KH-Vids Podcast Episode #91: A Video Game Education

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    Joined this week by staff guests @Stardust and @Cat~, @Misty, @libregkd, and @Calxiyn sit down this week to discuss gaming's potential as an educative tool! We begin, as always, with Kingdom Hearts news & updates, which this week include speculation on Square Enix Germany's Facebook tease (it has since been revealed to be a smartphone port of Kingdom Hearts X[chi]).

    From there we launch into our topic for the day, inspired by the recent PlayStation Plus offering, Kisima Inŋitchuŋa (or Never Alone) a 2D puzzle/platformer that aims to highlight and share the culture of the Alaskan native Iñupiat culture. We cover how games can actively teach things like problem-solving skills, reflexes, critical thinking, and more, and how they have affected our development as both children and adults, and finally, how video games are an emerging artistic and educational medium.

    As per usual, we answer user-submitted questions! @Quilligan sticks us in the animal kingdom, while @Graxe exercises his wordplay and challenges our Star Wars fan cred. We also plug our E3 coverage plans, which we hope you all will be excited about!

    Please support and participate in the KH-Vids Podcast by leaving us a comment, answering our user-submitted questions, submitting to be a guest, or sending in questions of your own -- and have a Kingdom Hearts day!


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Discussion in 'Community News & Projects' started by Misty, May 13, 2015.

    1. Amaury
      At this point, Podcast Tuesdays should be changed to Podcast Wednesdays. :P
    2. Misty
      Typically we record on Sundays, which leaves plenty of time for me to edit the episode (which takes several hours), make the cover art, and so on. As this past Sunday was Mother's Day, and we've had other schedule constraints in the past few weeks that have us recording on Mondays lately, the episodes have gone up later than usual. Podcasts will always stay as a Tuesday schedule even if we're off it sometimes, but I'm sure you guys can appreciate that the amount of work that goes into every episode every week can sometimes create delays. I was up until 4:30 last night trying to finish this off.
    3. Graxe
      If you guys are gonna stream E3, how are you guys gonna do Square and Nintendo since their conferences are going to be on at the same time?

      And yes, waterwheels water wheels and flapjacks flap jacks.
    4. Misty
      We actually discussed it and decided we'd do Square's, for no reason other than the possibility of Kingdom Hearts news there.

      And wow, I'm now realizing that water can be used as a verb, too, which I didn't think of on the episode.
    5. Amaury
      Of course. I was only jesting. :)
    6. Hayabusa
      Just now finished this.

      I love the discussion of video games in education. Just to name a few, Silent Hill 2 honestly taught me how to read maps and improved my riddle solving skills, and Final Fantasy VIII is responsible for teaching me a lot of more fancy vocabulary.
    7. ♥♦♣♠Luxord♥♦♣♠
      Eyyyy I get to catch up on podcasts since I was on vacation.

      First and foremost, awesome podcast. The one thing I definitely wanted to comment on was the whole E3 livestream thing. Assuming you guys are still doing it (haven't listened to the rest of the podcasts since this one so I don't know if anything changed), I will 100% do my best to be there to watch it. It sounds like a really fun idea.
    8. Patman
      Video games weren' t translated in French back in the days, trying to guess what all that English moonspeak was about was like a game inside the game. By the time the PS2 hit the shelves about half of the games were translated, but the PS2 could be set on any desired European language. I' ve set all my consoles on English by default ever since. Were it not the case I probably wouldn' t be talking with you right now. I know Americans aren' t that interested in learning foreign languages, but it' s a pity that (to my knowledge) most of your games only include English.

      We' ve known for quite some time that games, video or not, were crucial for education. Especially at an early age. When I was a kid my parents would buy pricey toys, we' d suck' em dry in like one afternoon and leave them in the attic forever. Now that tablets are a thing all my sis has to do when her son is done with his latest game is erase it and download another. And boy does he LOVE his tablet.