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  1. Jayn

    Sep 30, 2007
    First off, I've closed some inactive Forum Family threads. If you would like yours reopened, please contact me! Also, if I put your thread in the wrong category, please let me know.

    Welcome to the Adoption Center and Directory! This probably sounds pretty familiar to you at this point. If you would like to join a forum family but don't know where to look, I've compiled a list of active threads for you to chose from with a small description. Additionally, you may also post here asking to be adopted, or advertise your families/community lots/fanclubs here! So yes, feel free to post in this thread!

    If you would like to advertise your family (and it's not on the list), please use the form below. I will only be keeping active threads in the directory. If your thread is locked or inactive, I will be removing it from the OP.

    Small Description:
    Activity Level:
    Created by:
    Based on the turn out/usage of this thread, a new event/project for forum families may appear! You will have to be apart of a family to participate and compete for the prize, so don't be shy about adopting or asking to be adopted or creating your very own family! Help revive forum families, guys!


    The AMV Family

    Small Description: So.... you make AMVs/GMVs? So do I! I want this place to be a fortress for people to showcase their videos for an honest word on how good it is from other AMV/GMVer's. Just ask to join really. I'm not picky. I'm always honest in my opinions on videos. Just ask Cat.

    Created by: Ace Phoenix / Mad Hatter

    Small Description: I decided that JUST a Final Fantasy VII family wasn't badass enough. So I'm expanding it to include all things Final Fantasy. And that actually includes a game series that started off as a spin off. The Mana series. ...Doubt many people here have played it...>> Ah well. Whatever. Come here if you want to make friends who share the same addiction as you. Or if you want to kill time and like the people in this family.

    Created by: Arch/Machina

    Small Description:This family is only for people who respect, criticizes, and create art ^-^
    Share art, gossip, hassle or hector family members, and have some fuunnn...

    Created by: myoblivion

    Small Description:We are The Organization Misfits. We look out for each other, and band together in peace. So, NOBODY mess with us, or any of our friends.

    Created by: burnitup

    Small Description:This shall be a lovely place for our lovely Kuroshitsuji family to talk,joke,sing,laugh,and do whatever else we feel like.
    For all those reading this who are not apart of our beautiful family yet,please do not be a stranger,join right up.
    All you need to do is choose a free character from the wonderful anime/manga,and you shall be one of us~

    Created by: Daxa

    Small Description:Literate Beans is a family for writers, readers, and anyone else interested in the literary arts to discuss their passion and work with others of a similar mindset. This can be their own productions, influences upon them, literature that has stood out in their lives, and other such ideas.

    Created by: Plums, Claw, Chev, Stardust.


    The Yuri Fanclub

    Small Description: Mainly you'll be joining this for your liking of yuri. But you are also joining as the final stand for the Forum Families and Fanclubs. We can discuss yuri here. We can post pics here. (That don't break the rules. We don't want to get in trouble ^^; Also it would be nice if there were no fights but it's hard to expect that since we are all human. Lets try our best though.

    Created by: Ace / Mad Hatter

    Small Description: What we are here is a fangroup for the Magical Girl (Mahou Shoujo) Lyrical Nanoha series, a relatively obscure anime/manga that has far more in common with the Super Robot genre than a tradition Magical Girl anime. You do not have to actually watch or read the series to join up, but please bear in mind there may be occasional spoilers.

    Created by: Dark Traitor

    Small Description: This family welcomes all who love to sing. Whether it's digitally, in a choir or band, professionally, or just in the shower for fun, we look forward to having you! This family will be used for typical family things, but we can also share our covers here or any musical experiences. We can also rave about singers that we enjoy listening to, and even come together for some duets and/or collaborations. You do not have to be a good singer, or pursuing a singing career. All that matters is that you have a song in your heart, and you aren't afraid to sing it!

    Created by: Jayn

    Community Lots

    The Loft

    Small Description: Since Clavis Gladius or whatever didn't kick off as planned, I thought I'd make another hangout/chill zone (yes I just said chillzone) here at KHV. Managed by me, and DJ'd by select members.

    Created by: Tequila / Teddy

    Small Description:
    You can come here to chat and make friends, get married, go to school, get adopted, role play or just hang out. Most of the jobs are just for fun, but you can be a graphic designer, event planner or assistant manager, which genuinely puts you in a position to help me run this thread.

    Created by: Jayn


    The KHV Cosplay Club

    Small Description:
    Are you an active cosplayer, or maybe thinking about cosplaying? Or are you just interested in cosplay itself?
    Either way, this is the place for you! The goal of this group is to provide a place for cosplayers to share their cosplays, tips, ideas, and so forth. You're encouraged to post pictures of your cosplays too, from works in progress to completed.
    And if you are new to it, you're more than welcome to ask questions here too.

    Created by: Zelda / DPWolf

    Small Description: This shall be the place were our randomness can roam free for we are Kukudashi! A new sitcom starring our fabulous KHV friends who like to have fun. It'll be a tale of the daily lives we live.

    Me and the ever so lovely Daxa shall be a couple of random and romantic co-stars who spout tons of poetic nonsense. We shall dance around and sing with our many friends. We embark on grand adventure were we will meet new friends along the way. And let's not forget the fangirl-ism and lots of sexual tension~ <3

    Created by: MoshiMoshi!!

    Small Description: Welcome newcomers to The Buccaneering Automaton Paladins of the Undead, the artist formally known as the P.R.N.w.a.a.Z. WE WANT YOU to join us in our pillaging and S&G. Our other goal is to run roughshod over our sister thread, the I.N.V.S.P.

    Created by: Droid

    Small Description: Here you can hang out with your fellow Deadpools, practice your fourth-wall breaking skills, and practice for field work, all while awaiting the chance to be hired by a single customer, or an entire group!

    Created by: ÃeađρooᏝ

    Small Description: Join us as we explore the stars, attack helpless planets, eat deer and other animals (we're veggie vampires), Bruce Wayne it up, and just have fun as a forum family!

    Created by: Marushi

    Small Description: Welcome to the Aerial Cereals: The epic alliance sworn to protect and love everything cereal.The stereotyped breakfast food may be in danger from the filthy criminals of the cereal world. So, cereal lovers must unite! Let us bring
    justice to the world and lives of one of the most loved food in the world. Let us always be epic and stay forever loyal.

    Created by: Dinny Grayson

  2. Jayn

    Sep 30, 2007
    Updating with new families! Keep in mind that you guys can post here yourself. v:
  3. Jayn

    Sep 30, 2007
    Updated with Literate Beans!

    I will be removing some of the inactive ones shortly. c: Once again, feel free to advertise your family yourself.


  4. Hiro ✩ Guardian

    Dec 28, 2010
    Name: The Karen Gillan Fanclub
    Small Description: Join us as we love Doctor Who Companion Amy pond and hate Martha Jones.
    Activity Level: Nothing really yet, this is why we are looking for new members
    Created by: Ventus108
    Other: The whole we hate Martha thing is a joke, we don't like her, but you are allowed to
  5. Labrys King's Apprentice

    Jan 12, 2012
    Well I was gonna make my own family but Im afraid of the results I might get soooo yeah. Im here to be adopted....
  6. Jayn

    Sep 30, 2007
    @Keyblade Knight; Project Nocturne is always open for new participants. * u * I don't know how much you like music, though.

    @Thread; Updating to say that I will be removing ALL inactive forum families from the OP by Friday. Please post in your threads if you want them to remain open/available.
  7. mindy lover Destiny Islands Resident

    Jun 18, 2014
    Baton Rouge, Louisiana
    Are we allowed to start our own family if none of them fit us?
  8. Jayn

    Sep 30, 2007
    { Of course you can! There isn't a lot of activity here, though, but don't let that discourage you if you have a forum family idea. Another thread you may be interested in is the Last Person to Post thread. They're almost like a forum family in that there are a lot of regulars and they talk about their days and whatnot, but it's a game that just keeps going ... forever.

    I believe you mentioned something somewhere on the forum about being disinterested in lounges, but if you ever change your mind, the Spamzone Community Thread is a good place to hang out and make friends as well. }