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    Forum Assistance
    Here you can ask any questions pertaining to the forums, the rules, or both. In addition, if there’s some sort of error on the site, or a broken link, feel free to post it here. Questions that do not pertain to the site or the forums belong in the Technology section.

    Frequently Asked Questions
    We have an extensive FAQ that you should look at before asking a question. If your question remains unanswered by the FAQ, feel free to post in this section. The FAQ should be your first stop, though--we didn't go through the trouble of making it for nothing!

    Be patient!
    If you’re posting for help, please be patient in waiting for a response; a staff member will typically reply within a few hours, but if they don’t, badgering them (posting on their profile, tagging them in your posts) won’t get you very far. You may also be asked a few questions before receiving a solution (like which browser you’re using or how to reproduce the problem), so we ask that you just bear with us while we do a little research. Help us help you!

    We appreciate it when other users reply to help threads, but please be sure that you know the answer to the question before replying. Your answers should be detailed and clear. If you’re unsure of the answer, it’s probably better to just leave it for the staff.

    Making Suggestions
    Before making a new thread, please search. It’s possible that your idea has already been suggested!

    Suggestions should aim to help or otherwise augment the community. It’s important to keep in mind that just because you want something, prefer a certain configuration, or would enjoy something, that doesn’t mean everyone else would, or that it’s within the scope of the site. We’re happy to entertain all ideas, but there’s such a thing as having too many features.

    Please be as clear as possible with your suggestion, and expect to make some compromises. Many suggestions are met with constructive criticism, and it’s important to find a solution that will please everyone. If you feel that someone is being overly negative and resorting to personal attacks, please use the Report button.

    You’re welcome to bump old threads if you would like to re-open the discussion on a particular suggestion. However, bumping several threads will be frowned upon; a lack of responses to your suggestion may mean a lack of interest.

    This forum is not for reports—if there are threads that need to be moved, to be deleted, or otherwise have moderator attention, use the Report button, not this forum.

    Finally, we ask that you respect that the staff will say no sometimes. We’re happy to provide a platform for users to make suggestions, but not everything is up for debate. When we do reject a suggestion, we will try to be as detailed as possible about why.

    This section utilizes thread prefixes to help sort the content. Here's a brief description of when each should be used:
    • Help: Use this prefix for general user-end prefixes, like when you're not sure where to find something, how to do something, or if you encounter some kind of error. Basically, if you need to ask for help... mark your thread help!
    • Awaiting Feedback: Making a suggestion? Mark your thread with this prefix! Threads marked with this prefix are open to opinions and critiques from other users.
    • Working On it: This prefix is used only by the staff; we've approved your suggestion and are working on implementing it.
    • Implemented: This prefix is used only by the staff. Your suggestion has been accepted and implemented on the site!
    • No Thanks: Your suggestion has been rejected. This prefix is also only used by the staff.
    • vBulletin: Legacy suggestions from when we ran a different software are marked with this prefix.

    We use forum software called XenForo; the built-in features of XenForo and the availability of XenForo add-ons will occasionally limit what we can implement on KH-Vids. We are willing to fund custom development if there’s a great suggestion made, but bear in mind that this is often done out of the pocket of staff members. If you would like to contribute money, you can always donate via our homepage; if you would like the money to go towards a certain suggestion, you can leave that in the donation comment.

    You can find a listing of XenForo add-ons here. However, please bear in mind that there are several factors we evaluate before installing an add-on (price, level of support & updates, possible conflicts with other add-ons, support for our version of XenForo, etc.). We appreciate that users here may have experience with XenForo, but unless asked, it may be best to leave the technical considerations to the staff — only we know the specific possibilities and configuration for our site.
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