KH-Vids Podcast Episode #70: State of the Superhero Universe

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    A fashionably late podcast, just for you!

    In wake of the new Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer, the KH-Vids Podcast sits down to discuss superhero movies, both past and upcoming, from both DC and Marvel. @Misty and @libgrekd are joined by @Kairi ♥ and @Skyheart to discuss Guardians of the Galaxy, the lack of a Black Widow movie, Avengers, Catwoman, Superman, and Batman, and many more!

    Please do note that this episode was recorded this past Sunday, so we do not cover the recent announcement of Marvel's Phase 3 movies, which include a Black Panther and a Captain Marvel movie. As such, one of our major topics of discussion -- the diversity, or lack thereof, in Marvel movies -- is altered, but it's a good listen all the same!

    We also, as always, answer user-submitted questions! @Eric Luna makes us contemplate our mortality, @Graxe our personhood, and @Plums our forum memories!

    Finally, I plus our latest Cutscene Archive update, which features scenes from Kingdom Hearts Final Mix in gorgeous 1080p. On top of that, we introduce an exciting new addition to the KH-Vids Podcast... but we'll let you listen to find out what it is! We're cruel like that.

    Please everyone interact with us by submitting questions, submitting topics, applying to be a guest, or simply leaving us a comment! Thanks and enjoy!


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Discussion in 'Community News & Projects' started by Misty, Oct 29, 2014.

    1. Amaury
      Well, Misty, it's still Tuesday over here. :P
    2. Eric Luna
      Eric Luna
      Hey. My questions are getting somewhere. Thanks for putting them in. Also I've never heard shout outs and I liked those. Anyways great job Misty. You're great at doing the podcasts!:)
    3. . : tale_wind
      . : tale_wind
      • what you're talking about with a brand new female movie character for the mcu is exactly what's happening with captain marvel and it's going to be beautiful
      • yeeeeah i only know a little about the comics so if you asked me about a female superhero to get a movie next after captain marvel i've got she-hulk and spider woman maybe? and that's it
      • misty is amy poehler from parks and rec: "the female part's a little underwritten" (not that that's a bad thing to think)
      • excuse u space jam is not disney it's warner bros because looney tunes and it was michael jordan not shaq
      • superman and batman are both p boring and sue-ish tbh
      • i'm not gonna say anything about batfleck until i see him in action. people thought heath ledger was gonna be terribad as the joker and, well.
      • that difference between supes and batsy is called lawful good vs chaotic good
      • star wars brings on a tidal wave of space operas and scifi, harry potter brings on a flood of fantasy and magic, hunger games dawns an age of post-apocalyptic ya fiction
      • "female-led spidey spinoff" SPIDER-GWEN???
      • people are jumping onto the spidey-mcu theory more than ever now that the civil war movie was announced, since spidey is apparently super critical to the civil war comics' plot
      • technically it's "the wolverine 2" *SHOT*
      • but really the first wolverine movie was "x men origins: wolverine" and then there was "the wolverine" which was different because "x-men origins" was a short-lived sub-franchise
      • TEN WHOLE MOVIES IN 2017???? OH LAWD
      • of course misty likes aquaman. why wouldn't she? why would that be a surprise? he has water powers, she runs a water-type gym i mean come on
      • but aren't we still seeing twelve year old cassie's opinion? *SHOT*
      • no i'm stealing libre's answer for his legacy too
      • YEAH
      • y'know every star wars book that isn't a movie novelization is technically fanfiction
      • oh no misty you missed a swear from libre pERMA BAN
      • darth vader is an antagonist, not a villain
      • ew why would you want to be palpatine he's all old and wrinkly and creepy and his name sounds like pulp and pulp is gross in orange juice
      • my...first forum...??? [war flashbacks to being nine years old on a small bionicle fan forum because i wanted to be cool like my older brother]
      • i usually just do random dates within the same year i was actually born in
      • let's not forget the strange horror of the foot cheese thread
      • *prays that podcast members won't be doxxed for gamergate rant*
      • ...whoa. podcast seventy.
    4. Hayabusa
      • I thought The Incredible Hulk was pretty decent. Not really innovative (as I've read Edward Norton wanted to do much more with the script) but a fun romp for The Hulk.
      • BTW Misty, Marvel is totally making a female-led film with Captain Marvel.
      • Yeah, Lucy was a dumb movie trying way too hard to sound smart...think I've already shared my complaints.
      • Sorry Misty, but I really think you're being way too critical of Guardians of the Galaxy for one aspect. Yes, the part in the beginning was bad, but it happened ONCE IN THE MOVIE. I really disagree that it "doesn't care about women." Why not talk about the positive representations more, like how we got a great and likable character with only two unique lines of dialogue, and another character who was born from genetic experimentation yet chose to save people.
      • And a side note: sorry but, the Han Solo comparison feels pretty biased ._.
      • It's pretty odd to me that Suicide Squid is even getting a film, but I'm open to the idea. Just hope it's actually decent...still feeling burned by The Dark Knight Rises and Man of Steel.
      • YO WHAT HATING BATMAN? Have you not watched any of Batman: The Animated Series or Batman Beyond? And liking him for being someone who buys his powers? WTF? How about the part where goes through a personal redemption: he let his own city destroy itself, then trained with ninjas to save it. And he's constantly stuck with moral conflicts because he knows how influential his actions are, not only to citizens but to the new heroes he's training. Please don't judge a character on just the live films he's in.
      • Jeez, Superman hate too? Sorry, but if you actually look into well-written stories, he's a great character. Read All-Star Superman and watch Superman vs The Elite, for starters (also, he's an orphaned immigrant!)
      • I really think that Spider-Man needs a reboot, BUT not an origin story. We all know how he got his powers and we all know about Uncle Ben's death and quote. Show him in the middle of his hero career and let us fill in the blanks, and actually TELL A STORY, especially one that hasn't been film twice.
      • I think part of why The Amazing Spider-Man 2 had a slower theater run was because....of its predecessor.
      • Man do I want Fantastic Four to get a good film, especially if we can get a great Doctor Doom. He's such a neat character. And we really need another movie emphasizing a team of heroes outside of X-Men and the occasional Avengers (and I guess now the Guardians of the Galaxy?)
      • X-Men: Days of Future Past is quite a good film, probably the second best X-Men film behind X-2: X-Men United. Though I can agree that Mystique's role was a lot more important than her actual performance seemed to portray. Not bad, but needed improvement in plot and acting.
      • No comment yet on the third Wolverine film. I thought The Wolverine was an ok film with great action scenes and many big issues, but X-Men Origins: Wolverine was awful.
      • I'm actually surprised people are still talking about Destiny. There's little about it besides shooting stuff.
      • Ghost in the Shell is so cool ;_; I enjoyed Stand Alone Complex, even though it was quite a bit slower paced than the film (amazing music, btw)
      • For the power question: Dante (the one from Devil May Cry 3 & 4.) Skating on demons and being hard as hell to kill and having a Devil Trigger? Yes please.
      • First online forum for me I think was actually for Newground's Madness flash series. I was hella young and do have bad memories of it
      • Ooooooooooooooooooh I wanna do a rant hour about quite a few things.
      And about the GamerGate rant, will you guys please include some background information? It's been really confusing to get any factual info separate from people's opinions for and against it all. I barely feel like I know exactly what it is now...
    5. Scarred Nobody
      Scarred Nobody
      I have to fully agree on what Misty said about Guardians of the Galaxy. It was fun at times, but I don't think it deserved all of the hype that it got. It's just an okay, middle of the road movie for the most part.

      You need to freaking see Lucy. It is one of the best displays of navel-gazing I've seen since Pacific Rim!

      I always found Batman interesting because he didn't have super powers. He's described by fans as the World's Best Detective, meaning that he uses his mind to get him out of situations. And his gadgets are an extension of that, as well as being fit enough to do that without the aid of being an alien, radioactivity, ect.

      And from what I heard, the big reason people like Batman vs Superman stories comes from The Dark Knight Returns. I've heard it's a great graphic novel, it was innovative for its time, and the climatic battle actually carries a lot of weight
    6. Misty
      Yup, I know! As I think I mentioned in the description, we recorded this podcast like... the day before all the Marvel announcements came out haha
      There's a reason Parks & Rec is one of my favorite shows!
      I was referring to this, actually:
      real talk
      Oh, I know! And having read some of those novels, I think my fanfiction is at least on par with them. ;D
      It wasn't just the first scene though! I know you've read this since you replied but I stand by the points here:
      This all said, it was a fun movie that I could enjoy -- but like I said, I can't really just shut off my head and ignore all this stuff either. It interferes with my enjoyment of what would probably otherwise be my favorite Marvel film. And you're allowed to like it! You don't have to agree with all the points raised (though things like women objecting to the term ***** or whore I think is their call to make, language-wise). It's sort of the same thing going on with the Gamergate business... bringing up and acknowledging issues with the representation of women within the movie doesn't mean you hate the movie or even that you dislike it! It's a form of analysis, of criticism, which we should absolutely allow and do to our favorite things. Whether or not those issues affect your enjoyment of the work varies from person to person.

      I'm not really sure what positive representations you're talking about? At this point I don't remember the movie too clearly but that they haven't stuck in my head is telling.
      I've not seen the TV series, read any comics, or even seen the live films! Well, aside from the one with Heath Ledger, which I enjoyed, and the one with Arnie but I have enough sense not to judge him on that basis. I just really don't find anything at all compelling or interesting about Batman... but that also kind of extends to most superheros. When I browse the comic shop I pretty much steer clear from the superhero ones. I just don't think they're for me, unless it's for camp.
      I actually think that's why people are still talking about it! It was just so weirdly hyped and I mean... I don't want to say it was bad or anything because I don't know but it's just not as big as everyone seemed to expect it to be.
      Feel free to submit them as topics!
      We just kind of jump into the discussion and I didn't really want to dub in myself explaining the entire thing, since that'd take a long time, but I planned to include some good articles about it when I post it!
      I do love Pacific Rim!

      Sorry for the late replies everyone! I updated my status about this but my laptop is currently busted and I'm working from a less-than-optimal setup right now. Replacement parts will be in Wednesday and I'll be back to normal, but this means no episode this week, and that I'mma have to delay Rant Hour a bit more.
    7. Hayabusa
      I'm well aware about being able to criticize things I like, hence why I did agree that the scene of Peter and that random pink chick was terrible. I'm all for critical analysis. That's not my point though. I know we've already discussed this in the actual thread for the film, but...I just don't see how the feminine treatment was that bad with Guardians of the Galaxy outside of two scenes should have been done better (pink chick scene, and Drax calling Gamora a whore.) The rest of the film doesn't really suffer that badly from misrepresentation of female characters. Maybe Gamorra or Nebula weren't great for you, and that's ok, but they're far from what I'd EVER call bad female characters.

      Groot is a non-attractive male or female human character, who has only two unique lines of dialogue, yet can display a vast range of emotions through voice and animation. That's really great to see, because it's so different from practically every other Marvel or DC character put on film (I'm sure someone will pull up contradictions, but really, they're few.)

      Rocket is a non-attractive male or female human character, yet many people call him their favorite character in the film because of his "I'm the boss even though I'm the smallest" attitude and dynamic personality (very different from first scene to the finale.) Plus I'm kind of a sucker for tragic existential stories like his.

      Nebula is a villainous female humanoid character who was never sexualized in this film. Say what you enjoy about Black Widow, but it's obvious that part of her character is being eye candy, and that's perfectly fine, but I do like the fact that we got someone who wasn't and was still cool.

      Well, I can't really change your mind on superheroes as a genre, so I won't bother, but do try to keep an open mind enough to try reading some of Batman's better short series. As discussed in this thread, The Dark Knight Returns is great, even if I'm not really a fan of what many Batman fanboys think occurred in the final battle.

      Like, the mechanics are there and the controls are all good, but there's basically no in-game social interaction. A lot of stuff forces player to utilize outside materials, the worst example being that the actual substantial story is cut up into cards that are read on the internet rather than being written into the game itself. I don't know if the loot system's been fixed, but when I played, you got basically what the game felt like at the time, not what you actually deserved. It's an embarrassment that this game in this current state came from the guys who made Halo.

      Also, I'm sorry about your laptop Misty :<