Graphic Shop: Rules and Code of Conduct [UPDATED]

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    Whenever you need a staff member for dealings in this section, go to them first. If neither are available, feel free to contact another member of staff and we will take care of anything that requires our proper attention.
    [Disclaimer: No other Moderators have power in this section, it is advised to contact a Super Moderator or an Administrator in the event that Ienzo or Llave cannot be reached.]

    Rules and Code of Conduct
    Forum Rules still apply in this section. Please be sure to read them before posting here.

    II. Graphic Shops

    What are Graphic Shops?

    These are specific threads dedicated to one person's work, in which they establish guidelines that you must follow in order to receive service. Each member has unique styles and types of graphics [i.e. Avatars, Signatures, GIFs, RP Banners], so be sure to find one that you like the most. The more recent and active the shop is, the more likely you are to get a commission done for you.​

    a. Rules regarding the creation of Graphic Shops
    • Use the prefix "Graphic Shop" in your thread title when you are making your shop.
    • It is ideal to have a showcase of your work, examples, and a template for your customers to follow. Having clear instructions and cleanliness in the OP (Original Post, first post), makes all difference in someone coming to your shop.
    • No monetary transactions. While it is nice to be paid for your work, most members are here to have fun. If you want to be paid for your commissions, there are other sites for that very purpose. (deviantART, tumblr, etc.) Sometimes the sheer joy of doing something for someone can be more rewarding than earthly currency!
    • You may make multiple shops, as long as it's not a repeat of the other ones [i.e. a Sprite Shop and a GIF Shop at the same time are fine.] If you want to start fresh with a shop, rather than bumping an old one of yours, you are permitted to do so as long as it's been 6 months since it's been locked and or last posted in.
    • Bear in mind that your customers would like their commissions as soon as possible, so if you don't have a lot of free time, or you feel that you cannot regularly update your shop, it would probably be best not to make one.
    • If you do have one, and you are finding it hard to keep up with it, let one of our Graphic Art Moderators (see above) know and they will close it for you. Remember that in doing so, your customers are still your responsibility, not the staff member that closed the thread. Most members are understanding, but if you have any unserved customers, it is up to you to contact them about it.
    • We will allow users to exchange Munny for projects, following these simple guidelines: Always pay what you promise, and always deliver the goods you offered in exchange. KHV is not responsible for any Munny transactions between members, and won't be offering official 'refunds' if something goes wrong, but please everyone, act in good faith. If any sort of agreement is reached regarding "Munny for Written Work," both parties should follow through with their ends of the bargain. If you're cheated out of Munny and believe you have a legitimate claim, contact a staff member about it and strikes may be issued, but again, we aren't going to be offering 'Munnetary" refunds.
    III. Requesting

    There are two ways you can go about getting commissions; Posting in someone's Graphic Shop, or creating a Request thread.

    a. Rules regarding requests in a Graphic Shop
    • Be sure to follow the shop owner's guidelines. If it doesn't bode well with you, there are other shops you can find!
    • In the event of requesting something, always keep in mind that someone is taking time out of their day to make something for you, please be considerate about it.
    • Just because you request something from someone, be it officially in a thread, or via profile comments, they do have the right to turn you down. Pestering someone about it only makes things worse; rule of thumb - if you wouldn't be willing to do something for someone else, then realize that others may feel the same way.
    b. Rules regarding request threads
    • Use the prefix "Request" in your thread title when you are making a request thread.
    • If you cannot find a Shop of your liking, you are free to post in the Graphic Shop subsection to make an individual request. Bear in mind that this process is less likely to be undertaken by someone, but more likely to be seen. Do not spam the section with multiple request threads. If you find yourself regularly requesting art commissions, perhaps finding a Graphic Shop to your liking would prove more beneficial to your needs.
    • Once a request has been fulfilled, contact a Graphic Art Moderator, and they will lock the thread to complete its intended purpose.
    If you have any further questions regarding this section, or any other workings of it, we'd be more than happy to oblige! Remember, having fun is the most important part of these endeavors~

    Sincerely, Staff
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