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    • Please attempt to avoid double posting in a thread. If you have more to add to your post, simply use the ‘Edit’ button, located below your post. The majority of the time, a double post will be automatically merged for you, but in the event that it does not, please contact a staff member and have them do it for you.
      • Double posting is allowed only: if you want to bump the thread and were the last poster. Delete your last post and re-post with the new information you want to add.
      • Bear in mind, however, that some threads should just be left to die on their own. For that reason, we ask that you do not try to do this more than once or twice, and that you wait at least 24 hours between the original post and the re-post.
    • Do not create duplicate threads. Before posting a new thread, use our ‘Search’ function to ensure your topic is unique. Even if the thread has not been posted in for some time, you are able to post as long as you are adding something to the discussion. For example, if Stardust wishes to post in the Gaming section about Ace Attorney 5, she is encouraged to post in the thread already made for the game, despite it being over a year old without any new posts.
    • In these circumstances you may “necrobump” (posting in old, “dead” threads). You most post something relevant to the thread’s subject that is proper. Simply posting “Sora is my favorite character” will not suffice: it must have some depth and/or detail. We ask that you do not bump a large number of old threads at once.
      • Necrobumping, on our site, is when a user posts in a thread when the last post was one month old. Unfortunately, within the Spam Zone, this is NOT allowed. You may create similar thread instead of necrobumping, since this section allows more than one thread on a certain topic. More can be read on this subject (and all special exceptions for the section) in The Spam Zone Rules.
    • Art commissions are allowed on the site, but with a few stipulations.
      • For the time being, we do not allow monetary transactions for art trades. This is currently in discussion between the staff as we try to formulate a proper, general guideline for it.
      • Members with Graphic Shops generally take submissions depending on their expertise. Be sure to read their rules and guidelines for requesting a piece before you go about doing so.
      • If you cannot find a Shop of your liking, you are free to post in the Graphic Shop subsection to make an individual request. Bear in mind that this process is less likely to be undertaken by someone, but more likely to be seen. Do not spam the section with multiple request threads. If you find yourself regularly requesting art commissions, perhaps finding a Graphic Shop to your liking would prove more beneficial to your needs.
      • In the event of requesting something, always keep in mind that someone is taking time out of their day to make something for you, please be considerate about it.
      • Just because you request something from someone, be it officially in a thread, or via profile comments, they do have the right to turn you down. Pestering someone about it only makes things worse; rule of thumb - if you wouldn't be willing to do something for someone else, then realize that others may feel the same way.
      • If you run into problems that require staff attention, please let a member of staff know and we will take care of anything that requires our proper attention.
    • Spam is not welcome on KH-Vids, except for the designated Spam Zone. Each section has its own specific rules regarding what qualifies as spam, but it is generally any post that is off topic, does not contribute to the thread topic, or is only there for the post count. Please try to put your own, original thought into your posts!
    • Spam posts will be deleted by staff members, and you shall receive an automated message through the Conversation system if your post is deleted (more on that later). If you are found repeatedly inappropriately spamming, under the rules agreed upon, we will approach you with a verbal warning. If you continue said spamming, there will be harsher consequences.
    • If a thread begins to drift off topic and you feel you and other members are in danger of spamming that topic, feel free to create a new thread on that subject, and allow the original to return to its original purpose.

    Automatic Conversation System (AutoConvo) & Automatic Alerting System (AutoAlert)

    • AutoConvo is a feature that will automatically dispatch messages to you, if a:
      • Thread you posted is deleted.
      • Post of yours is deleted.
    • AutoAlert is a feature that will alert you, if a:
      • Thread you posted is moved.
      • Thread you posted is merged
      • Post you've made is moved.
      • Post you've made is merged.
    Note: If an entire thread is deleted or undeleted, you will only be notified if you posted the thread. You will not be notified if you posted in the thread.

    If you would like to dispute any of the aforementioned actions, either reply to the staff member taking the action (the message will be from them), or contact another staff member, via conversation. If the deletion was due to spam, we will likely be happy to let you make a new post with the information added to it. Insulting/inappropriate posts may still be disputed, but bear in mind that a staff member’s decision is to be respected.

    If you feel action taken against your posts or threads by a staff member was unfair or unethical, privately approach another staff member about the issue.


    Whilst we acknowledge that there are members who are 18+ years old, we do ask that you keep in mind when you post that this site is a Kingdom Hearts site, whose main age rating demographic is aged between 7-12 years of age.

    For this reason, we request the following:
    • Avoid overly sexual posts including the use of overly graphic images, video, and/or text. This applies to all sections. If a post is excessively obscene, perverted, or highly suggestive imagery, it will be removed and appropriate punishment will follow.
    • The line of what is appropriate and what is not, we realize, is not easily defined in some cases. It is difficult to apply an all-encompassing rule for all the potential inappropriate content that can be posted, and as such we ask that you consider if said content is appropriate for something you would see in PG-13 media, like movies or TV series. This means no full or implied nudity, minimal usage of swearing, and nothing grotesque or horrific. Furthermore, no overly violent content either; if it includes gore, severe open wounds and the like, it will be removed. This also extends into the more subtle, suggestive areas -- if it gives off an overly sexual, violent, or obscene thought to you or anyone else, it's best to assume it will not be welcome on our site.
      • If you are unsure if something is appropriate or not, please start a conversation with a staff member and ask them if it is.
      • Additionally, there are certain special cases pertaining to nudity, sexual themes and violence in certain areas of the forum, you can read more in depth about it in the rules of the following sections: Roleplaying Arena, Traditional Art, and the Writer's Nook.
    • Comments that attack ethnic groups, religions, lack of religion, sexual orientations, or gender are in no way allowed, and will result in punitive action.
    • Swearing, as said, is tolerated to a certain extent. Usage of words such as "damn", "ass", or "hell" are allowed and uncensored, while other swears are censored by asterisks. While use of some of these censored words aren't harmful, using cuss words to insult others will not be tolerated; if we feel a post is overly offensive it will be removed.
    • Violence and gore should be kept to a minimum, whether it is in text, video, or picture form.
    • Discussing illegal activities such as downloading pirated content will be removed from view, but in some gray areas—such as the use of emulators—the discussion is acceptable, but any links to content you would typically have to pay for is not.
    • Advertising is also not welcome on KH-Vids, such as links redirecting to your own or another personal website, business, or service, through posts or messages. You may, however, place a link in your signature to your website, project or other similar websites and any linked sites still need to follow our PG-13 rule.
    For everything that is not mentioned specifically, the accepted rule is that this is a Kingdom Hearts sites, a game intended for a younger audience, and so our site is aimed at a similar age demographic in terms of appropriate content.