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    This Role-play and in fact this entire page is currently a work in progress, but hopefully the sooner I open it to the public, the more interest it will gain, and the sooner we can start! Also, very important information, we need the following criteria to start:

    x1 Bartender
    x1 Accountant (CHECK)

    x1 Chef
    x1 Waiter
    x1 Accountant

    (Which jobs which characters have are given in "Cast", and described on the wiki under the Article "Jobs".)

    Fate & Fortune is a Kingdom Hearts Based Role-Playing Game of my own design that pits two teams against each other. These two teams, almost a give-in, are "Organization XIII" and the "KH & FF Heroes", but with many special twists and turns. First off, both teams work at and run opposing eating establishments, but this is not your "Run-of-the-mill" [KH chars] get a job sort of RP. There's specific jobs preset for each character, and many different systems that take strategy to aid in increasing your character's capabilities and your team's success as a whole. Levelling up, bonuses, munny, banking, friends, reputations, and more are all features that will allow each player to be fully immersed into the game play, and integrated with one another in the process.

    The Nobodies run a bar, "Fate", funded by Xemnas, and operated by Luxord. It is slightly run aground and in need of fixing up, but the Nobodies are set to set it straight. The KH & FF Hero Selection run a family restaurant just across the street, "Fortune", which predated the establishment of "Fate" by a few months. The two are already in competition for control of Eatery Lane in good old Main Town U.S.A, but there exists a more business-like battle than a literal one. However, both sides can employ the use of Heroes and Villains to assist along the way towards success, but doing so may increase or vastly decrease Reputations, which makes it a tricky venture. Both places respect the presence of the other, so this is not the main objective, but neither are against the idea of running the other out of business either. Will the two continue to live in relative harmony? Or are things about to get topsy-turvy in Main Town?

    Missions, serving customers, story episodes and such will keep the story rolling, but it's up to the players to progress their characters in order to make them better at their job, in turn making their business more successful. Each character has their own limits, perks, persona, and such, so I ask: please choose wisely; you can only pick one for now, and you can't switch once we've officially started. The good thing is everybody has something big to do and everyone plays a major part!

    (Links go directly to that character's page on the wiki; wiki provides basic information on the character as well as their position in work. My goal for the first week of Sign-ups is to have at least all the required positions filled out for information and at least one establishment's cast all written out.)

    NPC's of Main Town- Sebax(This includes Shopkeepers and Customers. NOTE: These characters cannot be claimed; they are here purely for educational purposes.)
    Xemnas- Funds "Fate", runs a Furniture store in Town Square.
    Mickey Mouse- Funds "Fortune", runs a Club in Town Square.
    Stitch- Runs a grocery store in Town Square; which later sells pets.
    Genie of the Lamp- Runs a Ad shop in Town Square.
    Scrooge McDuck- Runs the Bank in Town Square.

    These characters may be claimed. :3
    Xigbar (Preemptive Security)-
    Xaldin (Bouncer)-
    Vexen (Mixologist)-
    Lexaeus (Bouncer)-
    Zexion (Treasurer/Accountant)- FloodofTwilight34
    Saïx (Bartender/Chef)-
    Axel (Bartender/Chef)-
    Demyx (Entertainment)-
    Luxord (Owner/Manager)- Sebax
    Marluxia (Waiter)-
    Larxene (Waitress)-
    Roxas (Advertisement)-

    Sora (Chef)-
    Kairi (Maitre d')-
    Riku (Chef)-
    Donald (Mixologist)-
    Goofy (Entertainment)-
    Leon (Owner/Manager)- Sebax
    Cid (Preemptive Security/Accountant)-
    Cloud (Immediate Security/Waiter)-
    Tifa (Immediate Security)-
    Yuffie (Immediate Security/Waitress)-
    Aerith (Waitress)-
    Namine' (Advertisement)-

    Special Rules for Jobs and criteria for work are found in the link.

    Reputation System- Monitors how well a character is portrayed. Reputation can go up or down depending on how the player portrays them.
    Friends System- Allow for bonuses and perks, even though it has little to do with storytelling, this can be implemented all the same.
    Mission System- Missions allow for easy access to new levels, new abilities and another string of events through completion. Broad Missions include serving guests and Macro Episodes. Basically, Missions move the story along while also serving the interest of the players.
    Upgrading- Every player has a say in how the establishments can improve, and there's plenty of NPC's out there to help make these visions come true.
    Banking System- All munny earned goes straight into the bank. Munny can be used to be a number of goodies already available as well as new bonuses yet to come!
    Levelling up- Each Job has its own targets to reach and levelling up gets you new items, abilities and other goodies to make your character better at the job they do.

    Here are some Rules for general purposes. More rules can be found here on a wiki made especially to sort out all the info for the game.

    1.)Follow the Rules & Guidelines of how the many ultra-convoluted systems work, and we’ll all be happy campers.
    2.)I want to say this now if I said it nowhere else: Interactions for the RP go here, and interactions that involve expanding territories, claiming rewards, etc…, go in “Town Square”. It helps keep things simple for everyone.
    3.)Even though the Town Square is in the OOC section, this doesn't mean you have to throw out character integration. Check “Town Square” for more on this, as it is not, per say, a rule.
    4.)Basic kh-vids.net rules apply on GM’ing and PP’ing (Huh…that sounds dirty…)
    5.)Once you pick a character, you are making a commitment to use that character on a regular basis. If you are inactive for 30 Days without telling me prior to the inactivity why, your character will be back up for grabs, at the same level you left them. If you’re lucky, you may be able to reclaim said character if no other user is currently using them.
    6.)Keep things as true to character as possible as well as PG at a maximum. Permitted “swear” words include: “Hell”, “Crap” and “Ass” (Ass can only be used if it is referring to a.) A donkey or b.) A character is acting like an ass. No “holes” at the end though.)
    7.)As Game Master, I reserve the right to kick you out for griefing, trolling, abuse of fellow players, prolonged inactivity, deliberate neglect of the rules of the game, among other factors.
    8.)Post “That’s good eating!” somewhere in your sign-up post to verify that you have read AND understand all the rules printed here. Post “Wow! That’s good eating!” in your post to say you have read through most or all of relevant and updated information in the wiki.
    9.)1 Character per player. We want everyone to have fun here! If things are slow for a while and you've been actively playing for a satisfactory time, then you may ask to have two characters, but can only have another from the same establishment you picked your original from.
    10.) This is for in-game, but I want to stress: It’s Saïx, not Saix. You can easily put in the correct letter by holding down “ALT”, then punching in “1-3-9”. I want this RP to be as immersive and professional-looking as possible. Also, there is the matter of other accented words, such as "Maitre d'", where a circumflex would go over the "i"; don't worry about that. But do include an apostrophe after Namine, in order to make it Namine'
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    Jan 8, 2012
    I'm thinking Leon maybe, but I wan to wait until you get back online to discuss it with you.

    ("Wow! That's good eating!")< like that?

    Update: Okay Zexion. He is cool, and honestly my favorite organization member. Thanks for discussing it with me.
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