KH-Vids Podcast Episode #95: One Kingdom Hearts III Trailer to Rule Them All

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    The KH-Vids Podcast is back! After a two week hiatus, we're coming at you with 96 minutes of pure Kingdom Hearts. What could be better!

    Podcast hosts @Misty, @libregkd, and @Calxiyn are joined by @Cat~, @Karuta, and @KeybearerofSea to cover the presence of Kingdom Hearts at this year's E3 conference -- majorly and unsurprisingly, the new Kingdom Hearts III trailer. We begin by sharing our thoughts on Sora's brand new costume for Kingdom Hearts III, which slims and simplifies our plucky protag. After arguing about glove length for a few minutes, we launch into our full analysis of the trailer, covering fan theories on chess pieces and calendars, the expansive new maps and environments (including the confirmation of a Tangled world!), Attraction Flow and Keyblade Transformation attacks, and much, much more!

    We also mention the less-thrilling but always adorable Unchained X[chi] trailer, as well as the absence of any new HD remasters for the Kingdom Hearts series at E3.

    Our user-submitted questions this week center around the trailer, with @Scarred Nobody asking what other Disney attractions we hope to see in the title and @Quilligan looking for our new world wishlist. Finally we plug some new developments within our community, including our site's new design and the return of the KH-Vids User Awards.

    It's a podcast episode perfect for any Kingdom Hearts fan! As always, you can support and participate in the KH-Vids Podcast by leaving us a comment, answering our user-submitted questions, submitting to be a guest, or sending in questions of your own -- and have a Kingdom Hearts day!


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Discussion in 'Community News & Projects' started by Misty, Jun 24, 2015.

    1. KeybearerofSea
      You know, something I didn't mention when we were discussing the whole chess match between Eraqus and Xeahnort was how much it reminded me of that scene in X-Men where Professor X and Magneto were playing chess while discussing the inevitable events of X2. Anyone else get that image in their head when seeing that in the new trailer? lol or maybe it was just the Marvel fan in me.

      Overall though this was a great episode to be a part of. I love discussing new KH details and having some fresh speculation to torment the mind over. Reminds me of the days when we were all calling Roxas the Blond Haired Kid.
    2. Patman
      Aristocats => lolcat Sora
      Roger Rabbit => toon Sora
      Monster Inc => dafuk Sora
    3. KeybearerofSea
      This would be so cool!
    4. Patman
      I KNOW !!! A Roger Rabbit world would be awesome period, but I' m afraid they' d run into too many copyright issues to make it interesting.

      Was the chess scene in the comics as well ? It did remind me of X-Men (though the KH plot as a whole seems closer to The Belgariad).
    5. Nobodyslight
      Final fantasy XIII world: here we come.
      I would love a final fantasy X world so that you could find tidus and get beat by him as revenge from Kh 1
    6. Misty
      I'm actually really shocked we've yet to discuss the possibility of Final Fantasy themed worlds in KH. Especially with the FF7 remake in production, and with the plot they've given the FF7 characters in KH, Midgar would be the easiest choice. I do love FFX but I think it would be challenging to explain why the Gullwings are suddenly people and not fairies.

      FFXIII, despite my problems with it, would probably be an easy world to integrate because the plot isn't very complex or detailed (at least in the first game).
    7. Heart ❤
      Heart ❤
      I'd be really interested on hearing you guys do a podcast on FF15 because I don't actually know your (as in all of you podcast guys but especially you Misty) thoughts on it.

      I really would like to see more about the plot for KH3 honestly. I really loved the trailer though.

      Great podcast guys!
    8. Explode
      The calendar is the secret boss.

      World building definitely isn't the "easy part", but animation and scenario planning do take a lot of time and care. I'm agreeing with the September 2017 prediction. I think KH3 will see another two E3's.
    9. libregkd
      Your last point is kind of the reason why I don't expect FF themed worlds because there has been an established origins for the KH version of the Final Fantasy characters. I mean it is KH so established points can always be thrown out the window but for something like Midgar, we already have established that Cloud, Tifa, Aerith, Cid, etc. homeworld is Radiant Garden. Same with Wakka and Tidus being residents of Destiny Islands (instead of Spira) and how certain characters don't even know eachother (Tidus/Yuna or Squall/Seifer). It could work for games that haven't had representation, like XIII, but yeah lol.
    10. Misty
      Oh right, I didn't think of the Radiant Garden origin story -- mostly how Cloud's sideplot ended in Kingdom Hearts II. There's room to keep it going, but it'd be hard to transplant the entire plot of FF7 into Kingdom Hearts because it is fairly complex and relies on elements of the world that are just absent or impossible in Radiant Garden.
    11. KeybearerofSea
      I don't know if that's in the comics anywhere. If it is though that's an added bonus! :D

      Frankly I never liked that fact that they were turned into those weird looking faries. I really admire Yuna and this is one of the very (rare) cases where I would welcome a retcon. lol
      Last edited: Jun 26, 2015
    12. Scarred Nobody
      Scarred Nobody
      - I'm surprised no one brought up how hyped the room seemed to be at the Square Enix Presents confrence for Kingdom Hearts 3. I mean, they were hyping the crap out of it!

      - I can get not liking Nightmare Before Christmas. There are a lot of aspects about it, but it seems it suffers from the backlash of hype. Tim Burton’s style is definitely not for everybody, but I feel when he’s really inspired on something (Edward Sissorhands, Sweeney Todd, Big Eyes), he can really turn out something good. (And, I feel obligated to say what the Burton did not direct NBC. He contributed a lot to the film, and while it’s based on something he did, he is not the director).

      - Frozen is so freaking popular in Japan! I remember going on ANN a lot last year, and there was news about Frozen every other day. It broke all kinds of cultural records, so it's definitely happening.

      - There have been a number of opportunities for the games to incorporate the Disney sequels, but haven’t really chosen to do so. I mean, you could say that Aladdin did “Return of Jafar”, but that could also sort of been read as an original story. I’ve even heard a lot of back and forth if the Disney sequels are really cannon, since most of them are failed television episodes put together into a single movie (well, the direct to DVD sequels anyway).

      - I'm surprised no one brought up The Matterhorn for the attraction attacks (coughnickcough). It would be an awesome ice attack, and they could totally incorporate that yeti!

      - I’m fine with another Pirates world if it means that Crispman Freeman does voice dubbing for Will Turner again. And the plot of the movies kind of wrote out Will and Elizabeth, but the reasons for that could be anything (wouldn’t sign on for more movies, so just get rid of them here).

      - I really don’t like Brave (sorry misty). I feel it has so many problems on a storytelling level. However, I really do see it working as a Kingdom Hearts world. The environment is very pretty, and there are a lot of elements they can definitely play with. All I wish for is for them to make the story better (and to make Merida likable).

      - I have a lot of love in my heart for Inside Out! I felt that it was a really great story and really took me for a loop, and could fit perfectly in the Kingdom Hearts Universe. Maybe it could be something similar to what they did with Tron, a world within a world. I figured that they would have to go inside Kiari’s head, maybe to look for Namine or something that will help her with being a Keyblade Master, and adapt the movie plot to that. The only problem is that it’s a relatively recent release, so I’m not sure if they even had that slated as a possibility.