KH-Vids Podcast Episode #59: Comics & Superheroes

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    It's Tuesday which means a new episode of the KH-Vids Podcast!

    This week, in celebration of the recent release of box office smash Guardians of the Galaxy, @Misty, @libregkd, and @Llave are joined by @61 (Chris) to discuss our favorite superheroes, recent superhero movies (no spoilers for GotG!), and our lifetime relationship with comic books and webcomics. We also offer a number of suggestions, which I've listed out for your ease...
    • Y: The Last Man - Misty
    • Saga - Misty
    • Mass Effect comics - Llave
    • Era of Errors - libregkd
    • Questionable Content - Misty
    • A Softer World - Misty
    • Manfeels Park - Misty
    • Green Arrow: Year One - Chris
    • First 25 issues of the New 52 Aquaman - Chris
    • Batman: The Killing Joke - Chris
    • Batman: The Long Halloween - Chris
    After that we move on to answering user-submitted questions from @Eric Luna, @Graxe, and @parabola. We plug some site news, including the close of the KH-Vids User Awards, the Top 5, and an update about Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix videos.

    Please everyone enjoy and let us know your favorite comics and superheros in the comments!


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Discussion in 'Community News & Projects' started by Misty, Aug 5, 2014.

    1. 61
      Guys, a couple things that totally skipped my mind that I should have mentioned (sorry):

      Darkhorse lost the rights to Star Wars so when whatever they have running now finishes, thats it. Marvel is going to compensate some, I've heard that they have a miniseries planned, but needless to say it will never be anything like with Darkhorse, who was able to stay alive because of Star Wars.

      When we were talking about how daunting 75 years of history can seem for newcomers and I said that reading articles would suffice for anyone wanting some backstory, I should have also said that the stories are usually contained enough that you could read a story without knowing everything and be perfectly fine. There may be a reference or something you dont understand, but you'll begin to accumulate some peripheral knowledge over time to start filling in the blanks. You don't necessarily need to read things in order either (this doesnt always apply), for example I'm just now readig A Lonely Place of Dying which is the first Tim Drake stoy, despite having read many storis with him already. I know this really bothers some people, and fair enough, but I think getting some first hand experience would dispell many fears. The key is to not be intimidated. Just jump in head-first and have fun learning the history for yourself.
    2. parabola
      I loved GotG; I agree the villains fell pretty flat, but I thought most of the characters (Rocket and Groot in particular) were extremely endearing. As for its similarity to Star Wars, I don't think I've seen a movie that felt more like the original trilogy since... well, Return of the Jedi. I know Welcome to Night Vale was mentioned at one point (not sure why), but it's an awesome podcast in the form of a public radio show set in the fictional town of Night Vale; it's very absurdist and Douglas Adams-y.

      As for an original Kingdom Hearts-themed song, I'd think an 8 or 9 minute long ballad which tries to explain the plot would be apropos.
    3. Antidote
      That was a really fun listen! It was interesting hearing you guys' take on comics and superheroes. As someone who isn't really into the whole comic thing I...know a lot of superheroes/villains as people in my family and group of friends like them, and I watched the cartoons as a kid. I enjoy the movies but have no experience with the actual original source material in the form of comics so I don't know what I'm considered to the comic book fandom (trash probably lol). Would love to get into them but have no idea where to start. - [I'm looking forward to seeing GotG!]

      P.S. Chris = sexy voice

    4. Misty
      Yeah Ronan was not exactly an exciting or innovating villain. Wish we had more of Nebula, I feel like there's probably a really interesting relationship between her and Gamora.
      I knew it was a podcast of some kind but I for some reason thought that there was a webcomic attached to it! Couldn't tell you why.
      Most definitely! Let's make it happen.
      Glad you enjoyed it! I feel like similar trash within the comic book realm though, as I said repeatedly, I'm hoping to reduce my garbage status. I should probably get around to watching some of the recent Marvel movies though...

      Re:Homestuck - y'all WISH
    5. 61
      Shoot me a pm or something if you want, maybe I could help. I don't profess to know everything, there are people much more qualified than I, but I could point you in the right direction or something depending on what you like.
    6. parabola
      Well, it's not really an epic explaining the plot, and it's not exactly intro song material, but I had fun writing this:

    7. Plums
      Started listening now, I don't really know anything about comics so do not expect the length of that Avatar post for this one y'all.

      re:Homestuck: FUNNILY ENOUGH it's probably at its most accessible atm since it's on indefinite hiatus until the final update (that will end the comic) drops, and all the hype from the more obnoxious fans is dead. Granted it's still long as hell and pretty slow in Act I, so I can sympathize with not jumping in, lol.

      edit: Homestuck is overall a webcomic, though it plays with the medium a lot through including a few animated videos made in Flash, and even has little minigames interspersed in some of the later parts of the story. Probably the most expansive ones were the End of Act V flash and the "Openbound" walkaround games where you play as one character and guide her through some places.
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