KH-Vids Podcast Episode #96: E3 2015

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    It's time for the KH-Vids Podcast! After last week's episode about Kingdom Heart's presence at E3, we now talk about everything else that went down at the annual gaming expo!

    Podcast hosts @Misty, @libregkd, and @Calxiyn cover all the big announcements made at this year's E3 conference. We go through all the major conferences citing what interested us included the Horizon: Zero Dawn, Fallout 4, Final Fantasy VII: Remake, The Last Guardian, and more! We also talk about how certain conferences were a lot less interesting than the others plus a bunch of games that were being shown off on the expo floor!

    Our user-submitted questions this week has us answering what Final Fantasy world we would be interested in seeing in Kingdom Hearts and whether or not we subscribe to using cheap tactics in video games, both questions come courtesy of @Nobodyslight. Finally, for Community News, the KH-Vids User Awards nominations are now open!

    Have thoughts of your own on E3? Hyped for a game shown? Bummed out about anything? Let us know in the comments!


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Discussion in 'Community News & Projects' started by libregkd, Jul 1, 2015.

    1. Amaury
      Taking over for Misty? :D
    2. Kaneco
      I'm glad Misty isn't in charge of the FFVII remake.

      Pretty tired of the constant pandering to PC culture...people don't know how to have fun anymore nowadays.

      Not much of a fan of 'hugboxes' and/or hand-holding trigger warnings, because I'm an adult and should be treated that way...I can take care of myself, I appreciate the thought but no thanks.

      I'm not a homophobe or a racist, but I love comedy...especially shock-driven dark comedy and love to make fun of myself (self-deprecating humor) as well as others from time to time.

      I know Misty probably doesn't care about my opinion due to my opening line while having opposite views in many ways, which she is in her right to feel such a way...but I feel like I need to express my discomfort for such constant pandering to PC culture and everything seemingly looking like 'Identity Politics' & 'Popularity Contests' ESPECIALLY in 'Social media' (which I completely abhor) more now than ever before, in a way that it seems borderline narcissistic & shows that some people succumb to delusions of grandeur.

      I'm a huge supporter for devs to do what they want when making games, and not simply focus on catering to keeping PC culture happy...keep yourself happy with the product you're making, it's your baby & pet project...stick to your guns no matter who you are and/or what you're into! Don't let others dye you in colors that are not your own.

      I don't like when PC culture or self-entitled gamers like to shove their own values onto developers, and make their 'wishlist' seem more like a 'list of demands'.

      It got ridiculous when the internet exploded with the misinformation of Fire Emblem: was a witch hunt of sorts.

      Anyways, I agree with Libregkd with the notion on expanding and referencing Crisis Core & the inclusion of previously optional canon characters in a way that the story can be a lot more concise & easy to follow...but the key story, mini-games & funny scenes should remain the same whether people like or not. It should be faithful to the original for the most part...remakes are usually catered for the old fan-base that loved the original so it should remain with that mission in mind...keep it faithful.

      Anyways, love the podcast...been listening for years but was never compelled to respond until now (not much of a forum poster as I used to be), this is one of two podcasts that I still listen to.

      Cheers! :D

      On a side note: Happy that Love Won...tons of my Gay friends are so happy that they have the chance to marry if the occasion arises. One thing I love the most is seeing people smile...good vibes are very important in order to keep oneself/each other happy & from having a sh*tty day! :p
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    3. . : tale_wind
      . : tale_wind
      I'll be honest, there's a lot I want to respond to in this post, but I'm on mobile now and can't muster up the effort at the moment. But trigger warnings exist for people with mental illnesses or traumatic histories who might be sorely negatively affected by specific content. They're not just overly-PC I-don't-want-to-offend-anyone tags.
    4. libregkd
      I don't think there is anything wrong with critiquing games on social failings (particularly when said game is plot heavy) much like there isn't anything wrong with critiquing a game's level design or game mechanics. Criticism is what drive people to improve, be more creative, be more daring and stifling game criticism stifles interesting game ideas. Like I'm sure many developers in the late 90s-mid 2000s thought having an underwater level as part of their game design was a great idea. It was, after all, what they wanted to do for their game. But after receiving criticism from the audience after releasing those games, they kind of stopped doing that. It's why Blizzard abandoned the Auction House in Diablo 3 or why KH2 decided to put the camera on the analog sticks. Developers are ultimately always the one to decide what gets put into a game and what doesn't (disregarding any business decisions such as DLC or micro-transactions) so obviously if they want to change something within their game because of critiques, it's because it's something they wanted to do. Otherwise they would just ignore the critique because it's something they didn't feel it was wrong or wanted to change it.
    5. Kaneco
      Sorry that I wasn't very specific about what I take issue with 'trigger warnings', so this a continuation of my last post.

      I agree that trigger warnings should be given if images or some sort of visual medium is given that might strike someone off-guard if it wasn't warranted by how exponential the effect may be on the person slaughter house animal videos/images or people getting injured that may proof to be highly graphic to the viewer.

      But every other aspect can just be interpreted (presented) by the title of the video/article or context of the convo taking place within the video/article's ridiculous to expect to cater to every single want and need from each individual's (sometimes ridiculous & fabricated based on social interactions & not VERY REAL traumatic/scarring events) 'PTSDs' that years ago seemed & was treated like a 'phase' and nowadays is an acceptable 'disease' to stick with and you're devoid of responsibility from dealing with...when 'other' people (should) have to compromise to get around it, so it enables NOT coping with it on your own and getting past it...when it may very well be just a phase. It's the reason why I'm not fond of the 'hugbox' mentality...and more of an individualist, I don't like to feel as a damsel in distress at all and don't need the affirmation of others to feel complete/wholesome. Not everything 'mental' is a 'disease' demeans real 'mental diseases' that have been studied, documented & identified as such for years.

      People nowadays feel pressured to create a 'safe-space' for everyone in fear of being demonized/ostrocized, becoming victims to hate mobs/movements/activists harassing them on social media in the hundreds/thousands and/or getting them fired off their jobs not due to work merit but because of difference of opinion, etc...due to not catering to the standards of some people (ex. SJW mobs) that it eventually becomes sort of a witch hunt.

      Some people have warped/twisted reality and have relegated the term (verbal) 'offensive' to 'abuse/harassment/rape', and excuse themselves from 'proper & constructive criticism'.

      Tolerance, acceptance & the matter of having a difference in opinion, as well as the point of civil discussion...has become a thing of the past. Social media has become a very self-destructive, toxic & hate-filled platform where people just spread out if it were the youtube comments section but with so much much prevalence, power and effect.

      I wrote a Twitlong about some insight about depression, especially seeing 'depression' very frequently expressed on social media and many other fronts...because it pains me to see a lot of people like that, and they can't seem to deal with their own problems because they're so dependent on the action and/or support of others to make themselves feel content which is a terrible way to deal with them, it's just a temporary 'placebo' in order to make yourself feel better...but then you go through withdrawals from the lack of said 'placebo', never really coming to term with your problems...and no, this people are normal people not mentally (ill) diseased people.

      It's the very reason why I made that post above...because I'm pretty tired of seeing these 'safe-spaces' becoming a requirement of 'others' & 'hugboxes' devoid of criticism and logic, and if you don't fit with these sort of new (*cough* world order *cough* lol!) norms you get ostracized and deemed a 'monster' for thinking differently or just merely expressing yourself...even in jest.

      Basically: 'Your freedoms end when my feelings begin' mentality ensues...and every individual has their own spectrum that they think everyone should abide by no matter how ridiculous/absurd or reasonable it is, as it's some kind of right/demand. Not saying all, but lots of people think like this...where everything is an issue and incredibly 'triggering'.

      We can agree to disagree Tale if's just something I wanted to get off my chest for a long time about this growing PC culture that almost feel like it's turning like Orwell's nightmare in a different form where everything is uniform, like-minded, proper, perfect, serious, no-fun-allowed, echo chamber-like...where civil conversations, difference of opinion, tolerance & comedy are dead.

      We all have our flaws that's for sure, we can all definitely agree on that...A perfect society is just a pipe dream.

      That's pretty much what I wanted to convey.

      I apologize for the long read in a little too inspired...time just flew by me by the time I thought: "Damn! I wrote quite a lot!". :P

      Here's the Twitlong I wrote to see where I'm coming's a letter from the heart, which is mostly directed to a lot of people I know and love.

      Cheers! :D