Guide: Trinity Locations & Prizes

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    If you are OCD about completing the game with everything being solved and found, then this is a good guide to help you find all the Trinities. This guide has all the Trinities, how to obtain them, where to find them and what prizes you get with each found trinity. Hope the following helps.

    Good Luck, and happy gaming~

    Kingdom Hearts
    .:Trinity Locations & Prizes:.

    How to obtain each Trinity:
    Blue Trinity Jump: Defeat Guard Armour in Traverse Town.
    Red Trinity Smash: Lock Deep Jungle.
    Green Trinity Ladder: Lock Agrabah
    Yellow Trinity Push: Win the Hercules Cup
    White Trinity Detect: Defeat Riku in Hollow Bastion

    Blue Trinity
    [Total of 17]
    Traverse Town: 4
    - First District, in front of Café area. [Postcard]
    - First District, just on the right of the entrance of Traverse Town/door leading to your Gummy Ship. [Munny]
    - Third District, on top of the stairs on top of the district. [Camping Set]
    - Mystical House, a.k.a. Merlin’s house. It’s inside the house. [Mega Ether/Munny]

    Wonderland: 2
    - Lotus Forest, on the right, near the mushroom. [Potion, Ether and Tent]
    - Lotus Forest, near the pond, after pushing the rock (when Sora's big) into the little pond. [Camping Set]

    Olympus Coliseum: 2
    - Coliseum Gates, on the left raised platform, next to the statue [Dalmatian Puppies 22, 23 and 24]
    - Coliseum Gates, on the right raised platform, next to the statue. [Mythril Shard]

    Deep Jungle: 2
    - Climbing Trees, green platform in front of the entrance to the Tree House. [Dalmatian Puppies 31, 32 and 33]
    - Camp, near the pile of boxes in the center. [Dalmatian puppies 34, 35 and 36]

    Agrabah: 2
    - Silent Chamber, on the platform near the stairs. [Thunder-G]
    - Bazaar, second section of Agrabah,. Climb up the ledges on the right and go onto the canopies. Keep going right then jump across to the other side. Then go through the entrance and jump down. [Mega-Ether and Munny]

    Monstro: 3
    - Mouth, on a platform near the mouth of Monstro, after the water lowers. [Cottage and 2 Potions]
    - Chamber 5, center of chamber. [Cottage]
    - Throat, on the lowest floor. [Mythril Shard]

    Hollow Bastion: 2
    - Dungeon, Make beast knock down the wall to reveal a small room. It’s in the middle of the room. [Mega-Potion, Mega-Ether and Potion]
    - Castle Gates, near the main elevator [Megalixir and 2 Cottages]

    Red Trinity
    [Total of 6]
    Traverse Town: 3
    - First District, alley next to the Item Shop, where Sora first wakes up in Taverse Town. [Dalmatian puppies 4, 5 and 6]
    - Alley, in front of the “Secret Waterway” gate. [Access to the Secret Waterway]
    - Second District, roof of the Gizmo Shop, near some crates. [Access to the bell]

    Agrabah: 1
    - Treasure Room, in front of the pillar. [Mythril Shard]

    Halloween Town: 1
    - Oogie's Manor, on the right of first room with the torch platform. If you don’t get this Trinity before you defeat Oogie, you can’t get it later. [Mythril Shard]

    Hollow Bastion: 1
    - Entrance Hall, front of one of the statues on the second floor. [Emblem Piece]

    Green Trinity
    [Total of 9]
    Traverse Town: 1
    - Accessories Shop, next to the table. [Access to the Moogle shop]

    Wonderland: 2
    - Bizarre Room, in the fireplace. First be small, then enter the fireplace. [Mythril Shard]
    - Rabbit Hole, near the Save Point. [Elixir]

    Olympus Coliseum: 1
    - Coliseum Gates, left of the entrance in front of the ranking posters. [Mythril]

    Deep Jungle: 1
    - Treetop, in the center. It's almost invisible since green and green blends in. [Mythril Shard]

    Agrabah: 1
    - Storeroom, near the Save Point. [Power Up]

    Monstro: 1
    -Mouth, roof of Geppetto’s ship. Learn High Jump First. [Mythril Shard]

    Neverland: 1
    - Hold, room with the Save Point. [Access to Hook's Cabin]

    Hollow Bastion: 1
    - Library, front of one of the shelves on second floor, near Save Point. [Azal Volume 3]

    Yellow Trinity
    [Total of 4]
    Traverse Town: 1
    - Mystical House, behind Merlin’s House, near the crates. [Power Up]

    Olympus Coliseum: 1
    - Lobby, next to the stone pedestal. [Keyhole]

    Agrabah: 1
    - Bottomless Hall, front of a large pot, near the dark entrance where the rolling boulders come out of. [Passage revealed]

    Neverland: 1
    - Hold, go up the ladder in front of you, in front of the door to the left. [Passage revealed]

    White Trinity
    [Total of 10]
    Traverse Town: 1
    - Secret Waterway, the center on the rocks. [Orichalcum]

    - Wonderland: 1
    - Lotus Forest, sideways version of the Bizarre Room. Jump into the painting where you will be in a small area. The mark is in the center of the area. [Lady Luck Keyblade]

    Olympus Coliseum: 1
    - Coliseum Gates, centre of the Coliseum. [Violetta (Donald's Staff)]

    Deep Jungle: 1
    - Cavern of Hearts, in the cave where you locked Deep Jungle. [Orichalcum]

    Agrabah: 1
    - Cave of Wonders, on the left as soon as you enter the Cave. [Comet-G]

    Monstro: 1
    - Chamber 6, on the lowest part of ground. [Mythril Shard]

    Atlantica: 1
    - Triton's Palace, the area before entering Triton's Palace. It's inside the large shell in the center. [Orichalcum]

    Halloween Town: 1
    - Moonlight Hill, to the left of the hill. [Comet-G]

    Neverland: 1
    - Pirate Ship, on the deck. [Meteor-G]

    Hollow Bastion: 1
    - Rising Falls, on the large platform just after Rising Falls, before you take the main elevator to the Castle. The backward fountain thing. [Firaga-G]


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