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    Welcome to the discussion section. This area of the forum is dedicated to intelligent and more serious discussion, as such, we have a few guidelines and stipulations to follow. Remember that the general rules still apply.

    Conduct in Discussion

    Respect people and their ideas, just because they differ from yours, does not mean you are entitled to witty or sarcastic remarks. Do not belittle others or try to outsmart them as if this were some battle. Leave arrogance aside, especially in this section.

    Do not push people into leaving a discussion by being forceful or verbose just because you can be. Not everyone has the time to listen to unnecessarily large essays and not everyone understands them. Speak to be understood, not to pride yourself in your vocabulary.

    Place some thought into your post. Spam is not permitted here. If you do post something that is considered spam, it will either be moved to the spamzone, or deleted altogether. Furthermore, posts consisting of under ten words are also not allowed. This area is for people to discuss maturely and give some form of input on possibly important matters. As such, we expect that you at least have one sentence with some thought behind it.

    How to post

    Staying on Topic is a must. We realize discussion creates more questions and different paths, but if it deviates the original discussion, then a new thread should be started with that new topic in mind. If you feel that you may deviate, then create a new discussion instead.

    Searching and Necro-Bumping are your allies. Please use the search function to see if there's a similar thread to the one you'll be creating. Moreover, when you're about to create a thread, it shows you similar thread titles, so check those out to see if it's the same subject you were going to post.

    To help you understand what is and is not allowed, here are some examples of posts for a topic of discussion on dogs, and your thoughts of them.

    Proper Reply:
    “I think dogs are a very peculiar animal because, first, they can be trained. And of course, they're so cute and there are so many different kinds to choose from. Even if you don't like a certain type of dog, you may like another.”

    This sort of reply contributes to the discussion and is generally considered a good post, because not only is it made to follow the rules, it also adds information to the subject.

    Spammy Reply:
    “dogzzs rulllzzz!!111111!”

    These kinds of posts add nothing whatsoever. It’s only stating a very short opinion and contributes nothing to the discussion.

    Short Reply:
    “I like dogs. My favorites kinds are Labradors.”

    This post not only does not follow the ten words per post rule, but it's also borderline in content. It practically adds nothing to the discussion and can be considered just as lacking as the spammy reply.

    Borderline reply:
    “Hmm…I like golden retrievers. They're good pets. I have one. They are great.”

    What’s wrong with this reply? It follows the rules. But only slightly. The rules are there to prevent certain kinds of posts, but some can overcome that just barely. This is one of such posts. And while there’s nothing against it in the rules, and we'll most likely overlook it. If you're found constantly making such posts in the discussions, we will delete the post in question and talk to you about it. We realize that you may not want to write essays, and sometimes these replies will happen, but don't go overboard with them.

    What goes Where?

    We have some sub-sections here, so if you’re unsure what goes where, check here. It's not against the rules to misplace a thread by mistake, but please be conscious of the correct location.

    Main Discussion forum: In here, everyone gives intelligent input and if you want general thoughts on a subject in society or anything else, here is the place to post.

    Debate Corner: In here people go to debate. That is the main difference between the main discussion section and the debate corner. If you want to present your point, and have others offer differing views and opinions, then this is the place.

    Current Events: In here goes everything from world news, to events happening somewhere and you wish others to share their opinions on.

    Help with Life: Have issues in your daily life? Need advice or just someone to listen? Well, here’s the place. Everyone is welcome and understood.

    ~The KH-Vids.Net Staff
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