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    Hey everyone, later on today we plan on linking to various sites that have their own trailer report, as they might contain something extra, for an interesting read. Gamespot has their own TGS Trailer impression on the 3 KH games, and it's truly worth a look!

    Gamespot's TGS Report

    Gamespot: "The biggest surprise at this year's Square Enix booth was the announcement of a new Kingdom Hearts project. While it may be true that Kingdom Hearts II left some questions unanswered, Square Enix has decided to expand on the world of Kingdom Hearts with not just one or two titles, but a trio of games for the DS, the PSP, and mobile phones. What's more, all three of the titles are different games with their own settings and timelines. Tetuya Nomura is working as the director for all three titles, together with Shinji Hashimoto, who will serve as executive producer.

    The first title, Kingdom Hearts Coded, is the mobile game release. The game is being co-directed by Hajime Tabata and produced by Kousei Itou. No release date or carrier has been announced yet. Kingdom Hearts Coded's CG trailer started off with the words "Mysteries get solved, making the world wider" on a blank screen. The screen changed to a scene where Jiminy Cricket is flipping through the journal that he's written during his adventures with Sora. He stops at one page, which reads, "We must return to free them from their torment." Puzzled and unable to recall what that page was supposed to mean, he runs to consult the King (Mickey Mouse), who decides to search for answers by digitizing Jiminy's journal.

    From what we can gather, the player apparently takes the role of a Sora that was born inside the digitized world of Jiminy's journal. We were shown a couple of clips of in-game footage, and although the graphics were mobile-phone quality, it still runs as a 3D action game and has the Kingdom Hearts atmosphere.

    The second title, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, is the DS release. Unlike previous installments in Kingdom Hearts, the game focuses on the series' antagonists known as the Organization XIII, and Roxas, who was "the other main character" in Kingdom Hearts II.

    Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days' trailer starts off from the last scene in Chain of Memories (PS2 version), and the words "The time during the opposite side, when Sora goes to sleep" appears on the screen. The scene changes to the station and clock tower in Kingdom Hearts II, with Roxas and Axel looking over the city at the sunset. In another scene, Roxas is seen sitting in a white room together with the rest of Organization XIII, and a new 14th member is introduced into the organization. Although the character's face was hidden by Organization XIII's traditional hooded jacket that she wore, it was apparently a female character, judging from her lips.

    Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days is a multiplayer action game where you can fight as an Organization XIII member and attempt to complete missions cooperatively with friends. During the trailer, we saw up to four characters fighting together on the same screen against a massive boss character in a city setting. The game will also feature a single-player mode, of course. The gameplay looked similar to the combat you're familiar with from past KH games, though the frame rate was running a little low in the trailer footage. Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days is co-directed by Tomohiro Hasegawa and produced by Patrick Chen. The game is being developed by h.a.n.d Inc.

    Last but definitely not least of the three Kingdom Hearts games, Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep is a new title for the PSP. From checking out the trailers, it felt the most like a true Kingdom Hearts sequel of the three games (except that it's actually a prequel). Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep's trailer started off with the words "The distant past." And as it turns out, the game takes place before Sora's era, back in the days when there were multiple "keyblade masters" around the world. We're introduced to two characters whom we assume are the protagonists; a blond boy who looks strikingly similar to Roxas, and an older, taller, black-haired guy who looks a bit like Final Fantasy VII's Zack in baggy pants.

    Audiences who have finished playing through Kingdom Hearts II were in for a surprise. As it turns out, the bonus secret movie from the game was apparently an event that took place in the past. During Birth by Sleep's trailer, we saw the same landscape and bald man with a gray goatee and yellow eyes that were featured in the KHII movie. It seems certain that he plays a key role in the game, as the trailer took time to show him trying to influence the blond-haired boy in some unknown way, and also facing off in combat against the black-haired man who's trying to stop him. In another scene, he was seen shouting, "Use your powers to break the darkness and fix my wrongdoings!" At the end of the trailer, a figure who looked like Mickey mouse appeared to confront the bad guy with a weapon that looked like a cross between a sword and a magic wand.

    Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep is directed by Tai Sasue and produced by Patrick Chen."

    Thanks to our forum member Poki#3 for informing me of this.

    Personally, Gamespot doesn't seem to have fully grasped the trailer, as they contradicted a few other trailer reports.
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Discussion in 'Kingdom Hearts News & Updates' started by Xaldin, Sep 21, 2007.

    1. kitty_mckechnie
      Some good stuff there Xal, nice find Poki#3. ^^
    2. Laplace
      Thanks for the info Xaldin, great job and continue working ^^.
    3. yasir_wisdom
      it still wouldn't compare to seeing the combat with your own eyes
    4. .Kairi.

      the ds and psp versions sound good, but im iffy about the mobile one.
    5. Poki#3
    6. Xegreny

      No new info. Neat article though.

      Sadly it doesnt merit getting C&P into my Gaia.
    7. Alpha Sonix
      Alpha Sonix
      Shame I won't be able to do Multiplayer.
    8. xemnasfan
      i'm not suprised at all that the secert trailer was in the past, i already knew that.

      i'm even more exited to see the ds game now in hopes that xemnas is controlable, if so that might be the only character i use besides maybe saix and marly.
    9. Alpha Sonix
      Alpha Sonix
      I'm going to say you don't play as Marly or other COM members since there not on the Artwork and it probably picks up right after COM.
    10. Gwen


      My favorite group of villains just got better<3
    11. reptar
      Wait so they were going to get another femlae char?
    12. StarSeekerWolf
      Hahaha, a day after I just said Terra looks like Zack, GameSpot makes a review saying that too.
      I dont know why...but I have a feeling that the 14th member might be Aqua...but thats just how I feel.It could be wrong..but then again, I thought I was wrong when I thought the Old,Bald guy was Xehanort. lol
    13. xemnasfan
      dang it well saix is hopefully playable at least, and xemnas hopefully.

      if xemnas is playable then i can die happy. still saix ain't to bad either.

      wait though that means roxas never knew the com guys... aw dang.
    14. SplitOverload
      Nicee. Things are looking better and better.
    15. Kaira
      ... All on devices I do not own. *faint* @__@;;

      Maybe I'll invest in a DS, 'cause frankly I feel the need to upgrade from my version 1 GBA as far as handheld gaming goes. XDDD Plus Roxas! Chaa, Roxassssss~
    16. Fruityla
      Hahaha, silly me XD For a bit I was confused as to why this would take place after CoM when it talks about Roxas' time in Organization XIII...but there's a year gap between CoM and KHII...and Roxas didn't spend that whole year in Digital Twilight Town.

      I am a big silly.

      Personally, I think the DS one sounds the most interesting...but that could also be because I already own a DS. Might get a PSP just for Birth By Sleep though. Coded sounds lame and stupid. It sounds like you're going to go through the events of KH1 AGAIN, we already have like THREE TIMES ALREADY.

      You know how some diaries come with those little locks and keys? Jiminy needs that for his journal.

      EDIT: Better yet, he should get a LiveJournal XD
    17. Zeftnon - The Superior
      Zeftnon - The Superior
      Roxas did know the CoM members 'cause he was created in KH1, and there was a screenshot in that article where you can see Vexen and a few other CoM members along with KH2 members looking at Axel and Roxas.

      Well, I wasn't really interested in Coded, but since these 3 games are all connected to KH3, I might as well try them all.
    18. SinirothXIII
      Saix IS playable. Haven't you been keeping up? lol. From what we know-Roxas, Axel, Xigbar, and Saix are all playable.
    19. venster
      I think that's a good thing. Way too many males in KH. =/ But that's not really a bad thing though. =3

      oh I HOPE we get to play as Demyx!!!!