Dream Drop Distance HD will be 1080p/60FPS

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    Nov 2, 2011

    Square-Enix has confirmed that the HD remaster of the 3DS KH title, 'Dream Drop Distance', will have a resolution of 1080p, and will run at an impressive 60 FPS. For a feel of what that'll look like, be sure to check the above video, which also confirms an updated HUD for the game, plus a new Dream Eater (called Catnuki). Included in the video is also footage from '0.2 Birth by Sleep', giving us a feel for what to expect with Aqua's gameplay.
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Discussion in 'Kingdom Hearts News & Updates' started by Meilin Lee, Jun 14, 2016.

    1. Explode
      We've also got off-screen gameplay of both 3D and 0.2. For those wanting to stay clean on the game, know that it goes beyond what was shown in the trailer, in terms of both story and gameplay mechanics.

      From watching the DDD footage, we can get a sense of how they're adapting the reality shift mechanic. Instead of diving into the ground (which on 3DS would initiate a touch screen "minigame"), the character instead raises their keyblade and has real-time control. It'll be interesting to see how they adapt some of the other reality shifts, particularly in the late game, or if they'll just strip them out and make it a simple button press.
    2. Chad Thundercucc
      Chad Thundercucc
      But 0.2 is 30 fps right?
    3. Meilin Lee
      Meilin Lee
      Here's what someone who played the demo had to say about that:
    4. Luxord22
      Thats kinda mean... Once Nintendo exclusive titles of the series get ported, yet there is no release of Sony-exclusive games for a Nintendo cosole. Maybe the NX is more lucky.