KH-Vids Podcast Episode #92: Kingdom Hearts Unchained

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    This week @Misty, @libregkd, and @Calxiyn, along with staff guest @Karuta, host a very special guest for an episode where we at last get to talk about Kingdom Hearts! Hailing from the biggest Kingdom Hearts tumblr blog, F Yeah Kingdom Hearts Series, as well as KH Decoded and KH13, @Toominator joins us to cover all the recent announcements surrounding the upcoming smartphone port of Kingdom Hearts X[chi], Kingdom Hearts Unchained X[chi].

    We discuss the presence of microtransactions within the otherwise free-to-play title, hoping for a system similar to Final Fantasy Record Keeper or some kind of cosmetic shop for the player's avatar. We also speculate on whether Unchained will be our only Kingdom Hearts release for 2015, if we'll see HD Remixes on the PS4 (with the possibility of a bundled Dream Drop Distance?), and address the harrowing question of do I have to actually play it? (Spoiler Alert: Yes!)

    As per usual, we take user-submitted questions! @Sice has our guests turn into superheros, @Hayabusa asks us to throw down, @Karuta turns our hometown into a Kingdom Hearts III world, and we chat way more about music than is probably appropriate. We also plug our E3 coverage plans, which we hope you all will be excited about!

    Please support and participate in the KH-Vids Podcast by leaving us a comment, answering our user-submitted questions, submitting to be a guest, or sending in questions of your own -- and have a Kingdom Hearts day!


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Discussion in 'Community News & Projects' started by Misty, May 20, 2015.

    1. Hayabusa

      Having no classes in the summer really throws off my podcast listening...
    2. Misty
      One would assume the inverse relationship... being in class means less time for podcasts! But no, I feel you, I mostly listen to podcasts in the car and I don't have many places to drive outside of a five mile radius these days.

      Also I hope everyone appreciates the amount of effort I put into the cover artwork this week. It (almost) justifies the episode being late.
    3. Toominator
      Thank you guys again for giving me such a great opportunity! It was a lot of fun, and I hope to join you for more podcasts in the future. Call me once we get a release date for KH3 ;)[DOUBLEPOST=1432126425][/DOUBLEPOST]
      I think the graphic looks awesome! Also, do I get a nifty podcast badge? lol
      Last edited: May 20, 2015
    4. KHDecoded
      The cover looks great! Really enjoyed this podcast, as always. :)
    5. Hayabusa
      Pertaining to the question I asked you guys, the games I'm pretty sure I could beat most people (or at least many) here in:
      • Dead or Alive (2-5)
      • Soulcalibur (2-5)
      • Pokemon (XY-ORAS)
      • Devil May Cry (3-4)
      • Bayonetta (1-2)
      I'm only decent at Mortal Kombat right now (own 9, don't own X yet)

      [BTW, y'all slippin' on the censors more and more ;>]
      Last edited: May 25, 2015