KH-Vids Podcast Episode #82: East Side, West Side, Best Side

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    It's time for a new episode of the KH-Vids Podcast! Joined by @Llaverion and @cstar, @Misty, @libregkd, and @Calxiyn sit down to discuss Eastern and Western game development -- we begin by defining the characteristics of each, from our perspectives, and discuss differences in gameplay mechanics, storytelling, and character designs. We also cover how Eastern development lagged in the past console generation, while the West claimed their stake -- and how the industry more and more is forcing the East to adapt elements of Western game design, while holding true to their roots.

    Afterwards we answer a user-submitted question from @Graxe about which card in a deck fits us best, and two Table Topics (our favorite deserts and us as parents!). For community news and projects, we plug once again the Top 5 Seasonal Spotlight, and pay homage to our dear and departed (resigned) administrator, @Sanya.

    It's a fun-filled podcast for the gaming masses, so please have a listen, participate in the Podcast by following the links below, and leave us a comment with your thoughts and your answers to our user-submitted questions!


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Discussion in 'Community News & Projects' started by Misty, Feb 25, 2015.

    1. Amaury
      I'll be sure to listen to this tomorrow! Sounds like an awesome one! :D[DOUBLEPOST=1424888827][/DOUBLEPOST]@Misty, you could have invited me. My game for discussion that I submitted a while ago probably could have fit the genre, haha!

      But, anyway, another thing I noticed in regard to females and males in Japanese games is that lot of times males sound really manly and tough and females sound really girly, though some females also sound very tough.

      As an example:

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