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    [table="width: 800, align: center"] Good evening, my name is Harley Cannon, and I am the mentor of Arkadi Svelka, and come from District IV. Although I think my age unimportant, I am twenty-eight-years-old. My appearance may deceive you, but there is a reason I won the Twenty-Seventh Hunger Games. Arkadi is always noting that I always smoke, but I don't really see what the big deal of it is, it's just something I do. Who knows, it may be due to some sort of trauma I received from winning my Hunger Games. History: Harley Cannon has lived something of a more peaceful life than the rest of the people in District IV. He had been forcefully trained by his father as a Career but decided that he wouldn't be apart of the Career Pack for the Games. He had ended up making an alliance with a Tribute from District III, and they killed off three to four Tributes together. Unfortunately, one of their traps went wrong when they were about to kill off one more of the Careers, and it turned on the District III Tribute, whose name was Cade, and he was strangled and impaled with a trident. After he won his Games, he used his new-gained wealth to build a house at the edge of the forest and right on the shores of the sea. He soon became friends with Vladimir Svelka, and was the best man at his wedding, and then given godparenthood to his daughter, Arkadi, but she is in the unknown of this arrangement. He had been training her for all of the skills that are required in the Games, but he secretly hoped that she would never have to use them as a Tribute. He will now either do his best to have Arkadi win, or watch as she dies because of something he may have missed. [/table]