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    Not a bug because it was intentional, but now thousands of posts are “...” because they quoted someone. I disagree that it should’ve been allowed from my current observations of the situation as it made a decision on behalf of a lot of people. Those posts belonged to a lot more than one more person. Said person also didn’t know they’d leave this site in a position of power when making those posts and be able to pull the trigger like that.

    Thanks for your time.
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  2. Aelin Best Waifu

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    Unfortunately due to the current condition of the site, it was a choice that had to be made. If we didn't reduce the size of the site, then we wouldn't be able to afford to keep the site running and all posts would have been lost. It was a decision made with no ill intent towards anyone, and anything that has been done can be undone. We can restore threads to the way they were on request, but do not have the capacity to restore all threads at this current time. IF there are particular posts that you wish to be restored, please contact the staff and we will work on fixing it for you. Whether you agree or not, we did our best to do what we could for the livelihood of the site.
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    I'll repeat: This current host is BS.
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