KH-Vids Podcast Episode #58: Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Grievances

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    Sep 30, 2006
    It's Tuesday and it's time for a podcast!

    This week @Plums and a special member guest, @Sabby, join @Misty, @Llave, and @libregkd to discuss the upcoming Kingdom Hearts collection and all of our problems with how Square is handling it. We also mention some our personal stories with how much we obsess over video games and all the merchandise we have.

    We then finish off the episode with giving answers to questions from @Graxe and @SPACESHIP.

    Please enjoy and share your thoughts in the comments! And again, check out and get a chance to participate in the Summer Mini Series!


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Discussion in 'Community News & Projects' started by libregkd, Jul 29, 2014.

    1. Amaury
      I'll have to listen to it later since a new Degrassi is on soon, but libregkd making the podcast thread? What!?
    2. Scarred Nobody
      Scarred Nobody
      Man, I laughed a lot listening to this.

      You give out movie posters Misty? Do you have Edge of Tomorrow posters? Can I heave one? my birthdays coming up[\STRIKE]

      For Graxe's question, my immediate response was Jason Murphy from Rage Select.
    3. Misty
      Glad you enjoyed it! And no, I don't give out movie posters. That would be against the rules. And somebody who pmed me would really be breaking theater rules...
    4. Crypt
      You know what the Limited Edition should include? A written apology from Nomura for not releasing Final Mixes worldwide in the first place.

      On a serious note, though, I would love to see them crack open the project files of Kingdom Hearts. Show us the tools. The files. The programs. I don't know what those little devils do behind their computers.

      Also, they only reorchestrated certain tracks? I thought they were only releasing certain tracks. Those bastards didn't remake any of the cool tracks. Waltz of the Damned and Deep Anxiety were the only ones I cared about even slightly and those are nowhere near my favorites from KH2. We need a sexy The 13th Struggle. Burn, baby. :(

      And we don't even get a full soundtrack for 1.5. F***'ing Nomura, man. Finish your damn Versus 13 and get onto Kingdom Hearts already. You're breaking my balls.
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    5. Misty
      Based on interviews and such, Nomura has already been pretty apologetic about not bringing the Final Mixes to the world. I would blame Square as a business for it, but I think they're right when they think that the games wouldn't have sold very well outside of Japan.
      At this point... we're not really sure! It's possible they remastered most / all of the 2.5 tracks but so far the only ones we know they've remastered have been the ones included on the OST.
    6. Sabby
      Misty is a big poopy face! :] But I had tons of fun on the podcast <3