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    The internet! Duh!
    No, it's not a poem. ._.; I've told you guys 5,000 times - I suck at poems. :sweatdrop:

    I've been trying to get myself back into the groove of writing. It might not be the best that I've done, so tell me what you guys think. And, for God's sake, be HONEST, PLEASE!!! XD

    Anyways... this is... A very dark story of mine, concerning Roxas and Axel. It's kinda gory in certian places, so if you dun like blood, this story ain't for you. I know what you're thinking right now. X.x; "Leah, OMG -WTF - j00 dun rite nuthin' 4 W33K5, and then, when you finally DO finish a story, u com out wid this EMO stuff! D<" I can explain! X.x;

    I... HAD to finish this story. >.>; Don't ask me why. One day, I had a bad day at marching band practice, I got home, and I was all, "OMG - I wanna torture somebody now. D<" Even though I was in an uber bad mood, though, this story made me cry.... A lot. >.>;

    This story was inspired by many things, including mah buddy's thread, right here. I know that Axel's super loyal to Roxas and whatever, and would never turn on his best friend, but that got me to thinking... What if Axel DIDN'T change from KH CoM to KH II? What if he remained his old, harsh, eager to kill self from CoM? The answer?

    Poor Roxas.

    Enjoy... If you can.

    2Foxxie4U's Irrelevant \ Sleep Deprived Productions~



    Today was the day.

    Roxas looked glanced around the corner to make sure the street was empty. The coast was clear. He took a deep breath, and dashed across the alley, sticking as close to the shadows as he could.

    His hood shrouded his face in a dark shadow to hide his identity. Pointless, he knew. It wouldn’t matter if his hood was on or not – anyone could tell it was him just by looking at his height. But it gave him a sense of security… And, at this point, he needed all of the security he could manage to obtain.

    A traitor…

    The word echoed in his head. That’s what he had become now… He knew exactly what the Organization did with traitors… But he was willing to risk it. He’d been driven for weeks now… Driven to learn all about his past. To find Sora… Nothing else mattered anymore…

    One question… he thought. Just one… Why do I have the Keyblade? If he can answer that, then I would be at peace…

    He’d only told one person where he was going – the only person he thought he could trust…

    On-top of a far-away building, a lone figure was watching him scamper from shadow to shadow like a little mouse. His bright emerald eyes flashed angrily beneath his drawn hood. “I can’t believe it… He’s actually leaving!” Axel whispered, clenching his fists.

    He glared after his escaping friend a little longer, then sighed, collapsing into a sitting position, letting his long legs dangle off the edge. He just couldn’t understand…! Why was he going?! It was practically a suicide mission – he’d told the boy over and over again that by doing this, he was putting his life in more danger than he could possibly understand… But none of it got through to him.

    Axel was starting to question their friendship… What about me…? he asked Roxas silently. Didn’t you ever think about me…? How much it would hurt me to watch you leave…?

    The redhead slowly lowered his gaze to the ground, and sighed. Face it… He doesn’t care about you anymore. All he cares about is that stupid Keybearer kid. His face slowly turned stony and bitter. Time for you to start treating him like what he really is… A traitor.

    He summoned a chackram in one hand, and examined it, carefully. …You know what to do with traitors… was his last thought as he portalled off.


    Roxas peeked around another corner, and sighed again. “No sign of it yet… I know Axel said it was somewhere around here…”

    Suddenly, he whipped around. Had he heard something? He summoned his Keyblades just in case. “Who’s there?” he demanded in a voice that seemed strong and confident at first, but hid a little waver deep underneath. Truthfully, he wasn’t the strongest member in the Organization, but he wasn’t going down without a fight – not a chance.

    Silence for a while. For a second, he dismissed it as a stray Shadow that may have knocked over something, when he saw a corridor of darkness appear on a near-by wall. He tensed, readying himself for battle, when he heard the words, so soft and slow, “Hello… Roxas…”

    “Oh…” Roxas dismissed his Keyblades, pulling his hood down to face the man. “Axel… What is it?”

    Axel sighed, pulling down his hood also. He slicked back his spiky, red hair for a second, then growled, in a low voice, “You really shouldn’t have betrayed us…”

    Roxas sighed. “Axel, we’ve already been though this… I’m going whether you like it or not,” he added with a sigh. He knew it hurt his friend to see him go and put his life on the line like this, but it was something he just HAD to do!

    Axel slowly reached up, and clutched the place where his heart would be if he'd had one.. The last part had stung him. He felt a fleeting shadow of what would be sadness once more, then immediately caked it over with coldness. “You just don’t get it, do you?!” he hissed, emerald eyes flashing. Roxas took a few steps back, but he continued on, letting the invisible rage build up in his soul. “For weeks now, Roxas – WEEKS ON END – I’ve been listening to you go on and on about all this crap about the Keybearer, but did you even think about how much I’d miss you?! How much it would hurt me?!

    Roxas remained silent, completely shocked by Axel’s words, but the redhead didn’t stop. “I know what the answer is… The answer is no. You turned your back on me, just like you did the rest of the Organization. And you’re gonna pay, just like that ******* Marluxia…”
    “W-Wait… Axel, what are you—?!”

    Suddenly, everything around them erupted into flames, incasing them both in a ring of fire. Roxas’ head whipped around. “No…!” he whispered, eyes darting. He knew this move! “Axel!” he pleaded. “STOP!”

    Axel only summoned his two chackrams, a dark grin on his face. “I tried to give you a chance, Roxas; I really did. But now you’ll have to die just like the rest of the traitors.”

    Before the boy could say anything else, Axel flung one of his chackrams at him, incased in a huge blast of flame. Roxas only had enough time to gasp in fear before dodge-rolling to the side. The flaming chackram whipped by without doing him any harm.

    “NO! STOP IT!!!

    Axel rushed up to him with his other chackram in his hand, and quickly swiped at Roxas’ neck. Roxas did a back-bend just in time, but the blade was so close, he could literally feel tingling on his neck right where it would have hit. He couldn’t believe it… His best friend was actually trying to kill him!

    He was so shocked; he couldn’t even recover from his back-bend, and ended up falling on the ground. Axel was relentless; as soon as he saw the poor blonde hit the ground, he whipped the chackram down, aiming right for his chest.


    There was a sudden, ear-splitting shriek of metal on metal. Roxas panted, happy that the Keyblade had saved his life once more. He looked deep into the redhead’s eyes, but saw nothing but a burning rage in their depths. Tears welled in the boy’s eyes. “Please, Axel…! We’re friends! We shouldn’t be fighting!”

    The fury in the redhead’s eyes only flared up even more. “We were friends. But you betrayed me!” A flash of white light appeared in his opposite hand, and, without missing a beat, he flung that chackram down, as well. “You betrayed US!

    Roxas quickly knocked the first chackram out of his way, and rolled to the side before the other one could hit him. Maybe… MAYBE if he tried to stay non-violent, Axel would realize just how crazy he was acting and stop! He climbed to his feet, holding his arms out in a non-threatening way. “I’m not going to fight you!”

    Axel glared up at him. His voice came out in a snarl in a voice not of his own. “Then… DIE!!!!!

    Roxas didn’t even see him throw the blasted thing.


    “AAAAGHHHH!” He stumbled to the ground, clutching his leg, and crying out in pain. Bright, red blood surged out from the wound, telling just how deep it was. Roxas looked back up at the man, who was now grinning at his success.

    Tears streaked down his face. “A…Axel…!”
    Axel glared down at him, and flung another chackram – this time at the boy’s face. Before it could hit its mark, a corridor of darkness surged up, and swallowed him into its depths.

    The redhead cursed, and pounded his fist into a nearby wall. He wanted to pound his ****in’ brains out into the rough, jagged brick, and scream every curse-word in the book—

    No… He thought suddenly. He took a deep breath, calming himself down. No… Don’t waste your anger… Use it.

    He nodded, slightly, and closed his eyes, digging deep inside himself to channel the anger inside him. A warm breeze sifted through the cold, dead air, ruffling his hair. It quickly accelerated, swirling around him, making his coat billow out behind him.

    The temperature spiked a few dozen degrees, making the air around him seem to shimmer. Suddenly, with a huge roar, all of the building around him burst into flames. Fire wrapped around his arms, licking his finger tips, and wrapping around his extended chackrams, making it seem as if he had claws.

    He chuckled darkly, flexing his arms. “Here, Roxxy, Roxxy, Roxxy…!~” he called, starting up a nice casual walk. With each step he took, the ground below him burst into a small ring of flames around his foot, and was reduced into a small, foot-shaped puddle of melted pavement by the time he’d moved on.

    “Come out, come out, wherever you are…!~”


    He shot a huge fireball at one of the buildings, making it be blasted into shards of what it once was. His bright, emerald eyes quickly scanned for Roxas's body. Not there.

    “Hmpf…” He continued walking on, preparing his next fireball. He’d go through the whole damn city if he needed to; this was personal.
    A cruel grin was plastered on his face as he blasted away the next building.

    “I WILL find you, Roxas…”


    “Oh my god…”

    Roxas fought to hold back the tears in his eyes, as he sat on the ground, painfully trying to pull the chackram out of his thigh. Blood gushed out of the wound, making him whimper in pain, but he forced himself to. His instincts told him that, if he didn’t, it had a better chance of getting infected.

    After several moments of struggling, it slid out with a faint sucking sound. “Aaaghhhh…!” he whimpered, forcing himself to keep it down.

    Tears burned in his eyes – not just because of the physical pain he was experiencing, but the emotional crisis he was going through, as well.

    He. Still. Couldn’t. Believe it.

    Axel, his best friend ever since he’d joined the Organization, was hunting him down. But, the worst part was, he couldn’t help but wonder who had betrayed whom…

    He had been rather obsessed with finding his Somebody lately, and everytime Axel had even hinted how he felt about the matter he quickly blew it off. Maybe Axel was right… Maybe this had all been a great mistake. In his whole time being as a Nobody, he’d never felt so confused and alone.

    He struggled to his feet, grunting, and blinking away the tears in his eyes as he stood. It didn’t matter now; it was pretty obvious that Axel would stop at nothing to destroy him. It was too late to go back to the Castle and try to act like nothing had happened – he’d gotten himself into this mess, and now the only way to get out was to get through Betwixt and Between and find Sora. Time was of the essence…

    Suddenly, he felt a huge blast of energy, it made him lose his balance, and collapse all over again. He grunted, slightly, and glanced around. What was that?! AXEL?!?!

    He looked up to the sky, and saw a dark, looming cloud of smoke billowing up into the air, barely a block away from him. Oh, NO! I need more time! He wanted desperately to portal off into another world so that he’d have more time to hide and heal, but he didn’t have the mental energy at the time!

    He frantically climbed back to his feet, holding on tightly to the wall, as he felt another strong rumble. He started limping away as fast as he could, even though he knew he was only prolonging the inevitable.

    A few houses away, Axel could feel that he was getting closer. Instead of just summoning the missing chackram back, he kept it in Roxas’ leg so that it would lead him there. Even if Roxas pulled it out, it wasn’t like it would be hard to follow the trail of blood. Plus he doubted the boy would get very far – the wound was quite deep.

    He crashed through the deserted city, creating more havoc. “Fe, Fi, Fo, FUM!” he shouted, blasting away a new building with each word. “I smell the blood of a little one!”

    Roxas stumbled to the ground again as the rumbling got even more frequent and intense. “Oh god…” he panted, trying desperately to get back up again. “Oh, gawd, oh gawd, oh gawd, oh gawd…!” His leg was killing him. It needed to be cleaned, or bandaged, or SOMETHING! ANYTHING to make this burning pain go away…!

    “There you are, you sneaky little thing…”

    Adrenaline spiked in his veins, and suddenly, Roxas forgot all about his throbbing leg. Without a moment’s adieu, he took off again, sprinting as fast as his body would allow.

    Sadly, he didn’t get very far. With a hollow chuckle, Axel growled, “Come back here, ya little prick!” A wall of flame shot up in front of the boy, cutting him off. Roxas skidded to a stop, and quickly began sprinting in the next direction, but Axel just shook his head, grinning. “You just can’t seem to learn…” He made another ring of fire – this time smaller so that it would be even harder for Roxas to dodge his attacks. “No running away, now…!” He casually waved his hand, and the flames incasing his body disappeared.

    With a moan of despair, Roxas turned to his pursuer, hands shaking. This was it – if he didn’t stop Axel now, he was toast. Literally.

    He pressed his hands against his wound, blood seeping out between his fingers. The tears were now streaming down his eyes and pattering to the ground. “P…Please Axel…” he begged. “Stop! Please… I… I just want to find Sora…”

    A shaky sob filled the air, as the young blonde sank to his knees. “Don't kill me…! I’m begging you…!” he whispered, burying his face in his hands.

    Axel glared at him for a few seconds, then blinked, expression softening for a second. R…Roxas… His lower lip started to quiver a little. He shook his head a little, his face returning to the cold state it was before. He strode up to the boy, and summoned a chackram, gripping it tightly. “I’ll kill you…” he growled. “And I’ll enjoy it!”

    Roxas slowly looked up, his tear-streaked face gazing sadly at Axel. He couldn’t hurt his best friend, even if he was going to be killed by him… He just couldn’t…

    Another tear slipped down his cheek, as his eyes wandered to the chackram. He silently buried his face into his hands again, only hoping that Axel would do the right thing…

    “Please, Axel…”

    “Sorry, but… I can’t.” Axel grabbed a fistful of hair, and yanked it back so that Roxas would stare into his eyes, ignoring the boy’s scream of pain. He looked into the wide, fear filled eyes, and grinned. “Punishment time for becoming a traitor.”


    “Got it memorized?”

    Roxas winced with pain, and blinked. He slowly looked down at the sharp, pointy tip of the chackram that seem to be just GROWING out of his stomach, dripping with his life’s blood. His brain hadn’t fully comprehended what just happened yet.

    And then, came the pain.

    Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh…!” he gasped, collapsing on the ground. His back felt like it had been completely ripped in half. A fresh, new wave of tears surged out, as he writhed on the ground, screaming in agony.

    Axel backed away, his eyes growing wide as he began to realize what he had just done. He was so blinded by his own bitterness and thirst for revenge, that he’d actually given the final blow… The rage, surging like ancient, black tar pits inside his soul disappeared; the voice echoing in his head, telling him how much better he’d feel if Roxas died, wisped away, leaving him with naught. Tears welled up in his eyes, as he looked away, ashamed of what he had become.

    “A…Axel…” The man slowly looked up again, to see the boy on his hands and knees, looking up at him with those haunting blue eyes that he knew he’d have burned into his mind from that day on. A trail of blood gushed from his mouth, but he continued on in his soft, raspy voice. “W…Why…?”

    He slowly, painfully pulled himself to his feet, and staggered toward the redhead. Blood fell to the ground wherever he stepped, light of the flames dancing around it making it appear to be cursed jewels rained to the ground. “We… were… best friends, right?”

    He stumbled, almost losing his balance, but caught himself on Axel’s cloak. “Friends…” he whispered, still looking into Axel’s emerald eyes. Axel stared back, trying to say something – anything! But when he tried to speak, no words came.

    A surge of warm blood filled the boy’s mouth. He leaned over a bit, trying to cough it out, when, suddenly, his legs caved in on him. He was now just hanging onto Axel’s cloak, unable to hold himself up at all. He buried his head into the soft fabric for a few moments, not saying anything, then whispered, “I’m… I’m so… sorry…”

    Axel was stunned speechless at the last part. Sorry?! What does he have to be apologetic about?! I’m the one who… He couldn’t even bring himself to finish the thought.

    A violent shudder rocked Roxas’ body; he started whimpering with pain. Axel held the boy up, then reached for the chackram lodged in his back. He gripped it for a second, then yanked it out as fast as he could to prevent Roxas as much pain as possible. Even so, Roxas gave a weak cry as it was removed from his body.

    Axel sighed, and tossed the damned thing on the ground, dousing the flames that surrounded them as he did so. He sat down, cross-legged on the ground, gently sitting Roxas in his lap, and keeping his arms wrapped around him. He numbly stroked Roxas’s hair, as he thought about everything that had happened over the last few minutes.

    Is all this for real? My friend is literally dying in my arms… and I was the cause of his death…

    He sighed softly, stroking the boy’s hair over and over again, ignoring the blood that was soaking his clothes and Roxas’ breathing which was getting quicker and more irregular by the moment.

    Roxas subtly felt the older man holding him in his arms, but everything was getting blurry. He sucked in another ragged breath, and looked up at Axel for the last time. He weakly hugged him, shaking uncontrollably. “S-s-s-soooorr-r-r-y-y-y…” he whispered one last time, tears gushing out of his eyes.

    Before anymore could be said, he faded away in Axel’s arms.

    Axel blinked, extending his hands in front of his face. …No… A dark silence, deep and ominous surrounded his body.


    Rain began pattering around him, slowly changing from a small drizzle to another one of The World That Never Was’s severe thunderstorms. The redhead hissed, silently cursing it.

    The rain… Oh, how he hated the wretched rain… So cold and wet… But… He just didn’t have the heart to move. He just sat there, clenching his fists together, remembering his dear friend which he had held in his arms just moments ago. A faint rumble of thunder sounded ahead.

    He felt… Sad.

    No – that was a lie. He didn’t feel sad. He just felt… that same… damned…



    Yes, I realize that I left lots of things in the dark about this story, but I meant to. You can ask me now if you want.

    Here's the rest of my inspiration including my friend, Twi's "Roxas Has Returned" story, and a rather graphic picture on dA - right here.

    This was also originally RPed in MSNM by a friend of mine - Demyxu.

    Poor, Roxxy... Poor, poor Roxxy...

    Lord of the Wings,

    P.S., This is also a thank-you for nominating me as Best Story Writer for the KHV award! ^-^ THANK YOU - YOU ALL ARE AWESOME! XD


    OMG - I WON!!!! ;~;

    Over ROXAS!!!!

    You guys are so freakin' awesome - I love you all - I'mma go cry with joy now... TT^TT

    *hugs you again*
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    That was so amazing...
    I haven't cried like that in a while.

    That was amazing.
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    Aw, thanks, Madi. ^-^

    I knew if it was enough to make ME cry, then it had to other people cuz... Well... I'm sorta my hardest critic. :sweatdrop:

    *huggles* Thanks again! ^-^
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    That was so brilliant. It made me cry. You are the best!
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    The internet! Duh!

    Thanks, Ghar-Bear. That really meant a lot comin' from you. ^-^

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    *claps loudly*

    Now that's the kind of story I like to hear. I checked the image too. Bonus points to the person who made it. Bonus points to you for posting it here.
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    The internet! Duh!
    Yay - I LUV teh bonus points! XD

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    I should start doing more serious stuff more often... It attracts a whole other croud, but doesn't effect my ability to write at all! =D
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    In all seriousness, I DO like some of the darker stuff. I've read a few of your other things, but it was like, 3 in the morning, and I was too lazy to post. You've made me wanna post some of my own stories, but they don't have anything to do with KH.. Do Roxas' rules still stand about the Kh, Disney, or FF only thing? I'm curious, since he was banned an all.
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    The internet! Duh!
    Yeah, but that's only for the Story of the Week sub-forum up there. You can submit anything ya want down here in the normal forum! =D

    D= I luv it when pplz tell me how they likeded mah stories, though! ;~; In the future, please go the extra mile and tell me what ya think? 8D;

    And I'll make sure to keep that in mind, okay?
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    that was really good although i didnt read it all cuz my eyes were hurting it was ahmazing *gives best story award* congrats
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    Extra mile? Hmm... I haven't been doing much running recently... Oh and thanx for answering my Q btw. Well then. I enjoyed the fact that you didn't spam their names. Most writers I've seen on forums similar to this will say Roxas this and Roxas that. You, on the other hand, managed to call him he. *claps* You even went a step further and gave him a diferent title (blonde). Take another B point. The different title thing is something I do quite a bit, so yeah. Umm... Hm, ok. You kept it moving. There weren't any parts that made me wanna fall asleep. Now, in a novella or regular story/novel/book, u've gotta expect it. But in a short story, with a topic such as this, it should be non-existant. Take some more BONUS POINTS.
    *scans story* I can't seem to find as many grammatical/spelling errors as I'm used to. OF course there are some, and rarely wil you read one without 3 dozen, but yours were limited and seem to come from a person trying to type very fast, and not from someone who's illiterate. Awesomeness. Gotta give ya' lotsa love for this one. Maybe you'll check some of mine, if/when get some up.
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    That was phenomenal. Fantastic. Amazing job.

    The imagery I got from that was just...Wow. Ultra-kudos! I also saw very, VERY few spelling and grammar mistakes, so great job on that ;D.
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    OMG That. Was. Amazing. You write such great stories :D I only saw a couple grammar mistakes, so awesome job on that too.
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    Thank you, thank you...! XD

    You're too kind, really. :sweatdrop:

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    OMG!!! That story is SO AMAZING!!

    I cried!
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    Buddeh...*sniffle,sniffle*....that was so....good.....

    But seriously. That made me cry. Oh my gosh. You did so amazing on this one. I'm definately printing this. You have got to get a book or SUMPTHING. I can't believe this awesomeness. My favorite part? Axel's "Come out, come out, where ever you are!". I could totally see him doing that in real life. But this story...rocked so hard. I adore it. Nuff said.

    And thanks for the inspiration link. You have inspired me so many times in the past, you don't have to do it for me, okay? I don't deserve it as much as you do. But thank you anywayz. You are worthy a thousand times over to be called buddy. ^-^

    (I reposted just for you. ^^)