showing anyone can get it

    Now think hard and well with the reply so we will see if this battle is for show or too really tell
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  2. Lauriam I hope I didn't keep you waiting...

    Jun 4, 2009
    Nonbinary she/he/it?
    Oh, you brought the diss tonight, that's alright, cause I don't mind the fight.
    You say I challenged you? Well, that may be true, and I can see it, too.
    The prob was I got an alert saying you'd posted 'cause I follow the thread,
    and I read it quick and thought you'd replied to my post instead. XD
    So it's funny 'cause I thought you'd challenged me, so you see, that's what happened Mistah Lyrically.
    It does seem like it's always just you and me,
    And really, I have so much stuff I need to do. Man, I'm busy.
    So if it's not too much trouble, I think I'll step out.
    Nothing against you, man, I just can do without
    the fun of battling you this time. Sorry for the mix up
    So who's next? Are you ready? Go ahead, step up.

    (And I know I rhymed up with up, but I just really got stuck) XD
  3. nasirrich King's Apprentice

    Jun 7, 2008
    I'll end you on the spot so watch your six
    I did say that it wasn't a lash towards anyone with what's already been said. What I said after that was poking fun at the person who won best poet because I know its a fact. I've said multiple amount of times you may have the top spot so be sure to fight for it. Also note I did answer your question meaning that was the only reply to your post before mine Marushi. The first part was to keep the train rolling I guess, the middle part was about peace to a degree and the 3rd was all towards the "Best Poet" poking fun at those in high places because I can. If they'd like to show me why they won go for it, but until then I'll be keeping an eye out for said best ~,^
  4. KeybladeMasterJoe Merlin's Housekeeper

    Mar 24, 2010
    Ruling Over My Forest Kingdom
    This is a free verse poem not sure if it's that good but i hope you enjoy it

    Sorrow is the antonym for joy
    Sorrow is what you feel deep in your chest
    It's your best friend when no ones around
    It's the sound of all your regrets

    The feeling of loneliness in the dark abyss
    The touch of death in your soul
    Can you kill it?
    Can you see it?

    Do you kill it with kindness?
    Is that considered murder?
    It kills your joy
    Does that mean your justified?

    This is the darkness in the valley of death
    I'm the light in the house of the rising sun
    When both deities class
    Do we all die?

    This is what sorrow is
    This is what sorrow does
    This is who I am
    This is how I feel
  5. Lauriam I hope I didn't keep you waiting...

    Jun 4, 2009
    Nonbinary she/he/it?
    I call this Animal Instincts.

    It hits me in a moment of clarity
    Vulnerable and exposed, with the screams of a million
    voices in the back of my head
    I find my peace in the place of the dead
    While twisted tree roots find new paths along stones
    The cries of the silent are drowned out by false moans
    And selfish people do selfish things with selfish motives
    The I Me My Mine mindset has got me so depressed
    Unmanageable, it’s so invaluable
    Take a look through the wreckage and keep whatever’s salvageable.
    The people have been lulled into a life of ease
    And self gratification, they’re living to please
    They’ll take you for all you’re worth, and then they squeeze
    Even harder, till you float away like chaff in the breeze.
    The complete and utter ignorance is sad to behold
    As they sit and count their collectibles and put locks on their silver and gold
    With their money nicely saved in the bank
    They worship themselves cause they have no one to thank
    And so their resources are poured out to their favorite god
    They’ve been blinded by a system that’s proven to be flawed

    And you don’t know who it was you were before
    You don’t know what it is you’re fighting for
    Where did all this come from, when did it start
    Why did you have to go and sell your heart?

    Why’d you sell your heart?

    I see two oceans of red, one screaming, one’s dead
    While the band plays and I pray that they don’t lose their head
    More numerable than the stars in the sky
    It makes me cry to see so many people die
    But am I alone in my grief? Are my tears the only ones
    To fall for the broken daughters and the lost sons?
    While the TV blares and the commercials show the product
    And the blinded believers buy bigger better best with their blessed bucks
    Building up houses out of straw and sticks
    Huffing and puffing at those who are fortunate enough to buy bricks
    While we ignore the homeless, the dying, the sick,
    Entitlement and justice don’t mix.
    And we get billions of animals breaking down the door
    And we get billions of animals screaming for more
    And then there’s billions of animals declaring a war
    Until the billions of animals are bleeding and sore
    And then it starts all over again
    Before we even get a chance to count to ten
    You call this humanity? I call it a pack
    Of hungry wolves ripping flesh off a dead wolf’s back.

    And you don’t know who it was you were before
    You don’t know what it is you’re fighting for
    Where did all this come from, when did it start
    Why did you have to go and sell your heart?

    As long as we are stuck in this loop of self-gratification
    Our life is little more than a contest of accumulation
    He who dies with the most stuff leaves it all behind
    His funeral is empty and his grave is hard to find.
    No matter how much you try, how much you gain,
    Money doesn’t buy happiness, only pain
    And you’ll spend your whole life in pursuit of more wealth
    Until you’ve lost your wife, lost your kids, lost your health
    And you find yourself at the top of the pyramid
    Looking back on all the things you said and did
    Your fine wines and nice cars and slick suits will gather dust
    And you’ll cry bitterly for all the things you gave up
    At the end of your life, when you breathe your last breath
    All alone, with no one around to help you into death
    You’ll spend your final moment wishing for the chance
    To go back and have a second try at your first dance
    But it’s too late, you spent your whole life on you
    You spent every dime, every penny on you
    You spent all your time, all your energy on you
    So that’s all you’ll have when your time here is through.
  6. cstar stay away from my waifu

    Dec 19, 2008
    Those Two

    Two siblings,
    Two friends,
    One Boy
    and One
    Girl. Both
    asking for
    Me to
    listen to
    Their tale.
    Both tell
    the same
    story Both
    feel the
    same way.
    But Neither
    admits that
    they saw
    me that
    day. If
    only those
    Two siblings
    talked to
    Each Other.
    To tell
    Their own
    feelings about
    their Mother.
    What advice
    can I
    give that
    the Sibling
    could not?
    I might
    never learn,
    if I
    do... that's
    a thought
  7. Rapid Ignis Destiny Islands Resident

    Jan 31, 2012
    The depths of my soul
    Listening? Listening? Listening Hurts.​
    Others go on and on, I just want them to be curt.​
    Pain and sorrow, that's what flows.​
    At least, when you listen to another's woes.​
    Don't get me wrong, I love a good rhyme,​
    but sometimes I just don't have the time.​
    To hear about the dark and despair,​
    or even about the joy in the air.​
    Perhaps it is time to move along,​
    it isn't like this is a good song.​
    That may be why I was so brief,​
    but it's probably just because I have grief.​
  8. mindstorm787 Gummi Ship Junkie

    Jan 18, 2013
    You would talk about listening, my burning friend,
    That's why advice never seems to end!
    Listening to bickering,
    Listening to lies,
    I might as well be snickering,
    after murdering a few guys!
    The angry man shuts his eyes,
    and opens his mouth,
    He doesn't even consider those,
    who call him a lout.
    Quoth the bible;
    "Our tongue is a fiery sword.."
    Even that is advice is enough to afford!
    Thus overall sense, bad people shut up,
    your words aren't needed,
    you're just making it rough.
    If wish to stop this mess,
    heed this advice;
    Listen more and talk less!
    Calamity issues, form the miserable raps,
    Might as well resort,
    to selfies on Instagram,
    and iPod Apps.
    Point taken, try to be positive,
    All through life,
    to avoid calamity,
    and avoid strife.
    In this poem, I don't need to confess!
    Focus on life,
    love, and the pursuit of happiness!
  9. Odamadillo Twilight Town Denizen

    Jun 6, 2008
    Here, there and everywhere.
    I am gone for a short while
    And you write is such a style?
    Ha well such action is expected
    When there is no way for works to be rejected
    Not that what is written should not be
    Is the reason for this to misunderstand me?
    I'll leave your mysterious mind to interprit
    This in any way you see fit

    Speak of things of which the snow would dye
    Or of things that will cause a cry
    I do not condem either of those voices
    And I won't judge any of your choices
    Shall your melody echoe sweetly
    Or be hidden decreetly
    It matters not where you take the floor
    Just don't expect an answer at my door

    Go against my words and that would be a shame
    Because then only shall remain a lost name
    From white to crimson shall my garden change
    And my shut in ways won't seem strange
    This hermit never does socialize
    So me being secretive is no surprise
    Whisper, scream, sing or moan
    And soon shall be a silent tone

    Celebrate all you wish to
    Be keep me away from all of you
    The bells may ring loudly
    Just as long as the sound doesn't reach me
    I don't care where you choose to roam
    Just stay away from my silent home
    Try to force me into your stupid fuss
    And the last words spoken would be
    "At Christmas time he killed us"
  10. nasirrich King's Apprentice

    Jun 7, 2008
    I'll end you on the spot so watch your six
    I know I've been gone for a bit just don't get too excited
    No need to react in riots, stay quiet, how can you even understand the true meaning of lyricism if you don't abide by it
    Oda and I have made a short return so if you think this died you must be those people who bicker back and forth like it was written on a script
    I need for you all to hold onto your seat for this is only for those who have the wits about them to stay true and legit

    Didn't miss me oh well cause I came back to annihilate, unleash more hate, disturb the fakes, and alter time like Steins Gate
    You bar deprived fiends no longer have to anticipate
    For what is about to be said will surely bring out some ingrate
    Assuming they have what it takes so forget the time and date
    If they made it through their entire race, sex, and heart rate change which is great because I didn't have to take action and sedate

    Now I have to look and listen to this idiotic squabble
    I mean that both you babies need to take five and suck on a nozzle
    Forget the bottle the lame rhyme scheme is why I don't tolerate those who never go full throttle

    I'm killing you clown poets using nursery rhymes
    The moment I hearse your verse nothing can be done even if you time were to rewind
    So how is it that you're considered more skilled if you don't even write to intertwine the minds of diabolic fiends to those trying to live wealthy and divine

    Do you want the flow or the metaphors?
    The simile or the word play many seem to adore
    I'll never hit the canvas what do you think painters are for?
    Just mixing different types of artists because the public deserves more
    What qualities do you have that someone coming up hasn't already showcased before?

    I'm asking to do collaborations because you aren't qualified to be in the same league as me
    So tell me again who's the best in poetry?
    This site is biased so that's the only reason why you won you see
    If you think about it not that many people visit Home of the Poets be
    Now I have to listen to stay safe in this community

    No matter what is said about you being a gifted speaker
    You haven't done anything to those who want to learn from you teacher
    It goes along the lines of practice what you preach sir
    You haven't even spoken yet so how am I supposed to be moved by your words

    Get taken down with ease if you're getting offended
    If you think its for attention when he posts I'll just say don't mention it
    This flow has to come with some sort of order when serving up these lame gimmicks
    When I go at you steer clear of trying to establish dominance because you'll never win it
    Just showing how much more I'm developed in this poetic establishment
    I won't say its in my blood like another clone no mimic
    You can only say this dude is authentic such an antique can't be distinguish
    If you assume I come from a rare lineage I'll laugh since I'm starting this, but that'll cause some arguments

    In a lame mans terms to get to have the right to participate you must first sign up before giving this a try
    I'm not playing ground ball I use my words to blitz from the sky
    Try you're best not to think celestial for I'm eons beyond that level so chill on the coast before shooting your dreams too high
    You can't reach that Skyline unless you make it up there or fly
    Don't think of rocketing to the top I'm a shooting star kinda guy

    You could say that I'm being flamboyant, but look at the lack of skills within, poor penmanship, dropping more jaws is my sentiment, without getting a raise in dividends, bored with these scriptures written, so get torn ligaments with this lyrical clip in full increments, yes it's insolent, I came a long way now feel I'm an eminent citizen with the few I feel I share the same adroitness with no matter if they're masculine or feminine, slaughter you whack chumps and get away with murder like George Zimmerman the moment I sense a hint of hindrance

    There's not a damn thing you can say about it
    This is a competitive art, but so many of you are so sensitive which is such a trip
    I may not be a plane pilot, but I can change your climate
    Crack your skull and snatch your brains out trick
    Redirect and decorate some of paths the nerves take and call it embroidery synapsis

    Homie you're not hard
    I'll body your hot bars
    Wanna cop a hook I'll Rodeny King it so you can't get that far
    If you think I'm messing around I can easily leave your ass FUBAR
    Can't hold back anymore, but you all need a vent and I can fix cars
    Test me if you are prepared to see where your skills are

    Forget warning if you want I can kill and break down all you be
    Get the staff I'll just get off free using the insanity plea
    If you are called the best you aren't receiving an amnesty from me
    Show me you earned that title and post in the home of poetry
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  11. Odamadillo Twilight Town Denizen

    Jun 6, 2008
    Here, there and everywhere.
    Haha why bother with a trivial war
    When things are so easy to ignore
    So everyone come here and try your hand
    Make yourself welcome in this poetic land
    Most lyrics here are a joy to read for all
    You can be part of it and stand tall
    It matters not if you haven't rhymed before
    Or have written something the masses adore

    This is a place to rhyme freely
    Whether it is s long as can be
    Or written very short but sweetly
    Just write the way you feel happy
    There is no one you to impress
    You do not need any ones approval
    And don't feel like a poetic mess
    If someone makes a bad call

    And now I finally state this fact
    I grow weary of that weakman's act
    Only a fool tries to make a happy man badly react
    Since I have a life outside of this place
    So get your trivial fueds outta my face
    You disgrace to the human race.
  12. nasirrich King's Apprentice

    Jun 7, 2008
    I'll end you on the spot so watch your six
    Holy smokes

    Talking in stanza format to explain something goes against your post entirely I just had to point that out. This isn't the first time you've done that either

    For those who took this the wrong way I'm not directing it towards anyone who has posted in this thread. I poke fun at times, but none of this is a lash out, or blunt attack towards anyone. I saw people get serious so I did my thing when I take it seriously. It differs from everyone by a long shot, but its just how I write so forgive me if you feel its a personal attack when it isn't.
  13. mindstorm787 Gummi Ship Junkie

    Jan 18, 2013
    Here is my take of role on these writing raps,
    Whether or not you choose to accept my opinions/facts.
    Odamadillo is right yet cold,
    Nasirrich is fierce and bold,
    Marushi, to me, has a role I can't express,
    And my own role, has an Omega with an "X",
    Sure we mess up, every now and then,
    Thankfully, this thread is a popular writing den.

    To Odamadillo,
    My previous rhyme was to hush the haters,
    To Nasirrich,
    you messed up the rhyme combo,
    Try again later!

    This is my way of how everyone else might think.
  14. nasirrich King's Apprentice

    Jun 7, 2008
    I'll end you on the spot so watch your six
    Mindstorm must not get I can keep going so no more regrets
    You say I messed up the combo and you're right so time send out some threats

    How is it your way can show how other people think?
    You must not see a problem with that statement like a drunk *****
    That was a harsh line, but imagine I bought the sea of disses to the very brink

    I have no intention of letting off and beg to forgive what I put down
    Keep up this rhyme combo and be enticed by the different styles from all around
  15. Lauriam I hope I didn't keep you waiting...

    Jun 4, 2009
    Nonbinary she/he/it?
    Oh how I wish I had the gift
    to express what it is I want to say.
    As it is, I'm afraid that this apparent rift
    is most certainly not in my forte.
    I will pick neither side, to the background I fade
    I don't wish to stir contention, just to make friends.
    And indeed, through this thread, good friends have I made.
    I want to say thanks before this poem ends.
    As for my role, well, that is yet to be shown.
    But in the end, there's just one reason I'm here.
    I came for the poetry, and poetry alone.
    All kinds, all rhymes, both far and near.
    Perhaps part of the problem is the diversity of style,
    Rap or traditional; the difference is vast.
    And while I love both, and both make me smile,
    the difference is causing things to escalate fast.
    But whether or not this is true, (heaven knows
    I have a hard time understanding sometimes)
    I really do like it here, and from what this all shows,
    We all have one thing in common: Love for what rhymes. :)
  16. nasirrich King's Apprentice

    Jun 7, 2008
    I'll end you on the spot so watch your six
    And to Oda I am getting annoyed with how you try to react
    Striving to be insightful while throwing out clear personal attacks is whack
    Best believe I'm here saying what I want not asking to take anything back

    Then he has the audacity to say going at someone is trivial
    Yet that same post he threw out some clear subliminals
    You can do what you want with your outside life just stop trying to make others criminals

    Stick with what you do best and be a good teacher my guy
    That or get hit with some iron during a drive by
    Wait... Naw forget it this is all off the top not taken time to write and try

    To make sense of everything

    Your sound is sober and not the way it used to be
    If you grew up then that attitude is why I will make personal attacks more frequently
    Again for the love of this art we call poetry

    No hard feelings... Just posting what I'm feeling

    Or as you say (Just write the way you feel happy)
    Don't forget that's what you stated clearly the other day
    Wasted little effort to do this when I could have said stuff to make people wanna stay


    Yea... Yea... Yea yea yea

    Do what you like
    Rhyme don't fight
    Look up and see that bright
    Light and post what you feel to be right
    Then become sicker pulling a huge stunt on site
    Be scared of the darkness don't bring out that night
    Think of this as your test to see if you have a good amount of light

    Are how those lines ended alright
  17. Odamadillo Twilight Town Denizen

    Jun 6, 2008
    Here, there and everywhere.
    A new year we now reside
    So I speak here with pride
    A new rule I now create
    I no longer tolerate lyrical hate
    So rhyme here without any dark words
    And tweet along with the bird!
  18. nasirrich King's Apprentice

    Jun 7, 2008
    I'll end you on the spot so watch your six
    Back to the good old rhyming for the fun not bashing
    Been holding back because of some issues, but the time calls for us to be dashing
    No other way to put it just tell all you folks that everyone of you are all smashing
    Not intended to spite for I hope getting back in this will show an everlasting

    Form of art you can't mimic yes I'm sick, but I caught it from others here who showcase works that'll literally diminish any lyrical linguist
    Stick your tongue out and have fun for being such an superb genius
    I think I fell off, but I'd like to see more works so we can sing with
    Whomever it pertains too
    After all
    You're the one sitting here typing it
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  19. . : tale_wind Ice to see you!

    Nov 19, 2010
    Cisgender Male
    The Realm of Sleep
    Greetings to all! This section needs love,
    So here I am, hoping my rhymes are enough!
    My forte is prose, but I occasionally dabble
    In stanzas and couplets, trying not to ramble.

    ...What's that? You'd rather try me in iamb?
    I'll do my best to meet you in your scheme;
    Pentameter of Shakespeare's day can damn,
    But I take to the format, eyes agleam.
    The rhyming and the rhythm do delight,
    And so I practice so I'll reach new height.
  20. nasirrich King's Apprentice

    Jun 7, 2008
    I'll end you on the spot so watch your six
    Guess who's back!! Yo... yo yo.. Aite check me out

    At first I was a bit hesitant
    For the lack of the relevance
    Test me and get shown why I won't ever sit
    Relax I'm not going at anyone so don't get ticked
    I am here to prove that I am worthy of being a candidate
    Don't vote just hope you get the right president
    This evidence is bliss so stick around and try not to miss

    You have time for one last battle to hear them scream encore
    Don't blame me bench warmer because I'm achieving my dream and yours
    Who's fault is it for just sitting around screaming for a raw war
    The time came and you were no where seen on the playing floor
    That's why I said bench warmer man such a bore

    Only fear now is becoming a has been
    This goes out to those who saw Home of the Poets and started laughing
    See how far we got with this craft and the pressure is locked in
    When it bursts your tombstone will say my thoughts of this back then
    Once the rise is steady it'll become more packed and
    Something you thought no one would commit too now has flocks of freed minds stackin

    Their words to be read by those far and close
    Get the gall to say they too can spit something and roast
    Many who claim they have put in what they put out wanting to promote

    The idea that its ok to boast every now and again
    Sadly the effect that has lets you see where your true friends stand when
    You'd like some backing instead of backlash of sorrow and disgust which then

    Causes you to take another bold step and be the enemy of something you want so badly to help out with

    Slow it down for a second to see where this route may take you
    Deep down it hurts when people hate the actions you do

    Know your errors now before you make a trip that doesn't refund those bumpy hits cause the craziness you'll be encumbered with will not let any form of drama be distinguished
    So please everyone come back when you have time to reply to this home of very decent poets
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