KH-Vids Podcast Episode #26: KH-Vids Trivia - Pilot Episode!

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    Welcome to something completely different. Ok, maybe nothing completely different, but this is a Podcast solely based around Kingdom Hearts! : O
    Surprising I know!

    We've got together blue queen Misty, green linguist Sumi, and pale named Hero of Time, all attempting to claim the top spot as 'Kingdom Hearts Trivia Master'! I, Peace and War, pit all three contestants questions from every end of the Kingdom hearts spectrum, from whatever ideas that popped into my head! : D
    He'll buzz in with the answer, answer correctly, they get a point. Get it wrong, and I'll be open up for another free for all buzz in until either a contestant answers, if everyone fails to give a correct answer, their hearts will be taken into the darkness! First person to 15 points is the winner. Best of luck to my first victims participants!

    Leave comments and feedback about KHV Trivia, such as whether you like the name of the thing, or your participation in one. If you're a massive KH fan and want to prove it against others, then apply to be on the podcast, and leave a message saying you want to be on 'KHV Trivia: KH Series'.

    Thanks and enjoy!


    Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Theme
    The Weakest Link Theme
    Have suggestions or questions for the members of the KH-Vids Podcast? Let Peace and War know, or bring it to our attention in the posts below! Just be sure to follow the rules and guidelines here.

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Discussion in 'Community News & Projects' started by Peace and War, Feb 26, 2013.

    1. Sumi
      i hope you all enjoy my PAIN and SUFFERING
      so much fun playing with everyone hehe.
    2. Hiro ✩
      Hiro ✩
      At least you were a good sport, unlike an ADMIN *coughMistycough*

      Nah, it was fun. Thanks for having me PaW!
    3. Scarred Nobody
      Scarred Nobody
      Wow. I feel like crap for laughing a certain parts. Please forgive me, Sumi. ;~;
    4. Llave
      Mattie my kokoro goes doki doki everytime you speak.(人´∀`*)

      Ross this was a smashing idea boyo keep up the sexiness.
    5. Misty
      I apologize for everything.
    6. Sumi
      i forgive you all
      it's ok
      i am really bad at kh trivia wow 8)

      at least it was hilarious
    7. Kyubi the Keyblade Master
      Kyubi the Keyblade Master
      Young Xehanort is too an Organization Member. D:
    8. Scarred Nobody
      Scarred Nobody
      And didn't Siax say in Days that there have only been 13 real members of Organization XIII. Like, "there's a reason why there have always been thirteen chairs", or something along the lines of that.
    9. Hiro ✩
      Hiro ✩
      Not the original organization. Also, he technically wasn't in
      BBS when fought as the Mysterious Figure

      Oh yeah... he did...
    10. Plums
      He did, but only because it really didn't matter if either Xion or Roxas had won out when they fought each other in the end; the Organization still would have gotten the 13th and final member (which is why I just call them XIII and XIII-2, lol).
    11. Scarred Nobody
      Scarred Nobody

      kew, kew, kew... :3[DOUBLEPOST=1361940851][/DOUBLEPOST]
      Ah, I see. I thought he meant that because he looked down on Xion.

      I mean, she was only a clone of a Nobody, an artificial being made from an artificial being. It could be said that he didn't see her as a real being, let alone a true member. And since, thanks to stuff in 3D, he sort of shares the same mind, and maybe logic with Xemnas.
    12. Peace and War
      Peace and War
      She shouldn't have a number if she isn't in the Organisation! XD
      But she did work, go on missions, recover heart's much like Roxas did. I consider her as a member. Not to mention she's listed EVERYWHERE as a member.
    13. ShibuyaGato
      Oh my god, this is such a great idea!

      I'm listening to it now and I'd love to be a part of this in the future. <3
      because, like Misty, KH is my life
    14. Scarred Nobody
      Scarred Nobody
      Ah, I see. Im trying to help Sumi, you monster. If the official stuff says she's an official member, then I guess it's fair.
    15. Misty
      It's hard to make official calls with Kingdom Hearts but the NA 358/2 Days site lists her as the 14th member. Saix might not agree with that but that's his cross to bear, I suppose.

      Screenshot (28).png
    16. ShibuyaGato
      If a puppet disappears by a clock tower and Nobody is around who remembers, was she a real member?

      But in all seriousness, she was "officially inducted" into the Organization, despite what Saix says. The NA site might not have been updated since the game's release, which would call up the question of spoilers, but I feel like she should be included regardless.
      idk, just my 2 cents as a fan
    17. Kyubi the Keyblade Master
      Kyubi the Keyblade Master
      New Organization is still Organization XIII. If anything, it's the real Organization, the one Xehanort wanted.
    18. Razgriz Thirteen
      Razgriz Thirteen
      So in Xehanort's eyes, the 'original Organization XIII' wasn't even entirely legit, not HIS Organization, so what's really official and what's not?
      But yeah I think Xion was inducted officially as XIV even though she was just a puppet.

      And yeah this idea is genius, I want in if I can!
    19. kitty_mckechnie
      khv awards 2013 - Misty for worse winner?

      1. Podcast was hilarious
      2. Sumi was freaking adorable