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    Member Questions

    We are so happy that all of you would love to ask questions for us to answer for the next episode, so we would like to go over some simple rules for it:

    • 1-2 questions per member - We want to able to answer everyone’s questions so the questions per member will be kept to a minimum.
    • Keep question PG - we really cannot stress this enough, but please keep all inappropriate questions to yourself, and keep it on topic.
    • Kingdom Hearts based question or towards the hosts - You can ask us anything related to Kingdom Hearts or even ask us questions about anything(e.g: school, work, lives, etc) (just keep in mind of the rule above)
    • Spoiler Free - We try our hardest to keep most of the stuff we say spoiler free. So the questions you ask us cannot have spoilers.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.