KH-Vids Podcast Episode #94: E3 2015 Predictions

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    It's podcast time everybody!

    This week your usual podcast crew, @Misty, @libregkd, and @Calxiyn, host the annual E3 predictions episode! As one of the biggest events in gaming, if not the, E3 promises to deliver new game reveals and news galore. Going through each major conference (Bethesda, Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft, Sony, Nintendo, and Square-Enix), we make our predictions, call our bets, and place ourselves at the mercy of the great gaming gods. Our coverage of Square-Enix's conference includes speculation on the presence of Kingdom Hearts at the event, including Unchained X[chi], an HD remaster collection, and of course, Kingdom Hearts 3!

    As per usual, we also answer user-submitted questions! @Graxe digs up one of the more ridiculous elements of KH-Vids history and @Quilligan asks us about Steven Universe!

    Please support and participate in the KH-Vids Podcast by leaving us a comment, answering our user-submitted questions, submitting to be a guest, or sending in questions of your own -- and have a Kingdom Hearts day!


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Discussion in 'Community News & Projects' started by Misty, Jun 3, 2015.

    1. . : tale_wind
      . : tale_wind
      • I'm not super into the Halo games, but the story at least is interesting; I've read some of the books and I watched the short film Forward Unto Dawn. Of particular note is a weekly audio show they're doing leading up to the release of Halo 5: Guardians called Hunt the Truth. Even if you're not very familiar with the series, it's a fascinating story. It follows a journalist named Benjamin Giraud being hired to write a propaganda piece on the Master Chief, but he winds up stumbling upon a massive cover-up. Giraud is voiced by Keegan Michael-Key, and Troy Baker, Steve Blum, and Cobie Smulders also appear in recurring roles.
      • Windows 10 seems like it would be an odd thing to show at a gaming convention, but maybe it's got gaming relevance I don't know about because I don't follow Microsoft.
      • Battlefront not showing at E3 would be bizarre. Maybe more than Zelda Wii U not showing.
      • Might it be better (from my limited knowledge on Titanfall) for them to expand the existing game with DLC, rather than releasing a sequel just yet?
      • Doubt Nintendo will have tech issues with their Direct presentation. :P
      • Man, Sony conferences are long. That never really occurred to me until you mentioned it.
      • Morpheus is supposed to hit next year, so I do think it'll have a significant presence of some sort. Fair point about the feasibility of demos, though.
      • I'm really hoping Sony shows off more about ABZU, that game coming next year from the people who made Journey. That looks breathtaking.
      • "Legacy system" And what a legacy it has. /sarcasm
      • Since recently Team ICO has been adamant that The Last Guardian hasn't been cancelled, I'm hopeful that it will show.
      • Ooh, No Man's Sky! I'm really excited for that. I'd be surprised if it wasn't at E3.
      • I thought Dissidia had already been announced for PS4?
      • Persona 5 is supposed to be out this year (in Japan, at least). I think it'll be at E3.
      • lol konami
      • Wasn't there a Battlefront or Star Wars PS4 at the thing in Anaheim?
      • Nope. Zelda was indeed confirmed a no-show this year.
      • I'm expecting/hoping for a Metroid game reveal. The franchise desperately needs resuscitation after Other M.
      • Doubt we'll get Pokemon Gen. VII this year; Super Mystery Dungeon seems to be this year's big Pokemon game (which I approve of). I expect they'll be saving that for their 20th anniversary next year.
      • I highly doubt the NX will feature. They still want the Wii U to sell, and I think they even admitted they announced it too soon.
      • The Android OS rumor was debunked by Nintendo.
      • Nintendo's confirmed that they're reserving E3 this year solely for 2015 and early 2016 releases.
      • Splatoon actually got a pretty big update this week; ranked matches were globally unlocked, and a new map and weapon were added to the game as well.
      • Fatal Frame is supposed to hit this year, so it'll likely show. Same with Xenoblade Chronicles X.
      • Star Fox is a confirmed appearance this year.
      • I'm feeling iffy on a Wii U Animal Crossing being announced this year. Happy Home Designer is supposed to come this year.
      • I got New Leaf as my Platinum Club Nintendo reward. Help.
      • I'm expecting a new Mario announcement to be Galaxy 3 rather than a standard follow-up, or even Paper Mario. Rosalina gets so much focus in Nintendo, and Galaxy 2 just got re-released on the Wii U eShop.
      • Lucas DLC for Smash will definitely be shown, since he's scheduled to come this month; I expect he'll be a Beyonce drop during or after the Direct. But I wouldn't count on anything coming from the Smash announcement.
      • Nintendo is actually the one who announced the other day that Bravely Second's localization the other day.
      • Project Guard and Project Giant Robot were both confirmed a month or two ago for 2015 releases, and Project Giant Robot for "first half of 2015," even. Maybe that'll be another Beyonce drop.
      • Agreed about KHIII. At most I think we'll get the II.5 footage, or something similar to the teaser from last year's E3.
      • I used to expect FFXV at the end of this year, but given that Episode Duscae is updating this month, I've revised my expectations to the first half of 2016.
      • I expect that a KH HD Super Collection would come to the PS4 and the XB1, to help get those Microsoft people who want to get into it before KHIII comes out. I'm doubtful it would come to Wii U, though that'd be cool.
      • I think Mobius would show up. It's been getting a surprising amount of hype for a mobile title.
      • SE announced that an Episode Duscae update would release this month, but weren't specific about when, so I think part of their limited presentation on that will be a Beyonce drop of that.
      • DQ Heroes is a big hopeful thing, and I think there was a game that was announced to be ported to the Wii U a while back, but there's been no update on it recently. I think they might show Theatrhythm Dragon Quest, too.
      • A new Tactics Advance would be glorious. ; A ;
      • Why would there be an X-3 so long after X-2 though
      • "overt lesbian overtones" Technically, the characters in question are non-binary female-identifying characters.
      • The phone game, Attack the Light, has indeed gotten a lot of critical acclaim.
      • "lighthearted" you are in for a wild ride
    2. libregkd
      Microsoft has been pushing their Windows App store as their own digital marketplace to purchase games for PC and have bene announcing games left and right the past year that will be available on their platform (Basically it'll be like Steam, GOG, GMG, and any other digital marketplace now). They've also been talking a lot about connectivity between Windows 10 and the Xbox One (As well as getting some version of Win10 on XBO). All gaming related stuff in Microsoft has moved under the Xbox banner so console, PC, and mobile games are now "Xbox" products and will be talked about as such now. Phil Spencer is going to be making an appearance at the PC Gamer conference on Tuesday; most likely to talk about Windows 10 gaming stuff + DX12 stuff.

      Should note that it is only the creative director (Matt Nava) and the composer (Austin Wintory) are people from Journey who are working on Abzu. thatgamecompany kinda split apart after Journey shipped with some head people at that company parting ways. thatgamecompany has another game in development though and I'm always interested in what Jenova Chen (co-founder of the company/director of all the companies games) has in store. This does remind me though that I hope Journey for the PS4 finally gets a release date.

      It's in that weird state of "it's announced...sorta". It's officially coming to the system but that version of the game is going to be treated as if it doesn't exist until the arcade version has been out for a bit.
      There was this:

      which was just a giveaway for the event and not like, a retailer bundle/special PS4.
      Yeah this happened just after we finished recording. Though Nintendo has an odd tendency to deny rumors from Nikkei that turn out to be true (Nikkei also leaked out that there was going to be a New 3DS, which Nintendo denied until they officially revealed it lol).
    3. Hayabusa
      As much as I haven't been interested in Halo lately (because lol I don't have the system for 5 lol), I've always enjoyed them. They have actually really good lore, decent stories, and very good multiplayer, which 3 and Reach being my favorite multiplayer shooters at the moment.

      Fuck it's annoying getting DLC for the Mass Effect series; you guys are right on the money with how they never get discounted, cost way too much anyway, and are plentiful. I really want the Citadel and Leviathan stuff for 3 since I never experienced them on the Xbox 360, but GOD DAMN $15 FOR A SIDEQUEST?

      I share the empathy for Assassin's Creed.

      I'm interested in Rainbow Six, though I can't say much more until I can play some myself.

      Hell yes Metroid needs a new game! Corruption, the last main title (I'm not counting Other M) released at 2007.

      Pokemon has reached its Sixth Generation so far. New game would be Seven.

      Wait, AMD is quitting CPU's? This mean the next generation of consoles will be manning Nvidia chips? I'm totally ok with that, but it also worries me that there's no current competition I can think of.

      If y'all have any question on the Batman: Arkham games, direct them to all to moi. I own Asylum and City on PS3 and PC, have Origins regrettably, and am prepared for Knight's Premium Edition.

      And Warner Bros being a good publisher....while they publish good games, they have probably the worst track-record of DLC scummery of any publisher ever. Yes, beating EA.

      [might add more later, almost finished with the podcast]