Final 'Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue' Trailer Released

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  1. T'Challa Wakanda Forever!

    Nov 2, 2011
    Instead of making us wait till Jump Festa to see another trailer, Square-Enix went ahead and released the final trailer of 'Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue' for us to enjoy, and it sure is gorgeous:

    In addition to the trailer, series director Tetsuya Nomura also confirmed on Twitter that more news will come tomorrow!
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Discussion in 'Kingdom Hearts News & Updates' started by T'Challa, Dec 8, 2016.

    1. Calxiyn
      I have some other thoughts but can we talk about this?


      I mean I guess XEHANORT needs a suitcase when he time travels to **** everyone up but-

      Seriously though look at that, at first I thought it was Lexaus' weapon but it's a giant ass suitcase. Why does the game show this? What significance does this have?
    2. Explode
      I tried to "half watch" this trailer to avoid spoilers (though I already caught some quick flashes which reveal some potentially big things). For those wanting to stay clean, you should avoid this trailer, because I can't imagine there's much else left of 0.2 that they haven't shown.

      Looks great. I won't be re-watching and analyzing this one though. We're a month and a half away from release, I can hold out :P

      That said I hope the other news is an early 1.5+2.5 trailer, so we can see what the damn thing looks like.
    3. Fearless

      Sweet sunshine child Sora bouncing back into our lives. Kairi actually doing things. Riku carrying everyones shit.


      I love everything.
    4. Iskandar
      I just wish there were subs so I could understand what they were saying. And I seriously want to know what that suitcase is all about, because it looked like at 2:16 riku picks up a similar suitcase as well
    5. tamale
      Why are you so sure it's Xehanort? :b I'm thinking that's probably the Master of Masters (or maybe Luxu), since I don't expect we'll see Xehanort in 0.2 or Back Cover.
    6. Day~Dream
      OMGGGG!!!! I love that you can dress up Aqua! And I'm a little surprised. I didn't think Sora, Riku, and Kairi would play a bigger role in the game. But after this trailer I was wrong and I'm not even mad about it. I also want to know what's the deal with the suitcases and where I can get one. I want to travel in style too. >_>
    7. Calxiyn
      XD I mostly said Xehanort just because it was funnier then Luxu. Anyway, what do YOU think the suitcase is?
    8. libregkd
    9. Iskandar
      Well that works too.

      Also, the more I hear his lines, the more I feel like that 6th apprentice isn't really a bad guy. He just knows things that are going to happen and can't do anything about it, but does what he feels is right. I don't know, it just doesn't feel like an antagonistic character
    10. Calxiyn
      The thing is, is that protagonists can be "villains", and antagonists can be "heros", it's just who's point of view the story is being told by. If KH was told from Xehanort's view, he'd be the protagonist and Sora would be the antagonist, Sora is still the "hero" tho.

      The Foretellers may be who we identify as the protagonists but they could still be "villainous", and in their actions they sort of seem that way a little bit- their selfishness caused the war, they are named after deadly sins (so is Luxu but like you know what I mean?). So Luxu may be the "hero" because he realizes their actions are negatively affecting the future, that they're all in the wrong, but he's still the antagonist because he's opposing them.

      Tldr just because he's against them doesn't mean he's bad because our foretellers could be evil and wrong
    11. tamale
      You make a good point, but the one who's talking in those moments is actually the Master of Masters, which I know can be confusing when they both wear black cloaks, but the last trailer we got had both speak, and Luxu's voice is definitely higher-pitched than the Master of Masters'.
    12. Yozora

    13. Krowley
      I feel like the Aqua clothes changing thing was purely for fanservice, but it would be cool to see in future games that the accessories that are equipped by the party can be seen in the cutscenes. I know this was something they toyed around with i early games with Drive Forms and Keyblades.

      Also Sora's last line just made me think of;

    14. Iskandar
      Yeah, i know the whole relation between "bad buy" and "antagonist", but I just say it in terms of how we view the story through the protagonist's eyes.

      I guess I don't remember. Either way, it doesn't seem so much like they're bad. But I want to know how it relates to Xehanort, if there is any relation at all.
    15. T'Challa
      If the customized version of Aqua doesn't appear in cutscenes, I will be a tad bit disappointed.