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  1. Jayn

    Sep 30, 2007
    {General Rules}
    ★ We ask that members only create one family each. You can join and be a member of as many as you wish, but please don't create more than one of your own. If you do, all the families you have created will be locked until you can choose one to remain open and active.

    ★ In some cases, Community/Organization threads are different from Families and thus the first rule may not apply. Please contact me if you need clarification or help.

    ★Threads with over 5000 posts will be locked.

    ★ If your thread is locked and you wish to recreate it, please contact a member of staff first and they will approve it for you.

    ★ If there is a dispute or argument in your thread please contact a staff member to deal with it.

    ★ Please be respectful to one another, as well as other families.

    ★ Main Forum Rules apply.

    ★ If you reject someone from joining your family, you must have a VALID reason for doing so. This reason will be reviewed by a moderator.

    Have Fun!
    ~ staff

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.