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    So if you guys didn’t know they are currently making a Heathers TV show that is supposed to be loosely based on the original movie.

    I told myself I would give it a chance and now that the pilot is out I decided to watch it.

    Throughout the entire thing I was like “Wow this is so much worse then Riverdale” in terms of the writing, not necessarily the plot itself (since that was more or less ripped from the actual Heathers movie). It’s very much like “do y’all really think this is how teenagers sound like”, and I pretty much didn’t laugh once. At least there are things in shows like Riverdale where I’m like “this is so awful it’s hiliarious” (not the writing but a situation or whatever) but this didn’t really get a laugh out of me. It was more like a weird second hand embarrassment where I was like “oh god why”

    However, with that being said there was something at the very end of the first episode that I think could turn this all around. Because this thing wasn’t mentioned in the trailers, this pilot could be the biggest bait and switch so to speak I’ve personally ever seen. I want to talk about it more in depth in a spoiler tag, but I see 1 of 2 options:

    1. They do what they’re doing and it totally sucks because these people clearly can’t write

    2. They do what they’re doing and it goes exceptionally well, and this pilot was sorta a farce the whole time.

    So I would say for now to give it a chance because it can actually go somewhere interesting, but if episode 2 doesn’t deliver I would suggest skipping this one.

    Now for the spoilers

    So basically at the end of the episode you find our Heather isn’t really dead like she was in the movie, but she’s just really hurt and wakes back up to see that she now has 27 million likes on her suicide video.

    This is where things start to get “interesting”, and you see a preview for the ACTUAL season as it says “on this season of heathers”

    Heather basically blackmails JD and Veronica because they kinda tried to kill her, she returns to school and becomes the “face of suicide” with her new found fame. Obviously this causes the entire rest of the plot of the OG Heathers to go in a completely different direction. This I think is a really interesting idea that I wasn’t really expecting

    That being said, as I mentioned above, I have approximately 1% faith in terms of this actually be executed correctly. Because in my head the effective trick is “see we baited you now is when the actual show is going to start that is well written, taking an interesting turn and actually funny” like this was some large marketing scheme cause if y’all didnt know this did get a lot of backlash and what not.

    Because for me, now instead of turning this off because it was of a questionable quality, I’m actually like “oh... okay, this is something that could actually work and capture my interest”.

    The thing is the rest of the entire season could fix a lacklustre first episode, especially if that lacklusterness was on purpose for whatever reason. But I’m 99% sure things won’t improve from here, even though a tiny 1% inside me is saying that maybe, just maybe this could turn into something completely different