Dream Seeker

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    Mar 8, 2009
    Far far away
    Blinding light everywhere. Before me stands a woman. Either the light is too blinding, or my vision is blurred, but the face of this mysterious woman can't be seen clearly. She appears to be wearing a white elegant wedding dress and covered head to toe in luscious silk. The woman appears to be smiling and asks, "You will keep your promise.........won't you?"
    I stand facing her with a bright smile on my face and respond, "Yes. Of course I will."
    Then all fades into the light.............

    Next thing I know, I'm in my bed alone, 6:40am, and my alarm is buzzing in my ear. With a furious swipe I hit the alarm off, and slowly get up. "That dream again........huh? Damn. Why can't I remember? Who is she? What promise?"
    I could not delude myself with questions I could not answer. I got out of bed, showered, made my breakfast, and ran for the bus.

    Hello there fellow readers. This is me. Most know me as Rhiscx, while others have discovered my true identity. To start a story at the beginning is cliché. To hang you in the middle is a little confusing. Perhaps it is best to start back. Not all the way back, but to a point where all this crazy stuff happened. And the best part of this story is? Every word I say happened and is 100% true. After all. Dreams might be illusions of the mind, but they do happen, and they do exist.

    That's all for now. CnC to know if I should do this one. Boredom has amazing effects on the mind huh?

    Dreams Awaken
    It started when I was six years old, in a dream that to this day changed the way I saw the world. I awake to find myself in some kind of underwater cavern filled with water. But there is more than just water that fills this cavern up. There were children. Yes, other children were here as well. White-skined, dark-skinned, some with a skin color I could not describe at the time. All these children seemed to be playing, swimming, and having a good time. A strange scene this may sound like, but to me, I felt at peace. There was a leader of this place though, one who ruled this cavern and watched over the children. It was in fact a giant Sea monster. He was kind though, and had a voice that was soothing and gentle. All the children and even myself loved this majestic beast, and we enjoyed swimming and playing with him.

    These good times did not last though........
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    Oh Rhiscx I miss you my friend. This is really good but of course you wont even know i said that.