KH-Vids Podcast Episode #116: Final Fantasy XV Spoilercast

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    This week @libregkd, @Cat~, @Heart ❤ are joined by @Glen to come at you with another spoilercast! For those who aren't familiar with the concept, on the KH-Vids Podcast we occasionally decide to do special episodes focused on a certain video game, movie, book, etc. in all its spoiler-y glory. This time around we choose to focus on Final Fantasy XV, the long awaited latest entry to the Final Fantasy series.

    We begin by discussing our general thoughts around the game and from there we launch into a discussion on our reactions to the story and the characters, our reactions to certain events that happen with in the game, and its musical splendor. We also cover the gameplay of the title, particularly some of the more awful sequences that happen during the game. As a warning, we also talk about some other Final Fantasys during our discussion on XV so be warned that we also spoil some plot points to Final Fantasy VI, VII, and XII.

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Discussion in 'Community News & Projects' started by libregkd, Feb 7, 2017.