KH-Vids Podcast Episode #68: Bat for Graphics

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    Yeah yeah Wednesday podcast because I'm a piece of garbage.

    Hello everyone and welcome to yet another episode of the KH-Vids Podcast. Your usual hosts -- @Misty, @Llave, and @libregkd -- are joined by @Calxiyn and @Plums to discuss video game graphics, at the behest of @Eric Luna !

    As per usual we begin with some Kingdom Hearts news and updates, including the official translation of the Re:Coded secret movie, the new Introducing the Magic trailer for Kingdom Hearts 2.5, and the announcement that Kingdom Hearts 3 is now running on Unreal Engine 4. The latter piece of news feeds into our larger discussion, where we cite some of the games that have impressed us over the years, the influence of MoCap and facial capture in video games, the uncanny valley, the benefits of stylized graphics versus photorealistic, and finally the influence of environments and environment design on a gaming experience.

    After that we move along into our user-submitted questions! @Eric Luna has us reminisce about childhood, @Graxe asks what we would add to a KHV Giferator (the original @Mish pic is cited, along with Kairi ♥ licking a certain Kingdom Hearts character, and @Stardust 's creepy doll), @Hayabusa makes us fuse with another KH-Vids member, and we build a special Halloween playlist for @Sweeney Tummer !

    It's a fun filled episode and we encourage everyone to listen, comment, and participate in the podcast!


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Discussion in 'Community News & Projects' started by Misty, Oct 15, 2014.

    1. Explode
      The worst example of the low poly faces is in Kingdom Hearts FM, in the first End of the World cutscene. When Sora looks down at the Oathkeeper charm, he has these horrible evil eyes. It scared the crap out of me because it wasn't in the original release, and I didn't notice until years after it came out, so I thought the video was haunted.

      Games that wowed me in order: Spyro the Dragon (3D gaming), Kingdom Hearts (FMV and smooth graphics), Jak and Daxter, Spiderman 2 (open world/mobility), Sly 2, Gun (never owned it and I can't say I like it, but was my first time seeing an "next gen" game), inFamous 1, Portal (for obvious reasons), inFamous Second Son and The Last of Us.

      Everything Sucker Punch did blew me away: in mechanics and/or graphics. The Sly Cooper series has some of the best interactive parkour/mobility elements of any game, which then transferred over into inFamous. I watched a twitch stream of the developers playing their first game (Rocket: Robot on Wheels), and even that 15 year-old game was blowing my mind.
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    2. Hayabusa
      Oh we talking games that amazed us?
      • Metal Gear Solid. Probably the first really deep, well written, cinematic, expansive story-based game I ever played. And still one of the best.
      • Final Fantasy VIII. Dude...those cut scenes. And the summons. And the huge attack animations. And the scale. And the music. Just wow.
      • Kingdom Hearts. Holy crap when I first saw the orchestral trailer for this game I NEEDED IT.
      • Silent Hill 2. My first time playing a survival horror game (I think.) Just amazing atmosphere and truly disturbing experiences with a tragic story. I've loved it ever since.
      • Ninja Gaiden: Black. I had NEVER played an action game this intense and fast paced IT'S SO AWESOME.
      • Dead Space. My first exposure to HD gaming...jeez it was amazing. Seeing an entire planet from a spaceship, and dealing with realistic alien zombies in a sweet suit with lights too.
      I'm glad to see you guys clearly enjoyed my question by the way c:

    3. Misty
      HOLY **** I KNOW, I just recorded that scene a few days ago and met it in fresh HD horror. It's really bad, like so bad that I don't know how that got passed the dev team or whoever had the power to change the scene, saw it, and thought "this is fine this is okay."
      The trailer that plays when you leave the menu idle? That's interesting! I was hooked when I saw some bits from the opening FMV on Disney Channel (lol), I mean I think that the menu trailer probably would have brought me in too (Disney characters woah) but I've not heard anyone cite that before haha.
    4. Glen
      Enjoyed listening to it, was some rather interesting points made in my opinion. Graphically KH is looking pretty impressive these days.

      At the rate you guys are releasing these things I'm shocked you're only up to #68 XD
    5. Scarred Nobody
      Scarred Nobody
      Fun episode (although, I honestly didn't understand most of the technical bits). The only thing I can add to the conversation is that the GBA relase of Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories was the first GBA game to have fully rendered cutscenes...which is cool.

      And good additions to my playlist. I definitely want to hear more from the band that you discussed.

      And have you heard the full version of Guren No Yumiya? It's crazy scary/crazy the first time you hear it...
    6. . : tale_wind
      . : tale_wind
      I was seriously wowed when I saw the graphics for the Super Mario Galaxy games, as well as Child of Light, Mario Kart 8, Wind Waker HD, Transistor, Ori and the Blind Forest, Final Fantasy XV, Kingdom Hearts 3... You get the point. :P

    7. Explode
      Child of Light is beautiful. One of the most serene experiences I've had playing a video game.

      And while we're on the subject, the creator of gifs said it's pronounced "jiff", but he doesn't know what the f*** he's talking about. You created gifs, not how the english language works. It stands for Graphics Interchange Format, not Giraffe Interchange Format. It sounds terrible with a soft g. When you give a gif, you give a gift; not peanut putter or an oil change.
    8. Misty
      Yeah, we didn't start doing weekly podcasts until I took over the podcast, which was earlier this year! I think #38 or #39 was the first one in the new ~era~ of the podcast.
      They're called Xiu Xiu if you want to look them up! They're freaky, seriously I can't emphasize that enough. Know what you're getting into lol.
      I'm so upset this is an Xbox One exclusive because I love the look of it!
      I've actually yet to play Child of Light, but I was looking at TVs at Best Buy recently and one of them had a PS4 hooked up to it. I fired up the Child of Light demo and wow.
    9. Eric Luna
      Eric Luna
      I'm surprised My topic was chosen. Thanks!
    10. libregkd
    11. Eric Luna
      Eric Luna
      That looks so cool!