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    Kingdom Hearts II: Eternal Heroes

    Prologue: Recap

    The ocean waves crashed into the shores of sand softly with the scent of salt lingering in the air. A man in a black cloak, alone, sat on a smooth and large rock, silent and lost in his theories, plans, and thoughts. He rubbed his hands together but stopped immediately, “How silly,†he said, “Out of habit, I forgot the theory: “We do not exist.†It remained like that for a while until from the darkness appeared two portals. From each of them stepped out a boy. Two boys. Not just any ordinary boys, not just your ordinary teenagers, but teenagers with great power and ties to two heroes.

    “You have arrived,†the man said nodding, “You’re late.â€

    “Yeah, well,†said the second one that stepped out of the portal, “We ran into a bit of trouble back home.â€

    The first one merely shrugged, “Sorry we’re late,†he muttered, crossing his arms, “Heartless nuisance. “

    “Really?†the man said with interest, “Interesting.†The two walked towards the man slowly, “I went to see them,†the man continued, looking at the water. He turned to look back at the two-cloaked figures, “And they look a lot like you.â€

    “You still haven’t answered our question,†the first one said with impatience, “Who are you?â€

    The man smirked under his hood, “I’m what’s left or…†he said with no emotion, looking at the ocean again, watching sparkle dimly, “Maybe I’m all there ever was. Even with my knowledge, I still don’t know.â€

    The second snorted, “He meant your name,†he said crossing his arms, “Answer us…Superior.â€

    The man glared at the two, “My name is of no importance,†he simply replied, “What about you? Do you two remember your true names?â€

    The two figures looked at each other, the first one nodded with assurance, “My name is…â€



    Sora opened his eyes, the sun shining brightly in the ocean blue skies of Destiny Island. Blue skies and white clouds passing by, another ordinary day. He yawned as he pulled himself, and pulled himself down to go back to asleep. Kairi was staring at him, smirking.


    Kairi giggled at her friend’s expense, “Give me a break, Kai--,†Sora said with annoyance.

    “Sora, you lazy bum. I knew I’d find you somewhere around here,†Kairi said, laughing.


    “Aren’t you guys forgetting about me?†Riku asked faking sadness, carrying a log, “So…I guess I’m the only one actually building the raft.â€


    “Giving up already?†Riku taunted giving Sora and Kairi a mischievous grin as they raced across the beach shore.


    Sora, sat with Kairi on the Papou Tree, Riku leaning on the trunk, watching the sun go down, past the seven seas and over the horizon.

    “If there are any other worlds out there,†Riku asked, “Why did we end up on this one?â€

    “I dunno…†Sora replied lazily and Kairi just rolled her eyes out of annoyance.

    Riku nodded, “Exactly,†he said with confidence, “That’s why we have to go out there and find out.â€


    Sora looked at the picture in the Secret Cave, the picture of Kairi and himself, smiling, and with the recently added Papou Fruit that Sora just drew.

    He gave a faint smile.

    “This world has been connected…â€

    Sora looked behind him to see a mysterious man in a brown cloak, “Who’s there?†he cried.

    “Tied to the darkness…â€

    Sora glared at the man angrily, “Whoever you are…stop creeping me out!â€

    “You understand nothing…â€


    Kairi stood up from the walkway, “Sora…don’t ever change.â€

    “I just can’t wait…once we set sail…it’ll be great.â€


    “If I win…I’m captain!†Sora said with a grin, “And if you win…â€

    “I’ll get to share a Papou with Kai--,†Riku finished, smirking confidently.


    “Deal? Winner gets to share Papou with Kai--!â€


    “You ready to go, Sora?†Riku said, leaning against the Papou Tree, “Tomorrow’s the big day, huh?â€

    “Yeah,†Sora replied, “The big day.â€

    “Hey Sora,†Riku said waveringly, “We’re…we’re still friends, right?â€

    “Of course. Why’d you ask?â€

    “Oh nothing. Just thinking out loud.â€


    “What are these things?†Riku shouted, slashing apart a Shadow, “And where’s Kairi?â€

    Sora gritted his teeth angrily as he sidestepped a lunge from a Shadow, “I dunno!†he shouted, bringing the Kingdom Key down on the Shadow’s back.


    “You understand so little…â€


    Kairi reached out for Sora’s hand, suddenly the door opened behind, unleashing a strong gust of wind knocking her into Sora but mysteriously disappeared.


    Sora looked at Riku, afraid and confused, before being swept away by the gust of winds…

    lol. Short I know, but this is only the prologue. This is actually the second story after my fanfic, Kingdom Hearts Alternate Univerise: The Change Of Our Destiny. It's basically Kingdom Hearts with different events such as Riku not going being drawn into the darkness or the event in a flashback in, I dunno, coming soon chapters, Anti-Form with Riku :D.
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