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    Hey everyone, it seems interesting enough, Famitsu edited their Trailer Summary, it's unknown if this was done by a request of Square-Enix or Nomura until TGS is opened to the public, or Famitsu got some information wrong and corrected it, we'll just have to wait.

    Translation by Pazuzu
    New Kingdom Hearts Projects Unveiled

    At Square-Enix's booth, there was an Open Theatre where anyone could come and
    watch, and a Closed Theatre, which was limited by numbers. So we'll give a good
    long account of the queue-clogged Closed Theatre! Unfortunately, photos were
    forbidden, so all we have is text. So read it carefully and try to get caught up
    in the atmosphere!

    The first thing to appear was the Fabula Nova Crystallis logo. In a sea of
    clouds we see a plane (airship?), and the narration begins. It's 'Final Fantasy
    XIII'. It's like the other trailers, except new parts are added here and there.
    For example, at the beginning, we see the inside of the futuristic city up in
    the air called "Cocoon". Onwards, we see the same as was shown at the end of
    last year, including the army, the bandana-wearing mystery man, and the Shiva
    sisters. But then it suddenly changes. The world that we've only seen parts of
    so far is revealed to be a complete wasteland. Like in primeval times. We see
    creatures like dinosaurs, then the camera zooms up to the top of a cliff where
    we see a twin-tailed girl wearing caveman-like clothing. And as soon as you
    think "New character!", the logo appears and the trailer ends. The screen reads
    "For PLAYSTATION 3 Only".

    We see a TV commercial currently going for 'Crisis Core'.

    We see the usual 'Before Crisis' trailer, but at the end of it, we see an
    announcement that the snowboarding game already available in the US, 'Final
    Fantasy VII Snowboarding' will be released in a few days.

    After 'Dirge of Cerberus: Lost Episode', we see 'Advent Children Complete'.
    Detailed scenes are included, showing more of the suffering of those afflicted
    with Geostigma. Then we see Cloud and Sephiroth fighting furiously, and new
    shots of Sephiroth with his single wing. At the end of the trailer, "For Release
    in 2008" is shown clearly.

    Next we were shown two different commercials for 'Subarashiki Kono Sekai'.

    "The world was created 12 times, and now the 13th has begun." And with that,
    'Dissidia: Final Fantasy' begins. The Warrior of Light from FFI, along with
    Garland and Sephiroth, appear. Next, we see Zidane figting Kuja in much the same
    way as we saw at the Square-Enix Party, except that Zidane has more lines. After
    that, we see Frioniel (Eng: Firion), the protagonist of FFII, and Squall, the
    protagonist of FFVIII. Finally, on the left and right of the logo we see a huge
    Chaos and Cosmos flying in the clouds over their lands getting ready to fight,
    and the trailer ends.

    "Good morning, Aya...it's your third birthday." Thus begins the trailer for the
    new mobile phone game 'The 3rd Birthday'. Aya Brea is walking down the middle
    aisle of a church, with staff credits appearing. We have Motomu Toriyama, along
    with Toshimitsu Takeuchi, an external employee. After that, bullets flood the
    church and we see a shocking screen with blood-covered rings, then the trailer
    ends. The last thing we see is "Made for FOMA phones" and "Work In Progress".

    Next up is 'Monotone'. "Goodbye" is shown, and as a solemn song plays, we see
    Mono and Tone heading for the Demon King's castle. This serious mood carries
    through a trailer that shows what seems to be the final end to the series. But
    then suddenly it changes, and we see scenery drawn in crayon and Mono, in
    polygons, standing there. We wonder if it's a sequel, but then te next screen
    shows "Incomplete". It says that the final chapter will be distributed in

    Moving on, we see "Kingdom Hearts - New Concepts, New Titles" appear in waves.
    The new projects hinted at before are finally shown.

    The first trailer shown has "Time flows", "As mysteries are unlocked, the world
    continues to expand." With Jiminy Cricket telling the story, we see Sora
    standing up on te Destiny Islands. In a battle scene, we see a puzzle-style
    action system, with the command "Debugging Mode". And at the end of the trailer,
    we see a scene reminiscent of the beginning of Kingdom Hearts [in Traverse
    Town], where King Mickey says "Sora, I was here that day. Time to tell you the
    truth." This might be the story of Kingdom Hearts told from a different
    perspective. In any case, the title is 'Kingdom Hearts: Coded', for mobile

    The new KH project info continues.
    "What happened on the other side while Sora slept.", and "Whenever they come in
    contact, their hearts return to them." are shown.
    We see Roxas and Axel sitting up on the clock tower in Twilight Town. Then we
    see event scenes relating to Organization XIII, and a battle scene. You control
    Roxas, fighting Heartless, so is he the protagonist of this game? We also see
    scenes of him fighting other Organization XIII members. This also has the first
    multiplayer system seen in the KH series. You can see Roxas, Xigbar, Saix and
    Axel being controlled. Next, we see event scenes of arguments between
    Organization XIII, and the title appears: 'Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days', for
    Nintendo DS.

    And on to the final new KH project.
    "Far in the past." "A hidden destiny is born from sleep." A previously unseen
    black-haired youth is talking with a boy who has the same face as Roxas, but
    different clothing. The black-haired youth's name is Tera. The Roxas-like boy's
    name is Ven. We also see the old man from the KHII:FM secret movie, along with a
    person clad in what looks like black biker's clothing and a helmet. Tera seems
    to be active in the battle scene, but the event scenes seem to concern both Tera
    and Ven. This game's title is "Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep", reflecting the
    title of the KHII:FM secret movie, for PlayStation Portable.

    It seems the above three are the full story on the new projects. At the end of
    the trailers, we see "Hidden" "Days are" "Born from sleep", words which embody
    the three trailers. Then we see "The story leads on to an approaching time."
    which puts us in mind of the three titles being linked to the next game.

    Lastly, for the third time the Fabula Nova Crystallis logo appears, to announce
    'Final Fantasy Versus XIII'. A lot of new things are added to the existing
    battle scene. Of these, we see scenes of a girl standing up against the main
    character, along with a blond youth who seems to be friends with the main
    character. Then we see a black-suited group who seem to be holding a meeting.
    Finally, the logo appears and the reailer ends with lines from Shakespeare. We
    also see "For PLAYSTATION 3 Only".

    In all, the Closed Theatre lasts 35 minutes.

    You should notice some of the main mysteries of the trailer were cut out by them, so we'll wait to see if it was an error, or something else.

    Thanks to Pazuzu for informing me of this.
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Discussion in 'Kingdom Hearts News & Updates' started by Xaldin, Sep 20, 2007.

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      This sounds so flipping uber. I must own them alllll @_@
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      awesome! I cant wait for the games to release! and i cant believe i wasnt able to be on TGS!
      thanks Xadin and Pazuzu for posting this!
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      Sounds exciting. It's too bad that it was a closed theatre. Most of us will be losing sleep over this news. haha
    5. Alpha Sonix
      Alpha Sonix
      Puzzle System??? Yuck! (starts saving money for DS and PSP.)
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      new games!
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      ugh, i want to own ALL of them dammit. XP but whhyyyy on the PSP and DS and cell phone and...XP. that sucks. i mean, sure, i have a DS, but, for some reason, it don't think it'll be fun playing the game like that. sorry. playing on a playstation console just has a better feel. :\ the 358/2 days one sounds like the best in my opinion. i wanna play as axel like...you have no idea. XDD
    8. W7F
      Hmm... A Kh game for cell phones? : I have an EnV.
      KH game for PSP?: I have one
      KH game for DS?: I have one... that I can steal from my sister.

      But, I still dun like Square and affiliates for putting this stuff on other things then the PS2/3... Makes everything more difficult.
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      ok heres what i see

      the one for the mobile, it sounds like it sucks but i will never count a kingdom hearts game out, i need more info before i think about it

      the one for the ds is easy. roxas=my favorite character, me=owns a ds. in definitely buyin it

      now the one on the psp. i dont have a psp but i just GOTTA play that game! needing about $200+no job= a very sad me :(
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      Thanks for the info Xaldin! Does anyone know what kind of graphics are in the 358/2 gameplay? I believe the cutscenes are similar to PS2 graphics, but I don't think gameplay was mentioned.
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      Alpha Sonix
      I want it in fully 3D, if they can do the cutscenes in 3D then why not the gameplay?

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